Don Boys Common Sense for Today Thu, 21 Mar 2019 21:41:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Legitimate Questions for Muslim Members of Congress! Thu, 21 Mar 2019 21:41:12 +0000 I was always taught that honest, decent, civilized people could discuss any issue and remain calm, civil, and cordial; however, in recent years those on the left refuse to dialog or defend their outrageous beliefs but prefer to denounce opponents as bigots, fanatics, and racists (even when race is not a component). Leftists attack opponents because progressives cannot answer their valid questions.

Everyone seems to be supersensitive when any questions are asked of Muslims but why do they get a pass? Traditional Muslims have some very strange (even dangerous) beliefs and it is only reasonable to ask a Muslim candidate where he or she stands on beliefs that might be disruptive, dangerous, or even disastrous to our nation.

If a Christian Identity follower runs for office, we want to know how his belief will affect his or her political votes.

If a pacifist Mennonite runs for office, we have a right to know if he or she will retaliate if America is attacked and if foreign tanks will be permitted to roll down Pennsylvania Avenue and hoist a foreign flag over the White House.

If a KKK member becomes a candidate, we have a duty to ask his position on social issues and to repudiate his violent extremism. Well, we have made some exceptions such as Hugo Black, former senator and Supreme Court Justice and Senator Robert Byrd who served in congress for 60 years. No progressive leftist has suggested that Byrd’s photos and statue be removed from their place of honor in America.

In respect for equality, fairness, consistency, and the American Way, I wonder why they have not done so.

When Roman Catholic Jack Kennedy was running for President, he was often asked if his religion would conflict with his loyalty to America. There was fear that the Pope might have a dangerous access to the White House with Kennedy as President. Jack assured Americans that he did not speak for the Pope and the Pope did not speak for him. After he won (many say bought) the election, he humorously said that he telegraphed the Pope to pack his bags for his trip to America. There was no conflict; however, the concern was legitimate and the questions were rightly asked.

Thorough questioning of candidates is part and parcel of responsible journalism. It is incompetent, irresponsible, and immoral not to ask embarrassing questions of candidates. Piercing, probing, and persistent questions can keep Americans from electing thieves, thugs, and tyrants to political office.

The same would be true if Mitt Romney runs again (which I think he will). We have a right to know if the odd teachings of the Mormons are held by him and how they might impact his political decisions.

Americans would have every right to be assured that his religion would not negatively influence his performance as our leader.

If I as a Baptist, following a serious seizure of senility, decided to run for President, I would be expected to relate my views on immigration, homosexuality, abortion, capital punishment, welfare, gun control, etc. I would make my positions clear and admit that in event of a conflict with the U.S. Constitution and the Bible, I would support the Bible—and take my licks. The voters have a right to know what most Baptists believe.

Muslims are no exception.

Some Muslims may be as decent and patriotic as you and I and they are not a threat to anyone; however, it is Islamic doctrine that turns people into bombs. Americans have a right, even a responsibility to know of any Muslim (or otherwise) who may pose a threat to our nation.

Hence, I will try again to get some answers from Muslim members of congress—André Carson, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. While they have a right (and the record will prove that I would support their right) to believe whatever they choose, they are not protected from justifying the possibility of the negative consequences from their beliefs. Since the three legislators are Muslims, I want to know if they believe what traditional Muslims believe since their beliefs will be reflected in how they vote. The following questions (all based on fact) can all be answered with yes or no.

Honest people will not permit the elected officials to equivocate on this matter. Calling me a bigot (which really is irrelevant to the issue) does not deal with the problem. We have a right to know the answers.

Will you repudiate the Koranic teaching that those who convert from Islam should be killed?

Will you repudiate the Koranic teaching that Jews are “descendants of apes and pigs”?

Will you repudiate all “honor” killings?

Will you repudiate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)?

Will you repudiate child brides?

Will you repudiate the attacks upon Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah?

Do you believe Israel has a legal and moral right to exist behind safe and definite borders?

Will you repudiate Mohammed’s marriage to six-year-old Aisha?

Will you repudiate the 51 percent of Muslim-Americans who say that Muslims should have the choice of being judged by sharia courts rather than courts of the United States?

Do you consider obeying the Koran more important than following the U.S. Constitution?

Do you believe that followers of other religions are going to Heaven?

Will you repudiate a man having multiple wives?

Do you believe that imams who advocate violence or finance terrorism should be imprisoned or deported?

Do you believe homosexuality is sinful and should be illegal?

Do you believe that the nearly one-third of Muslim-Americans who agree that violence against those who insult Muhammad or the Koran is acceptable, should be deported?

Do you believe that the 38 percent of Muslim-Americans who say that ISIS beliefs are Islamic or correct, should be deported?

Do you believe that non-Muslims are “dogs,” “donkeys,” and “cattle” as recorded in the Koran?

Do you believe that all mentally competent Muslims are required to practice jihad which according to the Koran is “holy fighting in the cause of Islam.” My official Koran published in Saudi Arabia reveals this truth, as do the New Encyclopedia Britannica and the Dictionary of Islam.

A problem arises when Muslim apologists declare that wicked people have twisted passages in the Koran to justify dangerous ideas. That is not true. Footnotes in official Koran translations make it clear that jihad, sharia, right to lie, and fighting Christians and Jews are the reality. Moreover, their top scholars support those facts.

Terror is a fact of life for almost everyone on earth. The fuse is burning and America and the world are holding their breath. We are in a lifetime conflict with Koranic Muslims. The fuse is burning and the clock is ticking!

And I want some honest answers to legitimate questions. If Americans don’t face the truth and ask and receive answers they will end up like a man wading waist-deep through the snake and alligator infested Everglades Swamp. And I don’t mean they will get wet.

They are going to get bit.

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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Accredited Universities Embarrass and Rob Americans—So Why Cheat to Get in! Fri, 08 Mar 2019 08:00:56 +0000 The media are all in a dither after the revelation Monday that the Justice Department has accused fifty wealthy parents (including two famous movie stars) of paying huge bribes to get lackluster children accepted at elite universities. Such parents are desperate since the average college freshman reads at a seventh grade level. While a committed student could overcome that disadvantage, those kids interested in getting away from home, wanting their freedom, anticipating wild parties, all night beer binges, etc., have little chance of academic success in a rigorous institution.

With the abominable record of secular “elite” colleges, why would any sane person bribe officials to enroll in what have become ignorance factories?

It was common when I returned home from university or seminary to have family and friends ask, “What courses are you taking this semester?” I would reply, “Abnormal Psychology”; or “Western Civilization” or “New Testament Greek,” or “English Literature in the Middle Ages” and many other classes that required an enormous amount of time, thought, and tuition. When that question is asked today of young students, the answers will shock, anger, and frustrate any parent or thinking taxpayer.

It’s bad enough for students at Harvard, Duke, Princeton, and similar universities to enroll in frivolous courses at a time when college costs are alarmingly high, but another thing altogether when blatant liberal bias appears in classrooms at taxpayer-subsidized universities. Parents are paying astronomical tuition to have their kids brainwashed by leftists and some parents are bribing officials to guarantee a seat at Elite U.

Read and weep what you help finance and what some parents have paid up to $500,000 to get a kid accepted by Yale, University of California, Georgetown University, Stanford, and others. Because so many students cannot do the work, many universities have dumbed down their curriculum or eliminated challenging courses altogether. The Washington Post published an article headed, “A history degree without studying U.S. history? It’s possible at top colleges like Harvard, Yale and Stanford.” Other institutions of “higher learning” will graduate students without a single math course! At the University of Georgia, a Ph.D. candidate in creative writing can submit poems instead of a dissertation. And at the University of Michigan you can get a Ph.D. in literature without reading Shakespeare.

It is shocking to know that today’s students have been exposed to “Buffyology” (the study of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), Elvish (the language of “Lord of the Rings”), “Harry Potter” and other TV shows and movies. If my children had taken such classes, I would have become apoplectic to know that some of my money was funding such piffle. Moreover, I would have stopped payment on any recently sent check to pay for such trash.

Students, not understanding that they are supposed to be preparing for their future, sit through such garbage as “How to Watch Television” at Montclair State University and “How to Get Dressed,” a freshman seminar at Princeton University. What students really need are classes on how to read, spell, compute, and how to work and make a life as well as a living.

Students at Harvard University can take “Feminist Biblical Interpretation,” a class that will concentrate on “the significance of feminist Hermeneutics for contemporary theological reflection and education for ministry.” Wonder how I made it in the ministry without that course.

At Carnegie Mellon University, students can study “Sex and Death,” a course that addresses the question of “whether we need to liberate death now that (maybe) we have figured sex out.” Obviously, they haven’t figured English out!

