A Muslim Accepts My Challenge But Wiggled, Waffled, and Wobbled!

In my challenge for Muslims to march with me at the Sudan Embassy to protest the persecution and slavery of Christians, my critic agreed and said, “No Muslim will ever disagree with this. ISLAM DOES NOT SUPPORT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.” Maybe he agrees with me but the Muslim world does not agree, and he did not agree to protest with me! Moreover, there are no Muslim demonstrations at the Sudan Embassy! Could that be because most Muslim leaders are hypocrites; or are they too busy whipping their wives and writing error-filled books about the “peaceful” religion of Islam?

Next, my critic blinked, equivocated, stumbled, stuttered, and wimped out concerning my challenge “to demonstrate with me at the Saudi Arabian Embassy to demand religious freedom in that country and for my right to organize the Trinity Baptist Church in Mecca.” He whimpered, “No non muslims are allowed there because WE know what happens in America. You call it freedom, we call it barbaric.” Not much of an answer, was it?

Let’s see now: Any Muslim from Saudi or any other Muslim nation can come to America and build a mosque, even asking Americans for money to do so, yet I can’t start a small, simple, storefront Baptist Church in Saudi because it would be barbaric! (Or, we could rent the Kaaba since Muslims don’t use it on Sundays!) Could the prohibition of a church in Mecca be because the Muslims might respond to the truth rather than lies– a culture of barbarism, terror, and oppression? His non-answer should embarrass him and any honest Muslim, but then, most Muslims have no shame.

My next challenge was “to agree with me that Arafat (not just another pretty face) was a low-life killer who should have been strung up in the Bethlehem city square.” Again, he seemed to agree but with the caveat that “if” Arafat was a low-life killer. Every informed person knows that to be a fact yet my critic wiggled, waffled, and wobbled a little. Then he said, “Has nothing to do with Islam.” Let’s see, I’m a little slow but it seems that Arafat was the leader of almost all the “Palestinians” and head of the PLO and a hero to Muslims all over the world, yet it had nothing to do with Islam. Someone please explain. I’m waiting with bated breath, well, not too bated.

My next challenge to Muslims was “to agree that Jihad (physical, holy fighting) should not be required of all Muslims.” He declared, “The word ‘jihad’ means to strive. Strive in the cause of God. THIS DOES NOT ALWAYS MEAN HOLY WAR. Praying is jihad.” Note his attempt to protect his indefensible position when he used “always” in his answer. I did not say that. How can any Muslim live with the Koranic teaching of jihad since no truly civilized person would defend their teaching: the subjugation of the whole world in a giant caliphate ruled by Mohammed Mucho Meanie the Magnificent Mullah from Morocco or whomever. Maybe just plain Moe.

I tried to educate him in what Muslims are supposed to believe and practice if they are true Muslims. My Koran, published in Saudi Arabia by the top honchos of Islam, declares in a footnote on page 39: “Al-Jihad (holy fighting) in Allah’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars (on which it stands). By Jihad Islam is established….Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim.”

I must point out that this footnote was written by Muslim scholars to explain and support what the Koran teaches. It is dishonest to make untrue statements about jihad to give Muslims a little credibility among civilized people. Fact: all Muslims are required to fight to establish Islam as the dominate religion in every nation on earth! Any Muslim who does not believe that should get out of Islam, and maybe help me start the Trinity Baptist Church in Mecca! I will need a good assistant! Pay won’t be much but he will have an impressive title and a used camel, without a saddle since austerity and hard times are good for the soul.

It is obvious from the Koran that jihad is one of the pillars of Islam, so when Muslims and uninformed non-Muslims speak of the “Five Pillars of Islam” they are wrong. There are six as Muslim scholars reveal in the footnote in their “holy” Koran.

My critic “accidently” missed my next challenge to “to march with me at the Egyptian Embassy to demand an end to female circumcision.” I wonder if he really missed that challenge or was it too hot to handle? How can anyone defend the monsters who mutilate little girls, even babies, thereby scarring them for life and rendering their proper future sexual response impossible or inadequate?

I really need a response to my column thereby helping me know whether my Muslim critic is civilized or a barbarian.

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