Are White Student Unions Racist?

American cities, churches, and colleges are seething with unrest as Blacks confront Whites alleging mistreatment, even discrimination. After admitting that there have always been insecure, insensitive, and inconsiderate haters–both black and white–we can move on to the issue: When anyone is harmed by officials or ordinary people, then redress is called for. However, no one has a right to not be offended. That is immature, impractical, illogical, and maybe insane.

As I write, many major universities are in an uproar because some white students want to organize a White Student Union (WSU) just as the Blacks have. Can some sane person tell me why that is somehow harmful to Blacks? If Eskimos want such a union they have that right. They can sit around their union and reflect on their life back home–the igloos, the frigid temperatures, the fishing, the seal hunts, etc.

At least 30 of these WSUs were born on Facebook in the last few days but have not been recognized by various colleges as bona fide organizations, and college officials are determined that they will not be accepted. In fact, some school officials have pressured Facebook to remove the WSU pages! Has anyone given thought to fairness and common sense? How about the First Amendment?

Schools like Mizzou, Penn State, University of California, Berkeley, etc., have declared that the WSUs do not reflect their values. Hold it. Do not reflect their values! Did Blacks finance, organize, and run those universities for a hundred years? When did those schools reject “white” values and acknowledge only minority values? Moreover, many of us are weary of those who try to make everything a racial issue.

There were reports this week that at least seven Australian universities have had students organize a WSU although school officials are calling it a hoax or reacting in horror as some American university officials are: How dare those white students demand equal treatment.

College officials (in Australia and the U.S.) have charged that WSUs are used “for harassment and intimidation,” but that charge cannot be supported. It is alleged that such unions promote “white supremacy” and “racial bigotry;” however, surely a university can handle such issues by rational debate, calculated disregard, or benign disdain. After all, it is a university–not a kindergarten.

Why not permit each person to be proud of his race without belittling, browbeating, and bullying other races and let everyone agree to be part of the human race?

Most of the nascent white unions declare, “We unapologetically provide a safe space for white students to air their true feelings about the future of our nation…at the same time, we do not wish to denigrate or harm any other group or ethnicity.” Sounds reasonable to me!

Since the pathetic university officials can’t deal with this issue, they resort to lying–the first refuge of the intellectually challenged. They accuse the WSUs of being for “whites only.” But then in a free society that would be no problem since freedom of association is part of our heritage; however, the accusation is not true. There is a big difference in wanting to have a place where Whites can reflect on their heritage (as is true of other unions) and excluding other races. That charge is beneath any college official.

Remember, universities are supposed to be places where discussion and debate are desired–but in our day no one must be offended! However, the Constitution does not protect us from being offended, but then it says nothing about abortion or same-sex “marriage” either!

I am a white American male and make no apologies. In fact, I’m as proud of my race as any Black or Asian. And I think it is decent, defensible, and desirable to declare that Whites should not be apologetic and intimidated by the racists whose only arrow in their quiver is to call others, racists.

It is not racism to suggest that the racial ratio of America is being changed, and while some think the change is good, I don’t. Why must white people apologize for being white? Is there an advantage for losing “whiteness”? There are far more nations populated predominantly by people of color. Why not have a mainly white nation here and there around the globe? Because we think being white is just as good as being black, brown, etc., is that prima facia evidence that we hate other people? What is the advantage in changing the national complexion?

Europeans came to America (divided by language and culture) but they gradually became English Americans who happened to be white. Yes, predominately light skinned. But with varied genes. However, no doubt the complexion of America will continue to get darker because of individual choices that people make.
All Blacks are not comfortable with every black culture. There is a vast difference in Blacks from Haiti and Blacks from Barbados. There is a huge difference in Bahamian Blacks and American Blacks. When we have been with black friends in Barbados, the Bahamas, or America, their blackness is irrelevant. We are simply friends. It seems that the issue is not color but culture.

Blacks, Indians, Central Americans, Asians, etc., should be proud of their race, after all God made us all. So would you mind if I believe that Whites should feel the same about being white? Would the racists out there forgive me for pointing out that British, French, and Spanish Christians (along with some scoundrels) came to this continent and discovered a land of forests, swamps, and tribes of warring Indians? Our ancestors drained the swamps; built log cabins, churches, hospitals and schools; planted crops; dug copper, coal, gold, and silver from the ground; built railroads; attempted to civilize the warring Indians and made friends of the friendly Indians; and established a land of freedom and incredible opportunity like nowhere on earth. My critics will point out the mistakes and excesses which I am willing to admit; but I will add the many failures of the Indians and others–which only prove mankind’s fallen nature.

Moreover, I remind everyone that for thousands of years nothing had been done to develop the land, forests, rivers, and mining opportunities. Indians lived as they had for more than a thousand years, sitting around their campfires while their children and elderly died unnecessary and often premature deaths. When Europeans arrived, everything changed, mostly for the good.

Additionally, why now make America into another Spanish-speaking country? Aren’t there enough Hispanic countries as it is? Moreover, those who emigrate here should learn to speak English! That is the least they can do. Teddy Roosevelt suggested that any immigrant who did not learn English within five years of his arrival should be shipped back home! I agree.

Justin J. Moritz, a white, retired police officer with no criminal record, was refused a patent for “White Pride” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because it “is considered offensive and therefore scandalous.” There is no justification for the USPTO to reject a patent for “White Pride” after approving Black Pride, African Pride, Asian Pride, Chippewa Pride, Gay Pride, Indian Pride, and many other “prides.” Can anyone defend such offensive policies and obvious discrimination? Only a fascist would defend such a practice and only a fool would try.

I have defended minority people all my life. I have demanded that people be treated like people. If all people are treated with respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, and graciousness, then everyone benefits. I do not endorse or support the NAACP because they are racist in seeking the benefit of “colored” people. Why not seek the advancement of people? Do civil rights leaders need to be reminded that the “Jim Crow” days are long gone? If we seek the advancement of everyone, that will cover Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Indians, etc.

All my adult life I have detested unfairness, discrimination, narrow mindedness, political correctness, and cowardice. I am ashamed to say that national and state politicians, and those in academia and the media, plus many evangelical Christians are guilty of all the above.

If college officials had any sense and had convictions about fairness, decency, balance, equality, freedom, and what is obviously legal, they would welcome the White Student Unions and even help each one procure a faculty sponsor.

However, that won’t happen until pigs learn to fly in formation over the administration building and shrimp learn to whistle the school song in harmony.

But then I’m not surprised since cowardly college officials are as easy to find as a bowling ball in a bathtub.

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