Barry Farber Rang the Bell, Knocked the Ball Out of the Park, and Hit the Bull’s Eye!

My friend, Barry Farber, author of Cocktails with Molotov, national talk show host and columnist at World Net Daily really “rang the bell”; “knocked the ball out of the park”; and “hit the bull’s eye” in his column yesterday. He wrote:

The late writer, social critic and friend and champion of humane and decent treatment for animals, Cleveland Amory, gave us a brilliant example of how to handle shameless, lying advocates of unworthy causes. His targets were those researchers who have no concern whatever for sparing laboratory animals pain and abuse. One such research scientist, whom Amory considered the most villainous of all, was faced off against him in a television debate. That scientist would admit to no abuse or improper treatment of any kind in any experiment involving animals anywhere.

“What about that awful experiment,” asked Amory, “in which they tied a dog’s front paws to an iron ring in the wall and beat his hind legs mercilessly until the poor animal passed out?” The scientist was quick to reply, “Mr. Amory, you have no idea how much human suffering was averted by the very lessons they learned about people whose legs are pinned down by fallen beams after an earthquake or the explosion and collapse of a building in wartime.”

Amory then closed the trap by saying, “Doctor, there never was such an experiment. I just wanted to show you would defend anything!

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The God Haters

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