An Old Dog Knows Whether it is Being Kicked or Stumbled Over!

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An old, mangy dog knows whether it is being kicked or stumbled over, but many Christians don’t know the difference! While dedicated Christians are responsible for the founding and direction of this nation, we are now being pushed, pelted, persecuted, and prosecuted by unfair, unethical, even unlawful politicians at all levels of government.

A county official in California wine country told a pastor, “We don’t want your kind out here” The county leaders want no more churches and no church expansion of the only church in the county! That pastor should use his influence to put that official in the unemployment line and not in a position of authority. It’s time to kick back–and kick out.

I’m tired of being kicked around by homosexuals, who plead for tolerance, but now demand acceptance of their evil lifestyle–even respectability! I have discovered that if you give homosexuals an inch, they will take a yard–a school yard. It is strange that that crowd demands toleration but refuses to be tolerant of my beliefs. It is obvious that they don’t know the meaning of the term! Or they are hypocrites, maybe both. Whatever, it is time for Christians to kick back and inform homosexuals that as long as Bible believers are around, homosexuality will never receive acceptance or respectability. No hate, just an exercise of our rights to choose what we believe and with whom we will associate.

We have been kicked around by huge retailers who take our money then undermine our nation by socialistic programs and support of sinful lifestyles. When companies such as Home Depot, Target, Sears, Disney, J.C. Penney, American Airlines, Apple Computer, Ford, Kraft, Nationwide, Pepsi, and many others aggressively support the homosexual agenda, it is time for Christians (and all sane people) to kick them in the rear. Wallet pain is the worst kind of pain.

A principled person does not need to be prompted to do what is right. It should not be necessary to get people to sign a petition not to shop at “gay” supporting stores. Company CEOs have every right to have their company support whatever cause they want although they will be held accountable by their Board of Directors and shareholders for plummeting stocks; but we have a right to refuse to patronize them. I will spend my money wherever I choose; after all, this is still America, isn’t it? Surely the Federal government would never tell us to spend our money a certain way, would it?

Moreover, company CEOs that choose to get in bed with homosexuals should not be forgiven by consumers. This is a personal and controversial decision but I have made it: no forgiveness. Usually a company’s “repentance” and change of corporate pro-gay support follows a free fall of their company stock. Then they “see the light,” repent, and refuse to support the “gay” crowd. Do what you want but I prefer to support those stores that make decisions on principle–not principal. Hit the others in the cash register!

Yes, I’m tired of being kicked around, and I’m kicking back. In fact, I have an overwhelming desire for two chicken sandwiches and a peach milkshake.

I am tired of being kicked around by state and federal government officials, wishing to appear so tolerant, compassionate, gracious, and loving when they are actually unprincipled, unlawful, and unreasonable tyrants. They show high levels of arrogance and ignorance by demanding Christian colleges provide for abortion in their insurance coverage. It is encouraging that many Christian institutions are kicking back and have sued the Federal Government for their tyrannical demands. However, it is not just churches and other Christian institutions that must resist this tyranny but individuals as well.

A Christian businessman cannot be complicit in killing innocent babies. They must kick back and refuse to obey federal orders even if they are dragged into court and finally into prison. It is not only Christian organizations that have rights, but individuals as well. Maybe when a hundred hospitals and a thousand churches are closed by their leaders’ refusal to knuckle under to federal control, then most Americans will realize that we are governed (ruled) by petty tyrants. Additionally, when thousands of principled business owners are arrested and jailed, the world will know that this once-great, free, independent nation has become a police state ruled by a tin-pot dictator.

School officials in Massachusetts kicked all sane, concerned, conservative people in the rear with their plans to give free condoms to 12-year-old children, and all of us who oppose the plan are said to be fools, fanatics, and facists. Public school officials are attempting radical indoctrination not education, so pull children out of public schools and put them in Christian schools (or home schools) and fire as many corrupt public educators as possible.

It is my opinion the children should not even know what a condom is!

Obviously, the squirrels haven’t gathered up all the nuts yet.

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