Black Lies Told to Gullible Whites and Blacks During Black History Month Hurt All of Us!

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Everyone is making everything about race. Race is an important component of this world and has played a significant part in American life, but it has become a farce to be ridiculed, not a fact to be recognized. This excessive and often distorted emphasis on race is doing enormous harm to all of us. I’m afraid this polarization will end with blood in the streets far worse than the BLM and Antifa conflicts.

Blacks and Hispanics gushed over the Super Bowl halftime that featured almost all minorities. I noticed one white no-talent rapper and another white male blowing a horn. While I detest and find offensive all rap “music,” the females were not only offensive but performed a slut show. In our very permissive society, a few people are willing to criticize minorities, even loose women with more beauty than brains who exploit their bodies for a buck. But then, I have a right to think they are unprincipled, pathetic sluts. I also have a right to declare what I think.

Black History Month, maybe worthily conceived, has been perverted and diverted to farce, falsehood, and foolishness. Some commendable Blacks are held up as good examples, but the waters were poisoned by including famous blacks who are famous for infamy. They chose a Black supremacist in choosing Malcomb X; a sex pervert felon/Communist in Bayard Rustin; an abuser of women and professional adulterer in Martin Luther King, Jr.; and a preacher-adulterer who fathered a baby out of wedlock in Jesse Jackson. Those “heroes” could have been and should have been rejected because of their personal and political failures. In contrast, many more Blacks who lived noble, honorable, and productive lives could have been used as good examples for all people.

Black History Month has been made deceptive as the media and educators add insult to fantasy by making heroes of such rascals.

Defenders of Black History heroes will tell us the accomplishments of black heroes overshadow their problems, peculiarities, and peccadilloes. However, that’s about as reasonable as saying, serial killer Ted Bundy (who admitted killing 36 people) had some problems, but he also saved lives while working at a suicide hotline.

It is time for truth, not just a time to make people feel good.  One does not have to minimize or twist the truth to build a case for others’ pride and self-esteem.

Polybius, in about 125 B.C., wrote, “It is natural for a good man to love his country and his friends, and to hate the enemies of both. But when he writes history, he must abandon such feelings and be prepared to praise enemies who deserve it and to censure the dearest and most intimate friends.”

Any historian who refuses to tell the whole truth deceives his readers, disgraces his profession, and dishonors the dead. Those who died in a battle and went to jail for truth, deserve the truth to be told. An honest writer must never exaggerate or even embellish the facts, nor should he be afraid to expose the whole truth of an incident.

However, maybe with good intentions to encourage fellow Blacks, black zealots don’t follow the advice above when February arrives. Desperate Blacks in the media and education inflate Black achievers to impress gullible Whites and prop up dispirited Blacks. Honest historians will refuse to tell an untruth and refuse to hide the truth for whatever noble cause. No honest person begrudges a person, group, or whatever being applauded for genuine accomplishments, but everyone should abhor a lie, even an exaggeration.

Some black zealots teach that all knowledge came from Africa, although African and Egyptian are often incorrectly used interchangeably. They do that so lazy and careless readers will think black when they read Egyptian. Modern black “scholars” tell us that Egypt was “an entirely black affair” and manage to drop such power words as pyramids, Pharaohs, etc., as if modern Blacks can rightly identify with the Blacks of Egypt. However, the Blacks in Libya and Sudan were purposefully kept out of Egypt except for slaves, low-level workers, etc.

Black nations shared Egypt’s border on the south and west while Egypt’s populated region was lands to the east and west of the Nile River, their lifeblood.

As to Egyptians being the same as modern-day Blacks, one only must look at the many photos of Egyptian mummies to know the truth. Many mummies are obviously white with red or blonde hair showing no relationship to Blacks from Libya (to the west) and Sudan (to the south). Ramesses II was a tall redhead, and the famous Tutankhamen was blond.       

Blacks only participated in the kingdom when it was in decline. About 730 B.C., Egypt’s population was like today: a mixed-race made up of white, Semitic, and black extraction.

For Blacks to take credit for the Egyptian civilization is like saying Detroit was founded by Blacks because more than 80 percent of the population are black. The city was really founded by white French colonists in 1701.

There were exceptions, such as Blacks from Libya and Sudan and Hebrews usually working as slaves or low-level jobs that no Egyptian wanted. There were many Hebrews as slaves, but some held high political positions such as Joseph, who was second only to Pharaoh. But that was in the “glory years” when all Egypt and Canaan came to Joseph for food.

Maybe Jews should make much of that historical fact. Joseph fed the world because of his food storage program. There was food in Egypt when “the money failed” (Genesis 47:15), and food was unavailable.

