Unpleasant Truth is Not Always Hate Speech!

It is an unpleasant truth to hear that babies are babies from conception and to terminate (kill) them is in fact the taking of innocent life. That means doctors, nurses, parents, pregnant females, consenting males, and hospital workers have blood on their hands. Health personnel who try to distance themselves from killing babies are like the pimp who declares he has nothing to do with prostitution.

It is an unpleasant truth to know that most public schools have turned out to be ignorance factories although taxpayers have dumped loads of money into them for more than a hundred years. Incompetent teachers teach inaccurate curricula to inattentive students producing incredible results. Obviously, America’s public schools are failing when the average U.S. college freshman reads at a seventh grade level, according to an educational assessment report. Furthermore, an investigation of six Baltimore schools revealed that not a single student passed the state’s proficiency test in the subjects of math and English!

It is an unpleasant truth to know that our universities have been taken over by barbarians with Ph.Ds. Professors seem to think that they have a license to promote the most outrageous things without regard to truth, common sense, the Bible, the law, and university rules.

It is an unpleasant truth to know that the movies, music, and moguls of the media are controlled by lowlifes who will do anything for ratings and resultant power and money.

It is an unpleasant truth to know that professional sports have been hijacked by brutes without brains and are a deplorable example for everyone, especially the youth.

It is an unpleasant truth that homosexuals don’t exist, only heterosexuals that reject common sense, refuse biblical truth, and repeat the horrific sins of Sodom resulting in His judgment. They defiantly tell anyone who will listen that they were “born that way”; however, that is a fairy tale. They tell us they cannot change but, of course, numerous former homosexuals have been converted and are living normal, decent, and productive lives.

Moreover, if homosexuals can’t change, how can pedophiles change? Of course, that is where we are going and I predict that child molestation will no longer be a crime! Furthermore, if Bruce Jenner can change then why can’t homosexuals change?

It is an unpleasant truth that transgenders are not people with the wrong genitalia but have a warped, confused mind. There is no such thing as a female in a male’s body or the other way around–except when a woman is pregnant with a male child. Moreover, physicians who chop off children’s body parts or who give altering hormones to children are detestable child abusers.

It is an unpleasant truth to know that same sex “marriage” is not marriage at all and is, in fact, a rejection of millennia of a legal and biblical foundation for the family and an act of perversion that is repulsive to sane people requiring the judgment of a sovereign God.

It is an unpleasant truth that adultery and fornication are terrible evils that most Americans are committing but do not believe they are sins and don’t even try to justify them! It seems adultery and fornication are so common and have become “accepted” sins. Many Americans don’t even know that a few years ago, Americans could go to jail for those sins of immorality.

G. K. Chesterton wrote in 1926, “It has been left to the very latest Modernists to proclaim an erotic religion which at once exalts lust and forbids fertility. The next great heresy is going to be simply an attack on morality, and especially on sexual morality.” Bingo! We’re there now and those of us who speak out against it are called haters, narrow-minded, holier-than-thou, etc., and those are the nicer names we are called!

It is an unpleasant truth that humans don’t have to be mastered by their sexual desires and feelings as are animals.

It is an unpleasant truth that not all church members, even those who are “good” people, are going to Heaven since Christ said that no one would be there unless they trusted in Him and His saving power.

I would rather have truth in hate than error in love but I strive for truth in love. Unpleasant truth is not always hate speech.

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