A Muslim Accepts My Challenge But Proves he is a Monument to Eternal Ignorance!

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My challenge to Muslims was “to support a woman’s right to divorce her Muslim husband.” My critic replied, “IN ISLAM A WOMAN IS ALLOWED TO DIVORCE HER HUSBAND EVEN IF ITS (sic) AS LITTLE AS A REASON OF HIM BEING UNNATTRACTIVE.” (Wow, that could cause massive problems in old Arabia!) But my statement was not sufficient and his answer was sure not sufficient. Let me clarify. In some Muslim nations, a woman can initiate a divorce; however, in actual practice, a woman’s right to divorce is usually extremely limited compared with that of men in the Middle East.

In Islam, both man and woman must consent to the marriage and in a divorce, both man and woman must be past puberty before a divorce can be started. Past puberty! Usually, in Islam that means nine years of age! Well why not, since Mohammed had a marriage contract with Aisha when she was six and the marriage was consummated when she was nine years old. I will not document that since everyone knows it to be a fact. So, does that make Mohammed a child molester? If so, then he should be repudiated not revered.

Moreover, this begs the question about how women are treated in Islam and specifically in various Muslim nations. It starts soon after a female is born, as old women “circumcise” a baby girl by cutting off her clitoris, often using a dull knife or piece of glass. You know, whatever is handy. Can’t use a scalpel since they have only been around for a few hundred years!

The mistreatment of women continues after marriage when a husband has a legal right to beat his wife and is even instructed on Muslim television how to do so. Mustn’t leave scars you know. This second-class treatment continues with the prohibition of women drivers in Saudi Arabia which was also true in Afghanistan under the Taliban. Another indication of men taking advantage of women is the temporary marriage whereby a man can pay a few dollars for sex after which the “marriage” is terminated. Sounds like prostitution to me; only more complicated.

Moreover, in court, a woman’s testimony is worth one half that of a man, any man. Do thinking people see a pattern here?

My critic’s letter to me was a monument to eternal ignorance as is seen in his last comment: “For my last note id (sic) like to wish you well in your research cause (sic) obviously the b******* your (sic) pulling out you’re a** is coming from you googling out of context verses and watching LOADS OF TELEVISION LM**. either (sic) your (sic) 12 years old or amazingly ignorant maybe even prejudice (sic) racist (sic) you name it.” His content, composition, and clarity are sterling samples of stupidity! And he’s a U.S. college student!

Now, I wonder if he really thinks he destroyed my position.

The Muslim “moderates” will not accept my challenge since many privately applaud terror while they publicly abhor it. A moderate Muslim, true to the Koran and Hadith, is an oxymoron. It is like being a moderate Nazi. If a Muslim believes what traditional Muslims believe, he is a fundamentalist (not to be confused with Christian Fundamentalists) so he is not a moderate. And the true moderates will be among the first to die when the true Muslims take control.

Koranic Islam (historic Islam) is America’s Trojan Horse filled with an enemy that has clearly declared plans to destroy us. If our leaders do not recognize that fact and act accordingly they are like a man walking waist-deep through a snake and alligator-infested Everglade swamp. They are going to get bit!

I have been called a “hater” and “bigot” because I have revealed the facts about Islam, Mohammed, and the Koran, but I am not a hater; I am a lover. However, love without truth is not love. I am interested in truth not political correctness, unity, diversity, pluralism, multiculturalism, ecumenicity, or making Muslims feel warm and fuzzy with their 7th century desert religion.

I challenge any Muslim to prove me wrong and if I am wrong, I will apologize in the national media and rip my shirt on national television! I may even consider wearing sackcloth and throwing ashes above my head.

During my interview of a Muslim cleric in Indiana, he told me that suicidal bombers in the Middle East were not homicidal bombers but were “freedom fighters.” That is a good example of a highly respected Muslim cleric who passes as a “moderate.” They cannot take control today but every Koranic Muslim is obligated to conquer the nation in which he lives.

U.S. leaders are making a deadly mistake in not understanding the nature of historic Islam, and we will all pay the price when terrorists strike us again. And when U.S. cities are in flames, the economy is in a deadly spiral, and many innocent moderate Muslims are killed by outraged non-Muslims or traditional Muslims, the Administration’s pandering toward all things Muslim will be discarded as quickly as long underwear in a Texas heat-wave. But too late.

President Obama may even take off his Muslim ring! No, I doubt that he will make such a major break with his past.

Any other “moderate” Muslims out there willing to accept my challenge?

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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