Obama: Ambition Outran His Ability!

President Obama’s ambition has outrun his ability and his ambition is exceeded only by his arrogance and audaciousness.

I told you so but you refused to listen! I warned everyone about Obama even before 2004 and again in 2008 as in the column below. Those who voted for Obama committed a perilous blunder that could destroy our nation. That blunder was without excuse. I wrote:

Face it; if another candidate as inexperienced as Obama suggested that he was considering a run for the U.S. presidency, he would be laughed off the stage. So, why is Obama the exception? Why are not Americans rolling in hilarious laughter at his presumption? It is not because he is a Democrat or radical liberal or part of the corrupt Chicago political machine. It is because he is black; however, color (or race or religion) is not a qualification or disqualification for any office.

The thought that such an “empty suit” could even become a U.S. Senator is itself appalling and atrocious but a tribute to the effectiveness of the corrupt political system in Chicago. But for him to think he is qualified to take the gargantuan step to the Oval Office is arrogant, asinine, and audacious. Have Americans lost their minds to think this phony savior can actually fill the shoes of former Presidents such as Ronald Reagan or Harry Truman?

When I was a member of the Indiana House of Representatives, some of my very enthusiastic supporters said, “Representative Boys, you should run for the presidency.” One of America’s leading Baptist pastors called me and suggested that I run for Governor. Whenever those events happened, I was so embarrassed that I cringed. The thought that I would even consider such a thing caused me to blush.

Now, I was not a novice. In the late 1960s I was a million-dollar producer in life insurance and securities with my own General Agency. Later I wrote a few books, earned my Ph.D., organized and ran a large Christian school for eight years with about a half a million dollar annual budget, debated many college professors on various subjects, and organized scores of schools across the nation and Canada. I also did a television show on a fledging Indianapolis station each Saturday night wrapping up all the religious news. Moreover, I had traveled to the Middle East many times as well as Europe and Asia. In other words, I was a “community organizer” on a much larger scale than Obama yet I still blush when I even think of being in the position of running for president or governor.

It seems that Obama’s ambition has overrun his ability. He was in the U.S. Senate 143 days up to the time he started making noises like a national candidate. He has accomplished almost nothing except to get the reputation of being the most liberal senator in the nation! That alone should disqualify him for any office!

During the nine years that he was a “civil rights lawyer” he never handled a trial but “worked in teams of lawyers who drew up briefs and contracts” according to Obama: From Promise to Power. While editor of the Harvard Review he never published one article. That never happens! But it did with Obama!

As a state senator, he voted “present” 130 times! He didn’t seem to understand that he was not elected to sit in the senate but to represent his district by voting. As a U.S. Senator, he has missed more than 20% of the votes! What would happen if you missed that much work?

Obama is an impressive failure, but still a failure, and to present himself as presidential timber, is colossal egotism. He is similar to a 10-year-old Little League player who wants to play with the big leagues; however, he doesn’t qualify. Someone would say, “Young man, come back to see us in 10 or 12 years.” Obama needs to grow up. After he has actually done something, then the voters can look at him seriously, but today it is embarrassing that more than his family and a few close friends would even consider voting for him.

If American voters have seizures of dumbness and elect him President, he will drive this nation over the cliff at 100 miles per hour. [They did and he did!]
His wife has told us “He is going to demand that you…move out of your comfort zones…and that you engage. Barack will never allow you to go back to your lives as usual….” Someone needs to remind her that he is not running as a king or dictator or Messiah. He will not rule, or reign, but he will ruin the U.S. if he is elected. Moreover, he will not demand that I do anything and I will “engage” if I choose to engage. Furthermore, he will not tell me how to live my life.

Obama is like the rooster who struts out each morning thinking the sun had risen just to hear him crow! But a big problem is he can’t crow unless he is reading a script written by a hired hack. When he wanders away from the teleprompter, he does a great imitation of Elmer Fudd.

President of the United States of America? Surely this is a bad dream but if it becomes reality, it will become our worst nightmare.

The above opinion has proved to be prophetic and we still have two more years of his ruin to endure. God help America. We sure don’t need any more help from Obama.

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