Women’s Studies students at Bowdoin can take “Music and Gender,” questioning if Beethoven’s Symphony 9 in D minor is a model for the process of rape! Wow, I would never have thought that was a possibility and neither would any normal person.

Students at Syracuse University can study “Gay and Lesbian Caribbean Literature” and will read “Caribbean poetry and short stories in homosexual literature.”

Georgetown students can enroll in “The Bible and Horror.” The class description states that the Bible “can be a scary book” and that it “often reads more like horror than religious literature.” I missed that in seminary.

Literature students at Cornell University can take “Bodies Politic: Queer Theory and Literature of the Body.”

Middlebury College offers “Images of Blackness and Whiteness in American Literature” where students will study “culturally coded images both shape and are shaped by American attitudes about racial identity.”

Students of sociology at Bucknell University can take “Women and Social Inequality” exploring “recent anthropological, historical, and sociological literature on gender inequality.”

Princeton University’s “The Cultural Production of Early Modern Women” studies “prostitutes,” “cross-dressing,” and “same-sex eroticism” in 16th and 17th century.

Students at Occidental College in California look into “The Unbearable Whiteness of Barbie: Race and Popular Culture in the United States.” They will explore “which scientific racism has been put to use in the making of Barbie [and] to an interpretation of the film The Matrix as a Marxist critique of capitalism.”

Occidental College offers a course in “Stupidity,” which compares the American presidency to Beavis and Butthead. Occidental scores again in the realm of ridiculous with “Blackness.” and they really rang the bell with “The Phallus.”

At John Hopkins University, students in the “Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll in Ancient Egypt” class look at slideshows of women in ancient Egypt “vomiting on each other,” “having intercourse,” and “fixing their hair.”

Harvard University’s “Marxist Concepts of Racism” looks at “the role of capitalist development and expansion in creating racial inequality.”

Students at the University of California-Los Angeles will be taught what it means to be a lesbian. The “Psychology of the Lesbian Experience” reviews “various aspects of lesbian experience.”

Brown University’s “Black Lavender: A Study of Black Gay & Lesbian Plays and Dramatic Construction in the American Theatre” addresses the “identities and issues of Black gay men and lesbians, and offer[s] various points of view from within and without the Black gay and lesbian artistic communities.”

Students enrolled in the University of Michigan’s “Topics in Literary Studies: Ancient Greek/Modern Gay Sexuality” will read a “wide selection of ancient Greek (and a few Roman) texts that deal with same-sex love, desire, gender dissidence, and sexual behavior.”

Students at Dartmouth College, have “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies: Queer Marriage, Hate Crimes, and Will and Grace” for their learning. They will study contemporary issues in LGBT studies. Dartmouth also offers, “Religion: Beyond God the Father:” an introduction to gender and religion studies helping to create a “feminist philosophy of religion.”

Then the University of California-Los Angeles’ class on “Queer Musicology” should be exciting but not as stirring as the University of Washington’s “Border Crossings, Borderlands: Transnational Feminist Perspectives on Immigration.”

Mount Holyoke College’s offering of “Whiteness: The Other Side of Racism.” The University of Michigan is offering “Native American Feminisms”; Hollins University’s “Drag: Theories of Transgenderism and Performance”; and Hollins University’s “Lesbian Pulp Fiction.”

University of Florida offers “Black Hair Politics” providing an “examination of the history, sociology, psychology, and economics of Black hair. Students will explore the textures, styles, and meanings of Black hair as they relate to identity and power in society.”

University of South Carolina offers “Ecofeminism,” a class that is “an exploration of the connections between oppression of women and oppression of nature.”

Yale University provides their Ivy League students “Transgender Cultural Production,” an introduction to trans-studies that will “focus on transfeminist cultural production in the United States and Canada.”

Swarthmore College offers “Queering God: Feminist and Queer Theology.” This course examines feminist and queer writings about God and explores the tensions between feminist and queer theology. Key themes include gender, embodiment, masculinity, liberation, sexuality, and feminist and queer theory.

Montclair State University is supposed to be New Jersey’s best public university and it offers the course “Queer Identities in a Transforming World: The Trouble with Normal” as part of its “Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Studies (GLQS) program for 2019.

It is incredible to see the way course offerings at these prestigious schools can be so crudely and uncritically filled with the cultural assumptions and stereotypes from the left. With so much emphasis on sexism, racism, and Marxism indoctrination, I don’t see how students find time to protest everything Trump does and says, have panty raids, and attend all-night beer parties.

The above information is astounding when one realizes that 40 percent of college students need remedial work in math and English yet they are exposed to such trash! A generation has been robbed by inept, incompetent, indecent educational institutions.

All state and federal tax dollars to such schools should be stopped; all gifts to such institutions should be stopped; and no parent should send his or her students to such schools. Moreover, any parent, university official, or agent who seeks to circumvent entrance requirements should go to prison.

That would get their attention although most leftists are slow learners.

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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The Sky Over South Africa is Dark with Gathering Vultures! Fri, 01 Mar 2019 08:00:09 +0000 My wife and I watched as huge, ominous Old World vultures circled overhead while elephants, giraffes, hippopotami, and water buffalos struggled for life as they grazed along the bank of the Zambezi River in Zambia. Southern African nations were experiencing a major drought reflected in the grazing animals along the river. Their ribs could be easily seen as they struggled to find enough food to keep them alive. The circling vultures were waiting to do what vultures do: devour the dead. Even I, always more concerned with people than with animals, was emotionally affected as we pitied the plight of the desperately hungry beasts on the banks of the Zambezi.

South Africa is about to be devoured by black vultures. The nation is dying or more precisely, it is being killed by its own leaders who will pick it to pieces like a flock of disgusting vultures.

But the U.S. media are silent and less so in the United Kingdom. Maybe, just maybe if the revolting affair is ignored, the vultures will go fly back to wherever vultures nest.

The mainstream press in the U.S. is once again silent after major politician Velaphi Khumalo, declared, “I want to cleanse this country of all white people…They deserved to be hacked and killed. You must be skinned alive and your children used as fertilizer.” The African National Congress (ANC) party member and government official was forced to apologize and pay a fine for his incendiary threat. He was suspended with full salary but is now back to work—a paid vacation. This case has been a major issue for about two years in South Africa but U.S. media seem to be so busy with a possible “Russian collusion” that they don’t have enough ink or media time to deal with the death of South Africa.

The U.S. media has also been silent about the president of a South African political party who called for the deaths of white people. Andile Mngxitama is the president of South Africa’s socialist Black First Land First Party (BFL) and it is shocking that he is not in the hoosegow. He yelled, “You kill one of us, we kill five white people,” at a Saturday rally where he called for revolution. “We kill their children, we kill their women, we kill their dogs, we kill their cats, we kill anything we find in our way.”

Andile is a real sweetheart.

Another BFL official, Lindsay Maasdorp, stated his views reflecting his party’s belief that all white people in South Africa are criminals by virtue of their existence.

Why would anyone think South Africa is on a suicidal road to destruction?

The sky is dark over South Africa as vultures, buzzards, and other birds of prey are gathering for a feast.

In a social media post, Mampuru Mampuru, a member of the South African Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, called for white genocide in his country. Mampuru wrote in his own vernacular, “We need to Unite as black People, there are less than 5 millions white in South Africa vs 45 million of us. We can kill all this white within two weeks. We have the army and the police. If those who are killing farmers can do it what are you waiting for. Shoot the boer, kill the farmer.”

Here was another public call to kill all white people in South Africa and the media is silent.
He also said, “Who is the devil? A white man is the devil.” Again, he wrote, “It’s time our people organize n kill wives, sons n daughters of any white USA police officer.” Showing his twisted knowledge of history, he wrote, “Never shall we forget how white people took our land away from our great grandfather’s. when time is right we will implement ‘Dubull_bhunu.’ [shoot, shoot] All white are evil.”

Such irresponsible racism was only encouraged when they heard their President Jacob Zuma singing the genocide song himself, leading a crowd in a musical chant, “We are going to shoot them with machine guns, they are going to run . . . The cabinet will shoot them, with the machine gun . . . Shoot the Boer, we are going to hit them, they are going to run.” The high court has declared the song a hate crime (oh, really) but it is impossible to charge thousands of people who sing it at political rallies. And when the song leader is the president.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana, a member of the ruling African National Congress, declared on the floor of Parliament during a discussion of the killing of white farmers, “Bury them alive.”

Black thugs are listening and following their orders.

“My grandfather says a good farmer is a dead farmer,” declared Jason Mfusi the leader of the South African Students Congress of the North-West University. The Times of London reported in 2014 that four thousand white farmers have already been killed, and five are being killed each week.

