Another Grizzly Killer: Have Open Season on all Predators!

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Each Wednesday I publish one of my earlier columns that I hope will be interesting, informative, and maybe inspiring. Sometime they are infuriating! The following column was published in 2010.

Well, another grizzly killed a 70-year-old California man June 16 near Yellowstone. However, we are told that the bear was just being a bear, but then the man is still dead, and he was only being a man! One grizzly that had been captured 20 times and drugged 12 times dragged a man out of his tent at a campground near Yellowstone and killed him. The attacks are increasing and often without any provocation. Moreover, it’s not only grizzlies that are killers, even black bear attacks on humans have dramatically increased.

It is past time to do something about wild animals. No bear, shark, alligator or mountain lion is worth the life of one human, and I am weary of animal rights fanatics rushing to the defense of vicious predators after an attack on an innocent human.

Fanatics tell us that animals, even the vicious ones, are equivalent to any human and should therefore have the same rights as humans. Alex Pacheco, PETA’s chairman, said, “We feel that animals have the same rights as a retarded human child.” Speaking of retardation! Alex is not only common-sense-deficient but scripturally deficient because Luke 12:7 tells us, “Ye are of more value than many sparrows.”

We are told that these predators are often confused when near humans. Sharks have poor eyesight, and often bears only want to protect their young. Alligators are simply defending their territory. Sure, like when an alligator stalked and dismembered a female jogger. Her arms were found in the stomach of a captured alligator. Then we discovered that alligators in Florida killed two more people the following weekend. There have been 18 confirmed fatal alligator attacks in Florida since 1948. With nine other unconfirmed deaths.

However, we are told that even bugs and insects have legal rights. Even cockroaches “have a right to live,” and serve the environment by being “efficient little garbage collectors” opined another fanatic with a straight face (and empty head).

If a German homeowner destroys an anthill, he will be fined if discovered. Homeowners pestered by ants must apply for a permit and have the ants carefully moved to the nearest woods. If he does not and acts without authority, it is a “violation of federal natural protection laws and punishable with hefty fines,” said officer Dieter Kraemer.

What is incredible is that sane people, when hearing such nonsense, don’t fall to the floor holding their sides in laughter. Or maybe tears would be more appropriate for a world gone stark raving mad. And “nuts” is a good and appropriate description.

Sharks are noble creatures, are “gentle”, and can be “trusted.” Yea, tell that to children who have had their arms or legs severed by one of those “gentle” creatures. Tell that to the eight humans who are killed each year by those “trusted” sharks. Sure, you can trust a shark—to be a shark just as you can trust a loony leftist to be a loony leftist.

All this nonsense is because of society’s anti-Scriptural worldview. People no longer believe that man was made in the image of God and was given the authority to dominate the earth. Let me remind the scripturally deficient that God killed an animal to provide a covering for Adam and Eve after their disobedience. After all, those fig leaves had their problems especially in a very cold, high wind.

I suggest that there be a program to capture more of the predators and place them in our zoos and wild life parks. That way, they will be cared for and will propagate profusely so that future generations will be able to watch them in zoos all over the nation. Let’s have zoos even in small towns and cities.

Then I recommend that vicious animals be considered what they are: a threat to humans. Make open season on all bears, sharks, alligators, and mountain lions. Publish the names and photos of those who remove one more predator from society. Let genuine bear rugs become a status symbol in American homes. Few items are as special as a well-made pair of alligator shoes, and with the killing of so many of them, the price of alligator shoes and hides would plummet.

I have observed that most of the animal rights fanatics are very pro-abortion, so they think it is desirable to kill helpless babies in the womb, but it is wasteful, wretched, wrong, and wicked to kill vicious predators! Of course, no one ever said animal rights people were very bright.

Note that I am not demanding that animals be tortured since that speaks volumes about the torturers. All kids should be taught that a gracious God provided animals to provide us food, clothing, shoes, milk, etc. We know that there is a connection with kids who torture animals and later kill humans. The Bible commands us to be kind to our beasts; however, there is a big difference between a cow or horse and a rampaging bear, alligator, mountain lion or shark.

Remove the predators from the environment except for the zoos. Maybe even pay a bounty for each one killed! Moreover, when taking a hike, be sure to walk quickly and carry a very big stick or better yet, a very big gun!

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