Did You Know?

…that treating cancer is a 115 billion dollar-a-year- business?
…that many cancer specialists and nurses will give chemo to their patients but would refuse it for themselves and their families?
…that for most cancers, chemo does not help you live any longer?
…that up to 7 out of 10 cancers can be prevented?
…that your chances of getting cancer are 1 in 2 if you are a male and 1 in 3 if female?
…that there are scores of alternative treatments for cancer that have proved very successful?
…that each year over a million hospital patients are injured and 120,000 die from errors during treatment according to a Harvard medical professor?
…that a recent study found 40 errors per day in the average U.S. hospital according to the Wall Street Journal?
…that 1 in 5 patients is given a completely wrong diagnosis by their doctor according to People’s Medical Society?
…that 44% of bypass surgeries may be unnecessary according to the Journal of the American Medical Association?
…that half of all angioplasties are unnecessary according a Boston health center?
…that studies find statins do not reduce your chances of dying from heart problems and one analysis found a greater long-term risk of dying as reported in the British Medical Journal?
…that in spite of the above, most Christians are critical of alternative medicine and swallow what their physician tells them?
…that it is time to take charge of your own health and demand some answers before permitting any kind of medical procedure?
…that Jesus Christ is still the hope for this world?

The God Haters

Angry Atheists, Shallow Scholars, Silly Scientists, Pagan Preachers & Embattled Evolutionists Declare War Against Christians

by Don Boys, Ph.D.

The God Haters

Angry Atheists, Shallow Scholars, Silly Scientists, Pagan Preachers, and Embattled Evolutionists are, of necessity, attacking the Bible for if they can denounce, deny, distort, and denigrate it, they will win more converts to atheism. They have been waging this war for a few years and most of us have ignored their books, television interviews, and university debates because they have just been more of the typical dog and pony shows that the most fanatical God haters have created for centuries. They want a fight, and while I consider atheists to be unimpressive fools, I’m willing to take them on. No quarter asked or given.

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