Mseleni Mogolwane Gwabeni, who is a member of police force in Port Elizabeth, declared, “then we must continue to kill more of their farmers at least to make up for what they did to us.” Policeman Chris Gumotso, who works at the South African Police Service youth crime prevention desk placed the following on Facebook: “All white man…deserve to die…in future..f*©k u..Mr white man.”

The sky gets darker every day.

Julius Malema, Member of Parliament and leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) commented, “The time for reconciliation is over. Now is the time for justice. We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.” He told his supporters he was “not calling for the slaughter of white people—at least for now.”

On Nov. 26, 2018, Malema “launched a brazen attack on ANC leaders (who had expelled him from the ANC), referring to them as “baboons.” Well, they may be thugs, thieves, and tyrants but they are not baboons. However, when you watch the televised sitting of their parliament and watch the fistfights and chaos on the floor, you might agree that baboons don’t act that way.

The nation’s first black president Nelson Mandela promised jobs and homes but he and his successors failed to keep the promise. Millions of poor Blacks have stood in line for years waiting for homes that cannot be produced. They are tired of waiting; and hunger and fear make their frustrations turn to dangerous anger.

What is usually overlooked by the media is that there are about half a million Whites living in abject poverty along with millions of Blacks. Now that the nation has been “liberated,” the Blacks have priority over Whites. Blacks don’t envy starving Whites, but they cast lustful eyes toward white farmers. I have seen posters warning white land owners, “Everything you have is ours. We’re coming for it.”

So, every problem of Blacks is blamed on apartheid; however, honest Blacks know this is not true. Even The New York Times did an article recently stating, “The African National Congress, always a Communist political party, has controlled South Africa since the ascension of Mandela in 1994.” The ANC is run by thugs, thieves, and tyrants, but internecine fighting has erupted into one faction putting murder contracts on others. The thieves are killing each other.

Since the once prosperous nation is swiftly moving into chaos, the now black-controlled government (remember how terrible it was for the government to be white-controlled) recently voted overwhelmingly to take land owned by whites without compensation and give it to Blacks. In polite circles, that is known as thievery but now it is legal thievery.

White farmers in South Africa go back to the 1600s when their white ancestors drained the swamps, leveled the jungle, dispensed with malaria and other diseases, and build roads, railroads, homes, hospitals, airports, schools, and modern infrastructure whereby South Africa became a great nation—until greedy Blacks (with some greedy Whites) stole everything that wasn’t nailed down.

On March 23, 2018, the Daily Mail reported that white farmers in South Africa “have the most dangerous job in the country, are twice as likely to be murdered than police and are killed at four times the rate of the wider community, a rights group claims. …Some of the killings are reported to have been barbaric, with farm owners tortured, raped, burned alive and slaughtered in front of their families.”

The conditions are ripe for revolution as millions of Blacks and Whites are hungry, out of work, and living in shanties as they watch ANC leaders living in gated mansions, driving around in expensive Mercedes from which they dispense fistfuls of money out of their trunk to the low level thugs.

It is one thing to browbeat and dismiss even half a million starving Whites but it is another thing to take land from white farmers and do so without compensation. White farmers are well armed and will fight. Gangs of black thugs have attacked hundreds of white farms killing as many as five per week. The farmers are taking measures to resist the “legal” taking of their land. They have organized, strategized, and regularly practice weapon handling.

They have vowed not to go quietly into the dark night.

The sky over South Africa is dark with birds of prey—waiting—more aware than the U.S., England, and the United Nations that weeks of feasting on the decaying flesh of hundreds of thousands of people is imminent—Blacks and Whites.

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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What Will Islam Do to America? Look at European Cities! Thu, 28 Feb 2019 19:58:34 +0000 Ben Franklin in the 1750s voiced concern over too many Germans arriving in Pennsylvania and even commented on their “swarthy complexion.” Germans call it Uberfremdung or “over-foreignization.” It’s a fear that their homeland will be changed to where it is no longer home. It’s not just foreign languages and foreign practices but the numerous changes and the magnitude of the changes to America that would make old Ben turn over and over in his grave.

America has begun to lose that familiar home feeling.

Pimps for Islam in America are constantly telling us that we don’t have to be concerned about Muslim influence; however, many European nations reveal a different story. Only a fool would climb into bed with Islam when the facts are revealed.

We are living in unusual days—days when we have seen a singular event unfold before our eyes. The sea change taking place in European cities whereby a whole culture is being replaced by an inferior one at an unpreceded speed has never been seen before. There was a similar event following the death of Mohammed when his zealot followers took Egypt, Syria, Mesopotamia, the Holy Land, and the North African coast; then jumped from North Africa into Spain and Portugal and were finally stopped by Charles Martel (in France) in 732. But that massive change occurred at the tip of the sword; the Islamization of Europe and America happening today is caused by stupidity, not the sword.

Americans only have to look across the pond to see our looming future.

According to Sweden’s National Crime Prevention Council about fifty percent of the population who lives in the 61 no-go zones (“troubled areas”) fear for their safety when walking near their homes after dark. In a foolish gesture of kindness, the Swedes opened wide their arms to receive Muslim “refugees” only to have the newcomers rob, rape, and rip them off for their kindness.

Not wanting to offend the newcomers’ religious beliefs, the Swedes have adjusted their own beliefs, traditions, and customs to accommodate Muslims. They did so without any moral, legal, or rational reason for doing so. They even canceled their traditional Christmas concert and increased their promotion of Islamic events. The Voice of America on Oct. 15, 2018 reported that the world’s largest outdoor Christmas concert which airs on national television each Christmas Eve was cancelled.

After all, the Christmas songs about peace on earth might offend the freeloading guests in their presence.

But it is much worse in that they put a woman wearing a hijab on their annual calendar and cancelled the traditional student choir’s appearance on television during the spring celebration. School principals now forbid students to wave the Swedish flag on their graduation day; however, they do have a prayer for diversity at National Day celebrations.

Very thoughtful, those Swedes.

While the Swedes downplay their own traditions they promote Islam with gusto. On Sweden’s most traditional holiday, their state television network permitted a woman wearing a hijab to teach them how to cook Muslim food correctly. Of course, Ramadan is now a major event in Sweden and is celebrated in several Swedish cities and on television.

Swedish authorities now permit Islamic call to prayer, but forbid Christian churches to ring their bells. If I were a pastor there I would ring my church bell loud and long and dare them to arrest me.

When a 65-year-old woman complained about the inequities, she was sent to prison for three months for speaking out against immigration and Muslims on Facebook. Hate speech, you know. She posted that “the IQ level in Sweden will fall as a result of immigration,” and added, “If this continues, the intelligence in Sweden will be at goldfish level.” Or maybe the level of a carp.

I don’t think she deserved three months but she did deserve three cheers for her audacity and accuracy.

Recently a Swedish court convicted a 70-year-old man of “hate speech” for charging that Somalis are lazy and don’t work.

Last year three young Scandinavian women were backpacking in Morocco and were brutally murdered by Muslims who pledged allegiance to the Islamic State leader Abu Barkr Al-Baghdadi. The state broadcaster SVT reported the gruesome murder stating that the ISIS-inspired killings “had nothing to do with Islam,” then warned listening Swedes that if anyone shared the beheading video of the incident they could go to prison for four years.

So, why should Americans be concerned with the Muslim threat?
England has become a nightmare as Muslims continue to flood the nation. British authorities, usually very concerned about child abuse, Christian schools, home schools and other “dangerous” activities have been silent about the 4,500 plus new cases of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) recorded in England over the last year, “more than one every two hours, official data shows.” Yet only one case has been prosecuted!

According to the Independent for February 6, 2017, “A case of female genital mutilation (FGM) is either discovered or treated at a medical appointment in England every hour, according to analysis of NHS statistics.” And why are the limeys so reluctant to prosecute such extreme child abuse? Well, female child sexual mutilation is part of the Islamic culture. You know, it’s part of their religion. Yet, the same authorities have little or no concern about Christians being persecuted and prosecuted for many years because of home schooling, street preaching, and declarations of the evil of homosexuality, etc. It seems Mohammed trumps Christ.

A new law in London, governed by a Muslim mayor requires, “If someone commits a criminal offence and the victim, or anyone else, believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate, we class this as a hate crime. It means the offender can be charged for the crime itself and also their reasons for doing it. If someone does something that isn’t a criminal offence but the victim, or anyone else, believes it was motivated by prejudice or hate, we would class this as a hate incident. Though what the perpetrator has done may not be against the law, their reasons for doing it are. This means it may be possible to charge them with an offence.”

The Londoners have gone stark raving mad!

There are major problems all over the United Kingdom since they tried to show to the world how broadminded and multicultural they are in immigration matters.

The islamization of England is taking place for all to see. About 45 percent of British Muslims believe that parts of the Islamic legal system should replace British law. They have about 100 Sharia courts in the small island nation and more than 3,000 mosques; most of them funded and controlled by the most extremist sect—the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia.

