Baptist Fundamentalist Falls for Conspiracies; Breaks With Reality!

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Recently, a good friend broke with me over the “Palestinian” issue. He responded to one of my South African articles by comparing the plight of mythical Palestinians to white South Africans. He charged me with being inconsistent when I defend the white South Africans and condemn the Palestinians. His position might be understandable coming from a loosey-goosey Evangelical with a low view of Scripture but for such an opinion to come from a hard-nosed Fundamentalist is shocking.

We are fools if we do not recognize our foes and our friends, and Muslim terrorists consider all non-Muslims as the enemy and that won’t change until pigs learn to fly.

The Palestinian issue is political rubbish and my friend needs a lesson in history. Those people who are identified as Palestinians are refugees from Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. However, there are millions of these people who were born in refugee camps and have been falsely taught they are Palestinians. In 1948 and the 1950s, rejected and displaced Arabs lived in abject squalor in refugee camps (supposed to be temporary) under the custodial care of the United Nations. Muslim leaders did not care about them until it became politically expedient to do so. There are no Palestinian people, or history, or culture, or coinage, or language, or uncovered artifacts. Palestinians don’t exist and never have. Muslims and media that promote Palestinians are repeating a falsehood and ignoring the facts.

Walid Shoebat, a former PLO terrorist agrees with the above. He asked, “Why is it that on June 4th 1967 I was a Jordanian and overnight I became a Palestinian?” He and his compatriots were Jordanians “until the Jews returned to Jerusalem. Then all of the sudden we were Palestinians.” Shoebat was saying that when the Jews re-took their historic and biblical homeland in 1967, the myth of an Arab Palestinian nation was created out of thin air and promoted worldwide. The gullible media, too lazy to do the research, still spouts the PLO line about the “Palestinian people.”

My Baptist friend has bought into the Palestinian nonsense and while there has been some Israeli mistreatment of them, the failure of Muslim nations  to support them and be willing to absorb them as citizens is the root of the problem.  He and others are too quick to swallow any theory that is absurd, audacious, without concern for accuracy. There have been and are conspiracies as all historians know; however, many of my theological compatriots are too quick to seriously entertain such conspiracies.

Part of my friend’s problem is his anti-Trump stance. He doesn’t seem to realize that if enough Evangelical and Fundamental Christians held to his position, we would be living under President Hillary Clinton! He charged, “The primary terrorists committing mass murder are in Washington DC…and exist primarily in the Republican Party and Trump regime that you support. [You said] ‘No one can say for sure about who the true terrorists of 9/11?’ [He questioned my assertion then made his own.] The only ones who can’t say for sure are those who ignore the obvious fact.”

No, it is obvious that Muslim men did the attack; however, that would not, by itself, preclude the involvement of others. But that has not been established and is for sure not obvious.

To say the “primary terrorists” are Republicans and the “Trump regime” in Washington is simply political nonsense. If we were discussing the existence of some incompetents or rascals or opportunists or charlatans then I would have to agree but the primary terrorists are coming from Muslim nations as all sane, informed, and honest people know.

A recent Henry Jackson Society report reveals that Islamists were responsible for a massive 84.27 per cent of terror killings in the West in 2017, with 66.67 per cent of the perpetrators coming to their target country from abroad. Yet, my friend charges Trump and Republicans as “primary terrorists”!

His characterization of the terrorists of 9/11 as being U.S. politicians, not 19 dedicated Muslims, is totally unproven. While there are legitimate questions that are asked about that infamous day, there is no doubt that Muslim fanatics were the plotters, promoters, and perpetrators of that tragedy.

He asked me to explain why the torture and killing of white farmers in South Africa is horrible but it’s “acceptable to you when Israelis show their Palestinian neighbors similar or worse treatment.” It is really rather easy to explain. The white farmers are being killed by black thugs and their land is to be “legally” taken by government action although their white ancestors came to the cape almost 400 years ago, cleared unoccupied land and build farms that have been in their families for centuries. The white farmers are not the bad guys. However, the Palestinians have no authority but are part of a terrorist cabal that attacks Israel with bombs, missiles, and suicide terrorists. They are terrorist aggressors, and it is insane to give them moral equivalency to white South African farmers.

Furthermore, Muslim terrorist groups encourage, even teach children to become suicide bombers, and even pay the family of such bombers a lifetime income following a child’s bombing attack against Jews. My friend refused to comment on that aspect of the group he naively supports.

The official position of the Muslim terrorist groups is that Israel doesn’t even have a right to exist. The Hamas Charter boldly declared, “Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it.” Psalm 83:4 predicted this day: “They have said, ‘Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.’”

Their primary purpose is to “drive Israel into the sea.” Muslim maps don’t even show the fact of Israel’s existence. How can there be peace in the Middle East when the Muslim terrorist groups refuse to recognize that the main entity in the discussion has no legitimate right to exist?

My friend did a bait and switch when he brought up the “U.S. support of Saudi Arabia’s genocide of the people of Yemen” but that has no relevance to this issue. I don’t defend the Saudi attack upon Yemen. He obviously felt a need for more support for his anemic Palestinian argument but failed in his attempt.

My friend alleged, “nearly 10,000 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis, most of whom were civilians.” While the number is dubious, it must be remembered that those “civilians” were Muslim terrorists attacking Israel with bombs, missiles, rocks, knives, and suicide bombers. It is shocking that any sane person would defend the Palestinians when two-thirds of Palestinians support the stabbing of Israeli civilians.

While it is true Palestinians have been banned from some roads in “their own West Bank,” it is a reasonable action if those roads make easy access to attacks upon innocent Israeli civilians that include many Arab Muslims!

When speaking of the “persecuted” Muslims in Israel it must be remembered that Muslims have a right to vote in Israel while Jews are not even permitted in some Muslim nations. Moreover, the “near complete boycott” of Gaza was only done because of the constant attacks upon Israel. It must also be remembered that Israel provides Gaza and the West Bank most of the electric supply and liquefied petroleum gas that is used by hundreds of thousands of Muslim homes and businesses for cooking and heating. Plus, thousands of Gaza residents go to Israel each year for medical treatment.

My friend is either uninformed about such support or chose to ignore Israel’s provision of essential services to people who are determined to drive them “into the sea.”

My friend asked, “How is the oppression of the Palestinian minority in Israel not egregious enough to even merit comparison with the South African situation?” The question displays a shocking ignorance of the facts or a grievous willful partiality toward the mythical Palestinians. Muslims in Israel are voting citizens, have the same protection as Jews, have no fear of being raped and killed, have good health care, and live in relative peace—except when the rockets fall on them from their fellow-Muslims in Gaza!

Muslim terrorists everywhere support bombings, beheadings, and burkas and my erstwhile Baptist friend defends those terrorists!

Have terrorists repudiated terror and no longer consider non-Muslims their enemy? If so, pigs have sprouted wings and learned to fly!


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