A Muslim Accepts My Challenge But Refuses to be Dragged Kicking and Screaming into the Modern World!

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I recently challenged Muslim leaders “to agree that all Muslim ‘charity’ funds be frozen until there is proof that terrorists are not being supported.” A Muslim critic sent me an insipid, inadequate, and incoherent reply: “Maybe we should freeze christians (sic) (sic) funds cause a couple of ‘christians’ (sic) killed a couple of people. And please dont (sic) make me start on that just recently a ‘christian’ (sic) man killed a whole crowd of people in a theater for no apparent reason. Maybe then we should freeze christians (sic) (sic) accounts. What you dont (sic) undersand (sic) that you cannot judge a religion on one dumba** group of people.” Sic ‘em!

This is getting wearisome but I will plod on like a good soldier. I suggested to him: “You now live in America so you should have some knowledge and wisdom although you did not bring any from your desert home. Moreover, you should be informed before you crank up your computer. Also, you have a real problem with foul language. Here in America, our mothers solve that problem when we are very young by washing out our mouths with a strong, disgusting bar of soap. You know what soap is, don’t you? Mouth washing might work on an adult Muslim. Try it, but you won’t like it.”

He did not know (or admit) that the theater massacre in Colorado was not done by a Christian but by a twisted, crazed killer. Evidently my critic was so uninformed that he thinks every person living in the U.S. is a Christian or Jew. Let me digress down a short “rabbit trail” to tell him that a person becomes a Christian when he or she repents of sin and places faith in the shed blood of Christ and His Resurrection. There are few Christians in America in my opinion. People are identified as genuine Christians because they remind people of Christ as in the city of Antioch where believers were first called Christians.

But back to his twisted logic. He suggested that the funds belonging to the killer (I assume he had a bubble gum fund) should be confiscated as result of the shooting and that is a comparison to making sure that Muslim funds are used for charities and not terrorism! If that is his position, then he is dumb as a box of rocks. However, he was correct (once out of twenty-eleven times isn’t bad) in that the action of one person does not mean he represents the group to which he belongs.

By the way, if my critic became a real Christian that would take care of his dirty mouth and eliminate the need for a bar of soap stuck inside his mouth for an hour. In seems most Muslims who write me have a mind like a race horse: it runs best on a dirt track.

He agreed with my next challenge “that suicidal bombers are homicidal bombers who drop into the hottest corner of hell, not into the arms of dark eyed virgins.” However, he declared that the statement has nothing to do with Islam! I will remind everyone that all the homicidal bombers have been–are you ready for this–Muslims? Have Muslims forgotten or did not read about the attack on the World Trade Center? How about the Boston Marathon bombing?

He rejected my challenge “to agree with me that any Muslim should have the right to convert to any religion.” I replied, “Your incredible defense was, ‘We believe this [Islam] is the only true religion which it is. Converting out will cause massive upset in a stable society.’ First of all, you are wrong since Islam is a not ‘the only true religion.’ In fact, it is more than a false religion; it is also a barbaric, oppressive, primitive, backwater culture that refuses to be dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world.”

He referred to Muslims becoming Christians as causing a “massive upset in a stable society.” Maybe he could tell me what “stable” society he referred to. Maybe Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Algeria or maybe Mali! However, forget the freedom of Muslims in the Muslim world, what about the free world? Should Muslims in America, Canada, England, France, Spain, Italy and other civilized nations have the right to convert to Jesus Christ without being decapitated by “peaceful” Muslims? Silence!

I am surprised and pleased that he agreed to my challenge “to repudiate ‘honor’ killings of Muslims who ‘disgrace’ their families by being raped!” However, I’ll be shocked, surprised, and somewhat somber if he has ever gone public with that belief. I double-dog dare him to announce that position down at the Friday mosque worship service. I also suggest that he take his phone camera.

I am hoping that my information will drag him, kicking and screaming, out of his dark cave into the light of the real world. Maybe even to the light of the Gospel of Christ.

I’m really waiting for his response to my column, but I’m not holding my breath.


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