Britain’s policy of mass immigration has brought what one expert calls “demographic upheaval” to the United Kingdom that could change almost everything. Some British observers are even talking about a “state within a state.”

Professor David Coleman is a supernumerary fellow in human sciences and university professor in demography at Oxford. He has written that uncontrolled immigration could lead to “finis Britanniae.” The professor declared that the “white native English will be a minority in their own country, including the native Welsh and the Scots. It’s just a matter of when.”

So, why are some Americans over-reacting to the Muslim threat?

German cities are far worse than other European cities. Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel (“the most powerful woman in the world”) has been vocal about opening Germany’s arms, border, and treasury to Muslims. Because of that irresponsible position, she is desperately “hanging on” to her office.

A German politician Barbara John has declared in a German paper, Tagesspiegel, “it is only a matter of time before people with a migration background make up the majority of the population in larger cities,” yet Germans should not be worried! Last year, Frankfurt became the first city in Germany in which native Germans are a minority. But they are told not to worry even though a March 31, 2018 report revealed, “Migrants turn Germany’s streets into warzone. Two [migrant] groups attack each other with machetes in Duisburg.”

Of course, rape is common in the large European cities since Muslims believe a non-Muslim woman is available for their sexual pleasure.

Merkel has the answer to all these disturbing reports that upset so many Germans: her government has banned German media from reporting on the many barbaric crimes that involve Muslims. Like when a Muslim beheaded his one-year-old daughter on a train station platform in Hamburg in July of 2018.

But we are told Americans should have no fear from the Muslim invasion.

This week came the shocking news that the historic Belgium city of Antwerp has more immigrants than native born citizens, 77 percent of whom “no longer feel at home.”

The Swiss are people who try to get along with everyone and opened their doors to Muslims. Now crime is soaring and the number of prisoners in Switzerland has soared in the last 30 years with foreigners now accounting for 80 percent of the prison population, according to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. In a thirty year period, Swiss prison population increased from 4,621 to 6,907, a 50 percent increase overall.

So, even though white “Christian” nations more than a thousand years old are now Muslim-dominated, why should Americans be concerned?

World Net Daily quoted a Voice of Europe report: “A large majority of Europeans are becoming increasingly worried about the rapid population growth of Muslims, a February survey of the Századvég Foundation shows.”

The report revealed that one thousand Europeans were asked: “How serious a threat to Europe is the rapid population growth of Muslims?” Forty percent said that they considered the threat as “very serious,” while another thirty percent declared they see it as “somewhat serious.” That means seventy percent of Europeans know they are in trouble because of insane immigration policies.

But Americans have no reason to worry.

While leftist European politicians have invited Muslims to invade the continent, the common people who pay the bills and must live in a foreign, backward culture are rebelling. Hard liners, very critical to immigration, have been elected to head Italy, Hungry, Netherlands, Poland—with France probably next to join them. They want to prohibit any more “refugees” and send back home those who have corrupted their nation.

Denmark has slowed the inflow of immigrants and are changing from inviting them to returning them to their nation of origin. Likewise, last year, Italy decided to focus on deportation of unwanted immigrants after slowing arrival of new “refugees.”

For an American official to suggest such a policy for us to follow would be to invite the screams of disgust from every leftist group from sea to shining sea.

Europe is looking closely at other nations such as Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic who don’t have an immigrant problem because they don’t permit them to settle there. Those four nations have common roots such as Christianity, family roots, work ethic, etc., that they are determined to preserve. They are primarily interested in national security not in parading around Europe as wide-eyed optimists who believe everyone has a right to live anywhere whatever the consequences. These four nations have no problem with Islamic terrorism.

So, what do Americans have to fear from 45 million immigrants (legal and illegal) now living among us?

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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Are Blackface and Cultural Appropriation Always Racist? Thu, 21 Feb 2019 17:49:23 +0000 The last few weeks have been tumultuous times in America with everyone looking into his past, especially his college yearbook, to be sure he did not transgress present day scruples regarding what is considered racism. It started with the churning of the Democrat Party in Virginia when Governor Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring became persona non grata at the same time because of their perceived racism.

Leading Democrats are very disturbed about blackface which they perceive as always the ridicule of Blacks, but they have no concern that Fundamentalist Christians were ridiculed for their sincerely held beliefs by the “church lady” on Saturday Night Live from 1986 to 2016. Or how about Preacher which “is a supernatural, twisted and darkly comedic drama that follows a West Texas preacher, Jesse Custer, his bada** ex-girlfriend, Tulip and an Irish vagabond named Cassidy.” I have not heard a word of criticism about this show’s distortion of the ministry. In fact, I never knew about this show.

Why are Democrats who are so indignant about whites in blackface unconcerned for the ridicule of Catholics by men dressed as nuns during “gay” rights parades? I don’t agree with the Catholic nuns’ theology but many of them are very caring, dedicated people who help sick people in hospitals and teach children in their schools.

But then, everyone knows Christians are fair game; and, on the other hand, no one would even think of doing a parody or critical analysis of Muslims. The Racial Gestapo is not interested in fair and equal treatment.

Why did these critics of blackface not condemn the All in the Family television show about Archie Bunker, a hard-working union man who was ridiculed for his Conservative (highly exaggerated) views? It was thought that Archie had extremist views while his daughter and son-in-law advocated for every left wing cause that came down the pike. Archie was portrayed as a honky jerk while his daughter and son-in-law were cast as heroic, committed people. That kind of ridicule and double standard is appalling yet is accepted, even applauded by non-thinking leftists.

When a white person puts on blackface, is he or she always guilty of cultural appropriation? Cultural appropriation carries the implication of fraud or seizure and carries the thought of taking something from someone, or to diminish a supply such as when a kid steals a piece of fruit. Most critics would say it is wrong if a white man in blackface takes advantage of the black culture to further his own cause—reputation, income, etc., at the expense of another culture especially if the intent is to be critical.

Many people say blackface is acceptable if it does not ridicule Blacks. Others violently diagree.

Cultural appropriation can include using other groups’ cultural and religious traditions, fashion, symbols, language, and music. An example is when a non-Indian wears a headdress or lives in a wigwam or a white person wears dreadlocks. But could that be extended to where a white person is offensively insensitive to Blacks if he eats okra or chitlins? Can a reasonable case be made for cultural appropriation?

When I hunted with bow and arrows, was I racially insensitive and demeaning to Native Americans or did I simply want to use a more challenging method to hunt deer and bear? And is it anyone’s business if I’m so stupid to go after a bear with two sticks and a string?

Many Indians are offended by the use of Indian names for athletic teams such as the “Redskins,” “Braves,” “Blackhawks,” and “Seminoles.” However, the Seminole tribe in Florida voted for Florida State University to keep the name Seminoles. They considered it an honor. Other Seminoles in Oklahoma disagree.

Was I guilty when I purchased a Peruvian work shirt and Mexican sombrero to use while doing my yard and garden work? Who gave the Mexicans exclusive use of the wide brimmed hat? The Mexicans had adopted an earlier hat worn by the Spanish colonials during the 1700s, so it seems that everyone appropriates from everyone else. Yet some U.S. college presidents prohibited non-Mexican students from wearing a sombrero for fear it might offend Mexican students. Well, too bad, they’ll get over it although it may give them heartburn and even scar their ids and disturb their egos, but they will survive.

Should a Christian be offended when a non-Christian or pagan wears a cross since obviously it means nothing to him or her? Since the ancient Hebrews used male circumcision as their distinctive rite, is it cultural appropriation and therefore wrong for any non-Hebrew to have a son circumcised? Was it wrong for some WW II soldiers to wear a Mohawk haircut to intimidate enemy soldiers?

Cultural appropriation is a misnomer since it suggests that something has been taken but no matter how many people take something from a culture, it is never diminished in the least. This is not appropriation but more like appreciation. I like something in the Japanese culture and take it for my own use and satisfaction. However, I have diminished nothing from the Japanese. I have honored and respected them.

How can I steal what does not belong to anyone? No group owns the music, food, clothes, practices, etc., that make up a culture and it is none of their business if I choose to use for myself what I like. Again, this is appreciation. Besides, I thought imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Padma Lakshmi‘s hairstyle selection for a recent episode of Top Chef isn’t winning rave reviews. She had her hair done in cornrows and has received grief from many Blacks. Whites don’t have a history of cornrows. But then, why was Eddie Murphy not guilty of cultural appropriation when he did a skit in whiteface? If not, why not? Also, why did Murphy, who says he is not “gay” and has at least ten children, get a pass when he played a homosexual in a movie? Wasn’t he appropriating another culture?