During this high Egyptian civilization, Egyptian leaders restricted Blacks, especially from their southern border with Sudan. Sesostris III (1878-1841 B.C.) was king at the peak of Egypt’s civilization. A stela inscription reads, “Southern boundary, made in the year 8 [of his rule], under the majesty of the king of Upper and Lower Egypt, Sesostris III . . . in order to prevent that any black should cross it, by water or by land, with a ship, or any herds of the blacks; except a black who shall come to do trading in Iken, or with a commission. Every good thing shall be done with them but without allowing a ship of the blacks to pass by Heh, going downstream, forever.”

That meant, “No Blacks Allowed.” Or, more precisely, only Blacks who can be helpful.

Of course, these black fanatics claim credit for the pyramids and the knowledge and wisdom from Egypt. However, black Nubians ruled as Pharaoh for a short period between 732 and 664 B. C., long after Egypt passed its peak and was in decline. The proponents are too ignorant or dishonest to admit that fact and are not willing to confess that black Africans made no significant improvement to Egyptian knowledge, wisdom, or progress.

We are told that the Blacks of Nubia (biblical Kush) ruled for sixty years under five “black pharaohs.” The University of Chicago website declares, “Kings of Nubia ultimately conquered and ruled Egypt for about a century. Monuments still stand—in modern Egypt and Sudan—at the sites where Nubian rulers built cities, temples, and royal pyramids.” All true but way too general. Like the Egyptians to their north, the Nubian black rulers built temples and royal pyramids, but any comparison as to size, beauty, and grandeur is a humiliating joke. Moreover, the Egyptian pyramids are known for their internal intricacy with hidden entrances, passageways, stairways, hidden chambers, etc.

The Nubian pyramids are smaller, usually less than 100 feet high, while the pyramid of Khufu is 440 feet tall. No one speaks or writes of the Great Pyramids of Nubia as they do of Egyptian pyramids. Furthermore, the Egyptian pyramids were filled with many precious stones, gold, etc. Several of the Giza pyramids are among the largest structures ever built. Egyptians are known for their quality while Nubian pyramids are known for their quantity.

The black rule did not add to the empire; instead, it began to collapse. This is documented by The Children of Ra: Artistic, Historical, and Genetic Evidence for Ancient White Egypt, which supports the contention that Egypt’s founders were of European racial stock.

Such deception, dishonesty, and deceit are numerous, especially in February when Black History Month is emphasized. However, honorable people, black and white, will tell the truth, not exaggerate to encourage and impress black youth.

Dr. Patricia Bath, a black physician, is credited (by desperate Blacks) with inventing laser cataract surgery, but an article about her declares, “Her Laserphaco Probe and procedure improved cataract surgery.” It is correct to say, “She was an early pioneer of laser cataract surgery.”  However, lasers to treat cataracts in the eye were developed in the mid-1970s when M.M. Krasnov of Russia first used such procedures.

Dr. Kai-yi Zhou did “the first foldable eye implant in 1978,” followed by Dr. Bath, who achieved “one of the most important discoveries in the field of ophthalmology” in 1986. She invented the Laserphaco Probe, which used light energy to ablate and remove cataracts. Dr. Bath was a talented lady and deserves much credit, but she did not invent laser cataract surgery.

I noticed this repeatedly where Black enthusiasts make an apparent effort to inflate the work of a black inventor but use deception to make a laudable improvement more than it was. Often, Blacks are given credit for inventing something, while honesty would require them to say they improved an item, such as the heating furnace, the fountain pen, the traffic light, etc.

Black zealots talk much and loud about great black civilizations but fail to support their assertions. Surely, they are not referring to Haiti located in the Caribbean, about 1900 miles from the U.S. Because of its location, it should be a paradise but is known for poverty, rebellion, famine, crime, corrupt politicians, and longtime dictators. The population is descended from African slaves and won independence from France in 1804. It has been on the slippery slope ever since.

Maybe Blacks would like to point out any great black nations on the African continent. But wait, there aren’t any; after thousands of years, there is chaos, crime, poverty, tribal warfare, and disease. While the world turned and most people made progress, black Africa missed getting something as basic as the wheel!

According to Oxford University professor John Baker, the wheel didn’t arrive in sub-Sahara Africa until about the mid-1800s! And it was brought there by a fundamentalist missionary physician, Dr. David Livingstone. Livingstone tells in his diary of excited Blacks coming to his village from the jungle to see his wheeled vehicle.

In Africa, where are all the great cities with massive buildings, cathedrals, colleges, bridges, railroads, and airports? Blacks have been denigrated for a long time, and I don’t want to add to any bashing. Still, I am committed to the truth: Blacks, while making great contributions to civilization, have never produced a great and enduring civilization.

Don’t hear what I am not saying! it is unfair to lie with a desire to inspire, instruct, or inform anyone about anything. But especially when the lie is not needed.

It is better to be troubled by the truth than duped by deception.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 20 books, the most recent, Reflections of a Lifetime Fundamentalist: No Reserves, No Retreats, No Regrets! The eBook is available at for $4.99. Other titles at Follow him on Facebook at Don  Boys, Ph.D., and visit his blogSend a request to for a free subscription to his articles and click here to support  his work with a donation.)

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