A Radical Muslim Accepts My Challenge!

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I often receive emails (sometimes containing threats) from Muslims who almost never reveal their names, about like the critic I’m dealing with today. Some readers will accuse me of being too hard on him, but I remind everyone that we are at war and that war is not with terrorism (which is a silly, senseless, and stupid thought) but with radical Islam. Radical Islam consists of those who actually believe, teach, and follow the Koran as if it were  God-given. For the uninitiated, Allah was the pagan moon god long before Mohammed poked his head from under his tent to begin his attack upon the world.

This reply to the Muslim who responded to my column “A Challenge to ‘Moderate’ Muslims!” is truthful and contains some of the most important information anyone has read. No one will get this information from the mainstream media, academia, or politicians.

In his diatribe he said that he hoped I was “man enough to post it.” Well, I hope he is man enough to reply to my answer. I have experienced this many times, so I don’t expect him to reply except maybe in his very crude, crass, and cursing way. If he were better educated, he would have a larger vocabulary to express his untrue, backwater religion/culture. But then, I may be unfair since he probably has only been off the desert a short time. He probably still has sand in his shoes.

He promised to “destroy” my arguments but he failed as this column and the ones to follow prove. In fact, if he is educated, then I question his honesty. He declared that sara 9:4-5 deals with Muslims who are to defend themselves in war saying of the passage, “This is in the context of war. Of course you are going to fight someone who is fighting you in war. Or do you think we should just stand there?” No, in that event, one must defend himself, but that is not what the passage says.

I’m not sure if my critic was disingenuous, dishonest, dense, or simply dumb because the context of sura 9 is very clear as my Koran, published in Saudi Arabia, clearly reveals. That passage even advises Muslims to ambush the “Mushrikun” who are identified in verse 6 as “the polytheists, idolaters, pagans, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah.” That covers everyone who is not a Muslim! In that passage, there is no war, no self-defense, just fighting to advance Islam as all Muslims must do.

A footnote in my Koran, which is far more official than most, further explains the passage with Sahih Al-Brkhari, Vol. 9, Hadith No. 59. “I have been ordered to fight the people til they say: ‘none has the right to be worshipped but Allah.’” That means HIS argument has been destroyed by his own scholars!

As to my challenge for Muslims “to agree that anyone who supports terrorists in any way should be considered a terrorist,” he declared, “That has nothing to do with Islam.” By saying that, it is obvious that he must have spent the last ten years living in a cave with bin Laden! Either he has been indoctrinated to lie or to not see reality. What about all the honor killings all over the world where innocent children are butchered by parents and other relatives? What about the whole Middle East slaughter? His statement is astounding and strips him of any credibility he had.

He wrote, “Islam rejects the killing of any innocent human being,” but how does he define “innocent”? Unless he thinks honor killing victims cannot be innocent! Also, the Koran is full of commands to kill unbelievers, and Muslims must declare that Christians and Jews, by being Christians and Jews, are not innocent and therefore acceptable targets for slaughter. I will not take the time to provide the many passages in the Koran and the Hadith since informed people are aware of them. Muslims have their own definitions so non-Muslims are guilty and deserve what they get for their unbelief!

My critic provided one passage in the Koran that forbids killing the innocent but he knows that there are numerous contrary passages. That passage is “window dressing” to give Muslims an answer (although a feeble one) for the other killing passages in their “holy” literature. Even Muslim scholars agree that the early suras were written in Mohammed’s years in Mecca when he was being persecuted, so of course, he basically asked, “Can’t we all, just you know, just get along?” Then when he ruled in Medina, he had the power to do as he wanted, hence the very aggressive verses in the later part of the Koran and his killing spree.

Since the early weaker, kinder, gentler Mohammed was in the first part of the Koran followed by the killing verses in the later part, the doctrine of abrogation is taught as an excuse (although a feeble one) for Allah’s many mistakes. I document all this in my book, ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse! also now an eBook available at Amazon.com. I offered to send my Muslim critic a free copy if he would promise to read and answer it!

He may read it but he can’t answer it. He chose to do neither.

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