Is it wrong for a black to sing an Italian opera or to act in a Shakespearian play? The Metropolitan Opera has been using Whites (in dark makeup) cast as Blacks for over a hundred years. Until now; the Fanatics Against Blackface (FAB) have changed that tradition.

I suggest that these critical Blacks get over their super sensitive nature and realize that they don’t own their culture and if a white man wants to adopt some of it for his own life, that is called freedom. Furthermore, get a life, chill out, settle down, and don’t always look for ways to force your dubious, divisive, and dumb opinions on others. Leave the Virginia politicians (and others) alone who were careless, crass, and crude in their youth. Judge them on their work and life as adults.

While defending Northam’s right to not be judged for a college stunt, I have noticed that Northam and other Democrats are not concerned about killing innocent babies unless the killer does his dastardly work in blackface.

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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Virginia is Not Only for Lovers But Leftists, Liberals, Loonies, and Losers! Fri, 15 Feb 2019 08:00:32 +0000 Officials in the commonwealth of Virginia have told us for 50 years that “Virginia is for Lovers”; however, recent events indicate that the state is for leftists, liberals, loonies, and losers. It seems the outraged mob—consisting mainly of Democrats—is running through the streets of Richmond with pitchforks in hand and others with hot tar and feathers. They are headed for the capitol specifically the offices of the Governor, the Lt. Governor, and the Attorney General.

Someone will be tarred and feathered and maybe run out of town on a rail in an effort to remove any vestige of racism in the state.

Governor Ralph Northam says he is not running anywhere even though he committed the unpardonable sin of racial intolerance by appearing in blackface; Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax has been accused of sexual assault by two women, one more than fifteen years ago. Attorney General Mark R. Herring has admitted to wearing blackface during his college days. Very few people seem to be concerned that Northam defended a “kill it after it’s born” bill. To most Democrats, it appears that blackface bigotry is far worse than baby butchery.

It seems blackface is always the face of bigotry and there is no redemption; however, blackface is really a form of theatrical “makeup applied to a performer playing a Black person,” according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Just because a man puts on blackface does not prove he is a bigot not unless he seeks to defame, demean, or denigrate Blacks. However, the black racists have pushed the definition to where any blackface is forbidden and never forgotten nor forgiven. Moreover, it is forbidden for any white to pretend to be black for any reason since that is supposed to be an insult to Blacks.

However, that dog won’t hunt. I remember Amos and Andy as a delightful comedy set in a black neighborhood. The radio show was heard on Sunday evening and was extremely popular with everyone including Blacks. It ran from 1928 until 1960! Amos and Andy were both white men. It was so popular, my friend Barry Farber revealed in his World Net Daily column that a Harlem movie theater posted a big sign on the box office that announced, “Come on in Folks! At 7:30 we turn off the movie and listen to ‘Amos ‘n’ Andy!’”

That was in Harlem, so are critics of blackface suggesting that those Harlem Blacks were stupid, uncaring, or insensitive? Maybe they simply liked good comedy without an agenda.

First of all, no one has supported to my satisfaction the accusation that all blackface and the non-Black use of black culture is automatic proof of bigotry. However, even if that were true, it does not mean that a bigot is always a bigot. I find it strange that I am defending liberal Democrats but I must. I don’t know Northam or Herring but does their past adult life reflect a hatred of Blacks? If so, then demand the death penalty or castigate them as racists but not because they did some stupid stunt in college. Blackface is not an impeachable offence, and leftists, liberals, loonies, and losers are also safe from being accountable for stupid actions. If not, our state and federal offices would be as empty as Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s head.

Furthermore, Northam may have been a bigot in college but not now. After all, he attends a church on the state’s Eastern Shore, First Baptist in Capeville that is more than 90% black. His pastor and “mentor” who prayed at his inauguration is also black. Seems as if the Democrat and Republican racists have jumped the gun in branding a big R on the governor’s forehead.

Many state and national leaders—black Democrats—have demanded the two men resign for their juvenile hijinks. However, many of those Democrats carrying the tar and feathers are lifetime racists—many are black. And many are hypocrites such as Senator Cory Booker (and presidential candidate) who admitted that he fondled a woman while he was a college student. So, Booker is a confessed sexual abuser and further disgraced himself by taking advantage of his victim while she was drunk.

Remember that Booker was ready to crucify Judge Brett Kavanaugh for unsupported sexual abuse allegations that allegedly happened decades ago, but Booker’s indiscretion was actual while Kavanaugh’s was only an allegation.

Democrat Senator and Presidential candidate Kamala Harris wants Northam to resign but according to Fox News, she had an affair with Willie Brown, former mayor of San Francisco and Speaker of the State Assembly. Moreover, Brown admitted that he advanced her career because of their affair. Surely, the screaming feminists could not support Harris with that in her résumé since no real feminist would acceptance a career boost in return for sexual favors.

Would they?

But there are more high and mighty critics of the governor such as the Congressional Black Caucus, the NAACP, and Planned Parenthood—all three known for racist positions especially Planned Parenthood. That group has killed millions of black babies as per the desire of its founder Margaret Sanger. Sanger called for requiring a state permit for parents to have one baby and said, “But for my view, I believe that there should be no more babies.” She added, “The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it.”

I doubt an aborted baby would consider it merciful to be decapitated and have his limbs severed. Sanger and her Planned Parenthood have done more devastating harm to Blacks than the KKK ever did.

When she was not engrossed in preaching effective baby killing and still married to her first husband, Margaret began an extramarital affair with H. G. Wells, the leading progressive of the 1920s. Sanger was especially concerned with aborting black babies. She enlisted black pastors to help promote her crazy eugenics/abortion scheme to exterminate all inferiors. With missionary zeal, she enlisted the Klan to help in her efforts to kill babies.

Sanger admitted in her autobiography, “I accepted an invitation to talk to the women’s branch of the Ku Klux Klan…I saw through the door dim figures parading with banners and illuminated crosses…I was escorted to the platform, was introduced, and began to speak…In the end, through simple illustrations I believed I had accomplished my purpose. A dozen invitations to speak to similar groups were proffered.”

How any decent person could support or defend such an evil group as Planned Parenthood (or the KKK) is beyond my comprehension especially supporting it without denouncing its evil founder. However, I’ve noticed that leftists, black and white, are the least principled people; they live by a standard but it is a double standard.

Governor Northam may have been a college bigot but not now, even though the prevailing wisdom is “once a bigot, always a bigot”—at least that’s what the racial bigots obviously believe; but they obviously don’t believe killing born and unborn babies is a crime.

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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Feds Raid, Take Possession, and Bulldoze Large Church to the Ground! Fri, 08 Feb 2019 10:45:07 +0000 Helicopters whirled overhead, snipers were poised on the roof of the K Mart across the street and on the church roof, and the street was full of people and Indianapolis City Police cars. Wow, surely terrorists had taken over the church and the good guys came to rescue innocent Christians. No, afraid not. The terrorists were all in uniform charged with taking control of a Baptist Church. Inside, about 30 people had spent the night as they had for 92 days but many others had gone to work so only 8 people along with pastors and associates praying at the altar were taken out of the church by police officials.

For the first time in American History, the Federal Government, under color of law, put a large Baptist Church out of the Gospel business. Well, at least they tried.

It was February 13, 2001 when 85 federal officials (FBI, ATF, etc.) supported by Indianapolis Police Officers (doing crowd and traffic control) raided the Indianapolis Baptist Temple (IBT), known as the 11th largest church in America, according to Christian Life Magazine. Dr. Greg J. Dixon was the long time pastor but his son Greg A. Dixon was now the church leader. The church was being raided not for unpaid taxes as almost everyone declared, but for permitting their school teachers (my daughter was one), administrators, etc., to pay their own FICA taxes. Thousands of American churches have always followed that practice.

It is interesting that the Marion County Sheriff’s Department under Jack Cottey refused to participate in the raid. Jack was a principled man who had also served in the Indiana House of Representatives where I had served.

The Indianapolis church leaders refused to handle the withholding since the government cannot force a church to be a tax collector: the lowest, most hated position in New Testament times. However, no one refused to pay taxes and no taxes were owed. It was simply the Federal Government, then run by newly installed President George W. Bush, letting everyone know that churches must kowtow to Washington or they would be put out of the Gospel business. Federal Marshall Frank Anderson was in charge of the illegal raid and was elected Marion County Sheriff in 2003, serving until 2011. Of course, the Feds had declared the church’s action to be illegal; consequently, the raid was “legal.”

We were seeing the assertion and application of might at the expense of what is right. The IBT discovered that Voltaire was right when he said that it is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. The church was right; the feds were wrong.

Some local media people were in the church having spent many nights sleeping on the floor and church pews along with pastors from across America. Some of the media had characterized the church people, especially the pastors, as being “patriots” (gasp!), “militia” etc. Some even spoke of guns even though the pastors had made it clear that no guns would be permitted and no violence would take place. But you can’t be too careful; these are Baptists—you know like John (the Baptist) or Jerry (Falwell) or Billy (Graham)—so an overwhelming force was ordered along with the snipers on the rooftops.

You can’t be too careful you know. Some of those Baptists might even thump their Bibles (KJV, of course) and that could be dangerous especially if the thumping were caught on television.
The raid was ordered by former two-term Missouri Governor and U.S. Senator and active Christian layman in the Assemblies of God and the now U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. John also wrote, “Let the Eagle Soar” and sang it after his speech at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2002—where both my son and grandson earned their doctorates. The song was satirically featured in Michael Moore’s movie Fahrenheit 9/11. While the lyrics are mediocre, and John’s voice is tolerable, I recommend that John not surrender his license to practice law.

The Christian school building, home to hundreds of students and the 2,000-seat auditorium on 20 acres of prime property, were padlocked and later bulldozed to the ground to make room for a new Charter School. Hundreds of Christian students and thousands of church members were now homeless—thanks to GOP President George W. Bush.

This case had been simmering for seventeen years when pastor Dr. Greg J. Dixon and his son and co-pastor refused to withhold FICA taxes on the church school staff. At the time of the raid, the younger Dixon was pastor and served as pastor until December of 2015 when Matt Roller was called to that position.

Ashcroft wrote a book after he was out of office and dedicated seven pages to the Indianapolis Baptist Temple tragedy. He alleged that the church was guilty of “tax evasion” but that is not true. He admitted in his book that the church employees paid their own taxes from funds “received from the church.” Ashcroft also alleged that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against the church; however, that is another mistake: the Court refused to hear the case.

During the raid, Pastor Greg A. Dixon asked one of the marshals if he was not a member of a local Southside, Bible-preaching church that was not taking FICA out of the church staff’s salary—what the Indianapolis Baptist Temple was charged with. He refused to answer.

About that time, another marshal asked Dr. Dixon for the keys to his car that he promised to move to the K Mart lot so it would not be impounded. Dr. Dixon appreciated his kindness. The AP carried a story revealing that the church parsonage that had been the pastor’s home for 32 years had been taken by the feds. After the eviction, the media quoted Mrs. Dixon as saying “Wait until you see me in my new home.”

All the principal people involved with the church were highly committed and principled people—not the rebels and anti-government trouble makers as presented by most of the media. Paul Harvey led his national broadcast with a fair and positive report of the raid and most of the other national media dealt with it with their normal critical spin. Congressman Ron Paul wrote a wonderful defense of IBT in his Congressional Bulletin.

About sixty of those who served in the church ministry were audited by the IRS, and it was concluded that they had no tax liability of any substantial degree and all had paid their own tax liability including both shares of the Social Security Tax. This of course means that the valuable property, built and financed over many years by dedicated Christians, was seized to satisfy a bogus tax bill that had already been paid.

Why would our government be so vicious and unethical and illegal? Because government is in the control business and true churches refuse to permit secular control since every theologian is aware of the lordship of Christ over everything. Federal prosecutor Douglas Snoeyenbos was quoted as saying that the “higher ups in the U.S. Justice Department are out to totally destroy the pastor and the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.” He also expressed personal dislike for Dr. Dixon even though he had never met him according to the church attorney. Well, I’ve never met Snoeyenbos and I don’t like him or his name, but then he can’t help that.

The church has a memo from the Treasury Department in the mid-eighties (date illegible) signed by an IRS agent declaring that the pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple “spoke out against the IRS and other government agencies in general” which shows the feds have no respect for freedom of speech, religion, etc. It is perfectly legal and ethical to speak out against various agencies. After all, one can abhor an administration or agencies without hating his nation.

I often spoke out on television and wrote about government intrusion in personal lives and into church matters. I even testified at a congressional hearing in Washington dealing with the IRS attempted takeover of Christian schools. I then published it in my first book, Liberalism: A Rope of Sand! I also wrote a scalding letter to the FBI about their treatment of Dr. Dixon regarding another incident. I wonder if the feds have a file on me. Or you.

U.S. Attorney Robert Metzler admitted in federal court in Indianapolis on August 23, 2001, that the Indianapolis Baptist Temple owes no taxes if they would only file for an exemption, which shows that this was not a tax issue—but who will control the Lord’s assembly, God or the IRS. He said the same thing in oral argument at the Seventh Circuit on May 11, 2000. U.S. Attorney Metzler said twice before the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeal on that same day that “an uncontrolled church is untenable” in America today. But then, thousands of churches in America conduct their affairs just like the Indianapolis Baptist Temple. Will the government begin closing those churches? Are the churches left alone because they are so docile?

Frankly, I am not concerned with an uncontrolled church but I am very concerned about an uncontrolled government. George Washington said, “Government is like fire, a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” Our founding fathers knew what current officials refuse to recognize about federal government: A government out of control is like a forest fire that destroys everything in its path.

So, our government planned a dangerous raid on God’s church against innocent people because the pastors had spoken against pornography, the IRS, and leftists in general and had done so for decades. Moreover, few local pastors, even Baptists, stood with the church much to their shame. Many of those pastors were and still are my friends but they showed cowardice rather than courage at that time.

Hundreds of students in their Christian school and thousands of church members had their rights attacked by their own government officials who had sworn to protect those rights. The large, expensive buildings were bulldozed to the ground. Students were no longer taught by committed teachers and hymns of praise no longer echoed along East Street. Alas, the enemy had won!

But that was the prelude. The story continues. Like the Phoenix (the pagan Greek myth), IBT rose from the ashes. The Indianapolis Baptist Temple is even stronger than before and has multiplied its ministries many times. After the raid, the church immediately moved services to a large new public high school auditorium about five minutes from the original church and school buildings.

The wounded church rented similar buildings for five and one half years. Finally, Pastor Greg A. Dixon led the church to lease a large sports building near Interstate 65, only five minutes from the interchange. The church renovated the complex and continued their work of world evangelism.

After serving as pastor until 2015, Pastor Dixon resigned to be followed by a member of the church, Matt Roller. The IBT is alive and well and the disgraced government officials responsible for the illegal raid are (mostly) now has-beens with a badly soiled record. Others have died.

Many will declare that the officials were only doing their job, a defense that is a non-defense. Principled people will never do wrong even if it costs them everything. Bush was wrong to permit the raid. John Ashcroft was wrong to authorize it and should have told Bush that he respectfully would not carry out the church raid. U.S. Marshal Frank Anderson should have informed Washington officials that he would not participate in taking a church away from its members. The 84 other federal agents should have refused to be involved. And the Indianapolis Police Department should have refused federal orders including individual officers. There is nothing wrong in resisting an authority to obey a higher authority. It’s better to be hated for being right than to be honored for being wrong.

Albert Einstein once said, “Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.” Every public official involved in the raid and the critical pastors disobeyed that principle.
After resigning as pastor of the IBT in December of 2015, the younger Dixon said, “International Church planting began in 2002 after our building was taken. What men meant for evil God meant for good! Just as the persecution of the Jerusalem church accelerated church planting in Antioch among other places, the persecution in Indy accelerated church planting again. I woke up the following day and God strongly impressed me to start churches. Not to quit or complain. Start churches.”

The tragedy of the federal takeover resulted in a much larger, more aggressive ministry of church planting in Mexico, Central America, Asia, and Africa. Starting with nothing, Dixon organized Advance, a facilitator that helps churches plant churches. Since resigning as pastor, he travels the nation raising money to start and support churches all over the world and every dollar raised goes to that work. He receives no salary, retirement, or any benefit from his service! 109 new churches have been started in Asia, Africa, and North America which includes inner city Indianapolis and Mexico. Another 100 new churches have begun in 2019 around the world. The goal for new church plants in 2020 is another 200 new churches in cities and remote villages of the world.

A little touted, but extremely effective outreach is Pastor Dixon’s Urban Youth Ministry Training whereby trained volunteers from the church community go into the Indianapolis Public Schools, as they have done for 13 years. The volunteers seek to impress upon students positive values to result in a successful life in a world of confusion. So, while the feds confiscated and destroyed their Christian school, the IBT is going into the public schools with a positive message.

Another ministry is the Transitional Housing Ministry that provides assistance to men in need of housing in the inner city of Indianapolis. Men who were converted in one of the city missions get counseling and a place to stay. Pastor Greg A. Dixon says, “A warm bed helps to make a warm and receptive heart to the Gospel.”

Their Trinity House work is a soup kitchen ministry that provides an evening dinner in three locations feeding over 700 people each month accompanied by a positive message of the Gospel.
Additionally, every July a medical mission trip is taken to Oaxaca, Mexico where 39 churches have been started over the last nine years. The medical team seeks to minister to the health needs of people who cannot afford or don’t have access to medical care.

What the enemy and casual critics thought was a massive tragedy and major failure turned out to be one of the most impressive victories in a hundred years. The victory—yes, victory—of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple over the feds and their critics is another reminder that there is nothing wrong in resisting an authority to obey a higher authority.

The character of a person is not seen in where he stands in a time of comfort but where he stands in times of challenge, controversy, and conflict. The Dixons and the membership of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple stood in the face of great odds and have not only survived but have thrived.

It was a shameful day when the federal government, under a GOP president, raided and bulldozed a very successful church, but what the enemy thought to be a fatal blow became a fabulous blessing. The IBT raid should be a warning to all Americans–government out of control is dangerous. Furthermore, pastors who are faithful to their calling will be a voice in the wilderness calling wayward government officials to repentance.

As to the “scandal” of pastors who are monitored by the feds, maybe that would be true of all pastors if they were fearless spokesmen for the truth. The real scandal is that very few pastors are so courageous to make the FBI and IRS keep a file on them.


(Those interested in further information about this unusual ministry may find it at

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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Is Blackface Always Bigotry? Thu, 07 Feb 2019 23:10:19 +0000 The state of Virginia is in trouble. Recently it was discovered that Governor Ralph Northam’s 1984 yearbook reveals him in blackface or dressed as a Klan member. The yearbook photo was of a man in blackface and another man in a Klan costume. Northam was not sure which one he was; then he denied that he was even in the photo but he did confess that he had imitated Michael Jackson in blackface.


Everyone is aghast at such actions but few gagged and gasped for breath at the governor’s defense of killing newborn babies; so it seems blackface is anathema but baby killing is acceptable. President Trump was right when he declared, “All children, born and unborn, are made in the image of God.”

It got worse for the Democrat administration when the state’s Lt. Governor Justin E. Fairfax was accused of a 2004 sexual assault by a college professor. Then it was revealed that the Washington Post (champions of the double standard) had the story a year ago but refused to publish it. You may remember that they were not reticent to run an unsubstantiated story about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. But then, he is a Republican.

Then, another shoe dropped when Virginia’s Attorney General Mark R. Herring confessed to wearing blackface at a party in the 1980s—now all three top officeholders are in trouble.

Of course, like buzzards circling over a road kill, Al Sharpton showed up and called forcefully for Northam and Herring to resign saying, “If you sin, you must repent for the sin.” Such sanctimonious hypocrisy would gag the aforementioned buzzards. Sharpton is America’s number one race-baiter, with Jesse Jackson a close second. Sharpton has never answered for the Tawana Brawley hoax that destroyed six innocent men in 1987.

Tawana was 15 years old when she told police and reporters that she had been raped by six white men, including a local prosecutor and a police officer, who scrawled racial epithets on her body and left her in a vacant lot, according to The New York Times. Her lie, supported by Sharpton, ruined six men but made Al a television commentator on MSNBC although he has major problems reading plain English from his teleprompter. His show is seen by hundreds, maybe thousands of viewers.

Al is back doing his thing (race-baiting) since blackface is a terrible crime against humanity. But is it? Is it possible that one can do a blackface routine without being a racist?

It seems admitting doing blackface is worse than killing helpless babies. Most of Virginia’s Democrat leaders and many national Democrat leaders demanded that Northam resign. However, they were not concerned with him advocating the killing of newborn babies, just his blackface or KKK episode.

To most people, the photo of him (or whomever) in blackface and the other of a man in a KKK robe are equivalent. They are not. They are worlds apart. It must be remembered that the Klan was a white terrorist group of southern Democrats founded after the Civil War. A group of former Confederate veterans founded the first KKK as a social club in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866. When it reached its peak in the 1920s, the membership had more than 4 million members in many states.

The KKK members (mostly Democrats) were incensed that Blacks were elected in the Reconstructed south (as Republicans) during the late 1860s. During those days, seven black politicians were killed by the Klan. Klan members adopted a white, hooded costume—a guise intended to represent the ghosts of the Confederate dead—to avoid identification and to frighten and intimidate white and black Republicans. The Klan specialized in murder, lynching, arson, rape, whippings, and bombings.

To condone or to defend the Klan is irresponsible; however, blackface should be looked at as the immature actions of college students who have more time than they have social consciences. The guilty Whites parading as Blacks were not necessarily bigots; only thoughtless morons. It is said that the earliest blackface performances stereotyped black men and women as “ignorant, hypersexual, superstitious, lazy people who were prone to thievery and cowardice.” After watching a blackface act in 1848, abolitionist Fredrick Douglass called the white performers “the filthy scum of white society” in his The North Star newspaper.

Yes, there was that aspect of blackface but there is another side also.

In the early 1900s, Blacks were played by white actors in blackface because the white elite did not think Blacks could learn their lines and fake emotions required by the script. Moreover, Blacks were banned from Broadway productions and were finally employed in movies as dumb, slow-talking, lazy, stumbling, or dangerous “darkies.” This practice was common into the 1930s. Then Al Jolson, in blackface, became a sensation to Blacks and Whites. Al Jolson was a Jewish immigrant who became the most famous and highest paid entertainer in America. He was considered “The World’s Greatest Entertainer.” He is perhaps best known for his portrayal of Blacks by wearing blackface.

While Jolson appeared in other roles, he became famous for The Jazz Singer where he won the hearts of Americans even in blackface. The oldest black newspaper in the nation Amsterdam News stated that The Jazz Singer in 1927 was “one of the greatest pictures ever produced,” and that, “Every colored performer is proud of him (Jolson).” Jolson chose to star in The Jazz Singer which defied racial bigotry by introducing black musicians to audiences worldwide.

Jolson introduced America to Black musicians and actors according to the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture stating, “Almost single-handedly, Jolson helped to introduce African-American musical innovations like jazz, ragtime, and the blues to white audiences.”

According to film historian Eric Lott, “For the white minstrel man to put on the cultural forms of ‘blackness’ was to engage in a complex affair of manly mimicry…To wear or even enjoy blackface was literally, for a time, to become black, to inherit the cool, virility, humility, abandon, or gaité de coeur (cheerfulness with a light heart) that were the prime components of white ideologies of black manhood.” Lott thought Jolson was a positive for Blacks and Whites.

Jolson, as a 25 year old, fought discrimination on Broadway and later in the movies. Furthermore, he promoted a play by Garland Anderson (a black) which became the first production with an all-black cast produced on Broadway. Jolson demanded equal treatment for Cab Calloway, with whom he performed duets in the movie The Singing Kid.

Noble Sissle was a black songwriter in the 1930s who declared, “[h]e was always the champion of the Negro songwriter and performer, and was first to put Negroes in his shows.”

Jeni LeGon, a black female tap dance star, recalls her life as a film dancer: “But of course, in those times it was a ‘black-and-white world.’ You didn’t associate too much socially with any of the stars. You saw them at the studio, you know, nice—but they didn’t invite. The only ones that ever invited us home for a visit was Al Jolson and Ruby Keeler.”

British performer Brian Conley, former star of the 1995 British play Jolson, stated during an interview, “I found out Jolson was actually a hero to the black people of America. At his funeral, black actors lined the way, they really appreciated what he’d done for them.”

No one considered Jolson a racist in his day and it is contemptible for moderns to make unfair, untrue, and unwarranted judgments about his blackface performances. Haters and bigots do not treat the object of their hatred as did Jolson. His blackface performances were not proof of bigotry, but were his way of helping black performers by putting first himself and then them in front of his audiences.

There is an inclination to judge the past in the light of modern standards. It is unreasonable to criticize early Americans and their relationship to Indians without knowing what it was like to live in constant fear of being scalped, raped, or burned alive while living in a lonely cabin many miles from assistance.

Likewise, it is unfair, even silly to hold anyone’s feet to the fire for what he or she did in college. I refuse to fault the governor or any other politician for doing blackface when they were younger; however, I do believe anyone who defends, promotes, and advocates the killing of babies should be recognized as baby butchers and be shunned by polite society.

Killing innocent, defective babies is not just a slippery slope; it is a bottomless pit.

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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The Washington Monument is the Only Upright Thing in D.C.! Fri, 01 Feb 2019 17:31:55 +0000 The ancient Hebrew prophet Micah seemed to have Washington, D.C. in mind when he wrote, “The good man is perished out of the earth: and there is none upright among men: they all lie in wait for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net.” To the careful observer, it seems that passage might apply to Washington since it appears the only upright thing in Washington is the Washington Monument.

No doubt, many good Conservative men and women have been sent to Washington but it seems as soon as they arrive in town, they turn left. And as everyone knows, a left turn leads into darkness. It seems the drinking water is contaminated and everyone gets Potomac Fever that renders the victim incapable of telling the truth, acting honorably, living consistently, supporting equal justice, and sleeping with the proper person.

When some have tried to be honorable and upright, they are always scorned as Job discovered and recorded in Job 12:4, that “the just upright man is laughed to scorn.” Even many Conservatives feel uncomfortable when they defend decency, family values, hard work, equal treatment without special treatment, accountability, etc. Very few people will stand up for truth when everyone seems to be laughing and demeaning his person, his positions, and his proclamations.

How long has it been since you have heard an unapologetic, unashamed, and unwavering politician say, “I believe that it is always wrong to lie even if it is a politician, FBI, or IRS agent”? Or, “Down through the centuries, marriage has only been between one man and one woman for a lifetime.” Or, “Transgenderism is fictitious, false, and a farce. Or, “Islam is not a religion of peace but a political, judicial, and economic system of sex, control, terror, and death.” Or, “I promise never to vote to raise my own salary and if it is done, I will refuse to accept it and will never go to work as a lobbyist when out of office.” Or, “I will never vote for a bad bill even if offered by my own party and will always support a good bill offered by the opposition.” Or, “The killing of an unborn child is always, without exception, the taking of an innocent life and the perpetrators and supports are brazen baby killers.” Or, “I believe race-baiters such as Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters are discredited, dishonest, and disreputable people with whom decent people should not associate. They are a disgrace to their race—the human race.” Or, “People should be proud of their race whether white, black, red, yellow, or polka dot. I happen to be white and am proud of it.”


Even some Washington officials who would agree with some of the above are always mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy, and week-kneed in their agreement.

It seems Washington, D.C. is occupied and ruled by liars, loonies, losers, lackeys—almost all liberals. I am convinced that few people in power are ever bothered with deciding between right and wrong. According to today’s warped philosophy, there is no right and no wrong. Well, intolerance will be considered wrong but everything else is up for grabs. Of course, we must always be tolerant with people but never with truth.

It seems there are no absolutes since that would mean mankind would be responsible to study, think, and pray to discover what is right; then have the character to choose the right. However, that would mean those who disagree would be “wrong,” making individuals uncomfortable and dividing people.

In the past, most politicians at least pretended to be fair, honest, and balanced but not now. Like the people of ancient Israel, they cannot blush. They will do anything to promote their own agenda whatever it takes. If Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Mitt Romney, et al., discovered that they had cannibals among their constituents, they would promise them missionaries for Sunday dinner. And those “missionaries” for the cannibals’ pot would probably be white, armed, creationist, homeschooling, or Christian school parents.

Solomon wrote in Proverbs 11:3, “The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them.” The Old Testament integrity is the same as character. It conjures up the idea of honesty, honor, rectitude, goodness, morality. In other words, uprightness.

For any person who is upright, Solomon promised in Proverbs 20:7, “The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.” One can hardly ask for much more than living an upright life, then seeing his children walking in the same direction.
Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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The War on Modesty, Decorum, and Appropriateness! Tue, 29 Jan 2019 04:45:20 +0000 I have asked but never received an answer why sane people are paying inflated prices for ugly clothes: faded, old, patched, muddied, holey, and raged clothes. Now there are shoes “dirtied, tattered, and seemingly held together by adhesive” selling for $535 a pair. Sorry, you can’t run out and purchase a pair since they have sold out. You can purchase a “ripped crewneck sweatshirt for $1,165.” Or, for less than a thousand bucks, you can own a frayed red fisherman’s sweater. T-shirts have bullet holes and have been buried in dirt for months to advance disintergration. For an additional premium, shirts and jeans are available that have been ripped by lions, tigers, and bears.

Is this a matter of style or sanity?

This is called the distressed look. My word would be depressed or disgusted look.

You have a right to look poor and be poor and designers and stores have a right to sell trash clothes but who in his or her right mind wants such trash and is willing to pay big bucks to get it?

When I was young—back when dinosaurs walked the earth—it was a delight, although infrequent event, to wear new clothes or shoes. Usually, I wore hand-me-downs. When a shirt was torn, it was immediately repaired by Mom. There was no possibility that a torn shirt or jeans with a hole in the knee would be worn. We were poor but not stupid. Shoes were worn as long as they held together. Often, I put cardboard in my shoes to cover the holes in the soles.

Now I see people with more cents than sense actually pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for dirty, distressed, and damaged clothes. Wearing such articles is a major attack upon the poor and misappropriation of a culture. This is rich people who dress as to appear poor but do not want to be known as poor. Comparatively wealthy people wearing old dirty clothing is demeaning and a public insult to the poor. It is the epitome of arrogance.

Dirty jeans used to reflect toil, sweat, but now they are worn by people who are so guilt-ridden for having riches that they want to appear to live the way normal people live. Many of these people have no experience with hard work and dirty hands; however, many have massive problems with dirty minds. But then, that is a judgment call and I may be wrong in some cases.

Nancy B. Diehl, director of New York University’s Costume Studies program may have the answer why sane people want to look like bums. She said, “It’s an ‘I’m going to expose my body if I want to’ type of ethos. In a way, it’s a protest against propriety.” It displays rebellion to what is proper and acceptable and often a rejection of one’s upbringing.

Charlene Lau, a fashion historian who has taught at Parsons School of Design, said, “At the same time, distressed, tattered and dirty clothing also tends to work against middle-class norms of cleanliness and propriety. In this sense, they are symbolic of rebellion—whether real, contrived, or imagined.”

Bingo! I think they are right. This “distressed” trend seems to be youth-driven and has now become acceptable even promoted by the fashion world of London, Paris, New York, and Hollywood. The world of high fashion has now embraced “distressed” clothing as chic. Of course, their motive is the buck suckered from people too stupid to think for themselves.

One distressed-wearing female said of trash clothes, “They lend an air of super casualness to your personality and make you just a bit more careless and carefree.” That’s what people need today—more carelessness.

Youth have always wanted to show their independence (while they live in Mom’s basement and live off parents and the taxpayers) but the distressed look is not an expression of individuality but of submission. By accepting what is currently fashionable they become a slave to fashion, not independent thinkers.

Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, Hollywood and television actors, famous athletes, and even Michele Obama; everyone who’s anyone is seen in the “distressed” look. Most people want to be accepted by the crowd and will follow the herd to be accepted—even if they have to pay big bucks to look like a fool.

Do such people ever ask themselves: “Why am I doing this?”

Most non-rich, but non-thinking and distressed jean wearers say that they wear such clothes because “they are comfortable.” However, that dog won’t hut. Clothes are about protection and modesty, not being “comfortable.” That’s like eating a meal because it is tasty not nutritious and necessary to stay alive. While it is good that food be tasty, that is not the purpose of eating.

The reason for clothes is to protect us from the elements and to present us in a decent way to our friends, neighbors, and others. God warned His people in Exodus 20:26, “Neither shalt thou go up by steps unto mine altar, that thy nakedness be not discovered thereon.” Priests, at that time, wore wide, loose robes; and when climbing steps, they could easily expose themselves. Later, God told them to wear linen breeches to protect against that possibility.

God was teaching Israel that modesty and decency are important to people of character. It was also to remind people of the vast differences in Jehovah worship and the heathen priests in surrounding nations who performed worship in the nude at pagan altars.

Clothes send a message and are not to be used as a deception according to Zechariah 13:4. God warned about false prophets who, as did true prophets, wore rough clothing to pass as true prophets. About 500 years later, some men might dress as did John the Baptist but that did not make them a prophet of the wilderness.

More than 200 years ago in England, nonconformist preachers and Church of England preachers were criticized for wearing “ruffles, powder, and fribble” as did the wealthy and powerful. Adam Clarke said of them, “Thus the Church and the world begin to shake hands, the latter still retaining its enmity to God.” Such preachers, accustomed to flattery and fawning and fame, were found in palaces, not in a wilderness.

The distressed clothing is another fad that empty, hopeless, purposeless youth pursue to show their rebellion to normalcy, modesty, propriety, and common sense.

Likewise, some Evangelical preachers wear distressed clothing to make them appear stylish while they really look silly—like the youth they are trying to impress.

Clothing has always sent a message from the wearer to the observer as the toga of the Roman youth. It was white, striped, or fringed with purple and was worn until they were seventeen years of age when they changed it for the toga virilis, or toga pura, which was all white.

According to The World of Roman Custom, Romans’ outer garments primarily “signified rank, status, office, or authority. . . . The dress worn by the participants in an official scene had legal connotations. . . . The hierarchic, symbolic use of dress as a uniform or costume is part of Rome’s legacy to Western civilization.”

A person’s garments have always carried a message. Today’s message from distressed clothing is one of carelessness, crassness, coarseness, and is somewhat cloddish.

Boys’ book, Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is available; to get your copy, click here. An eBook edition is also available.

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