Black Lives Matter Movement Infecting Churches!

Christianity Today reported that Pastor John Piper has jumped on board the Black Lives Matter (BLM) bandwagon! “At first, Piper was reticent to support BLM when he visited and noted that the site’s three women founders were ‘queer-affirming and transgender-affirming.’” Yet, Piper stayed on board with that crowd! He even encouraged white Evangelicals to “pause” before saying anything like, “All lives matter.” Has Piper lost his mind? Maybe Piper should pause before saying anything!

Piper, a highly respected Evangelical, said, “I saw a statistic that there were 102 unarmed black men killed by police.” But that’s not the whole story since most of those Blacks were armed, resisted, or disobeyed police orders. Such reactions are an invitation to be shot!

Even Calvin College invited a left wing black activist, Michelle Higgins to speak to their students. Michelle was invited to speak in October 2016 but being detained at the airport she spoke via skype and told the overflowed crowd of Evangelicals, “It is clear that in our nation,” she explained, “we don’t treat all lives as equal.” No, minorities are given special treatment to compensate for long periods of discrimination. Has Calvin College lost their direction?

According to the Chimes, mouthpiece for Calvin College, reported, “However, she cautioned us against replacing #BlackLivesMatter with #AllLivesMatter.” Heavens no, they must never do that.

Higgins has become the unofficial voice of BLM and is a very persuasive speaker. She is a professing Christion using the Bible to support her spurious cause. She directs worship and outreach at South Church in St. Louis–associated with the Presbyterian Church in America. She sees white supremacy as the reason for everything wrong with America. She demands Whites look honestly into their hearts and repent of known or unknown hatred (real or imagined) while she sees Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner as innocent, misunderstood choir members.

Higgins is a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary and a “proud supporter of local activism groups MCU (Metropolitan Congregations United)….” She is a radical racial agitator who is being accepted as a compassionate racial healer by some Evangelical groups. As a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, she is called Michelle the Marxist and spoke to 16,000 students at the Urbana 15 Student Mission’s Conference in St. Louis on Dec. 28, 2015. Urbana is a part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, formerly a respected biblical student organization. The worship team singers wore Black Lives Matter T-shirts in preparation for the speaker!

At that meeting Michelle said, “The decentralized movement of Black Lives Matter allows local pastors or local groups to use the phrase to mean all black people are despised systemically in such a way that our country does not hesitate to refuse them proper health care, quality education or fairness in the face of potential arrest.” That is a ridiculous inflammatory statement with an intent to manipulate the unwary, uneducated, and the uninformed.

She asserted that “Black people are sacred to God” but then all people are sacred to God.

Higgins declared, “The United States is not so different from the Roman Empire,” but surely a college and seminary graduate knows better than to belch such tommyrot. The leader of the U.S. is not a dictator; people are not thrown into an arena to be devoured by vicious animals; men (and women) do not fight to the death to satisfy a blood-thirsty crowd; more than half of the residents of any major city are not slaves; but then we are taxed like the Romans who placed heavy taxes on land, on goods and food, and on inheritances. Farmers and the poor suffered the most under their system of taxes.

Higgins averred, “If our children do not regularly hear the truth that Jesus was man (sic) of color, we may be mortified to discover they believe Jesus was white. That’s our fault.” Does it really matter to anyone what color Christ was? He came to die and rise again for everyone, everywhere, of every color for all time. His color matters only to the racists. No one knows His hue, only that He was a Jew from the Middle East. Only the racists make an issue of such a non-issue.

Higgins suggested that Blacks and minorities spend their lives “under the awareness that racist people want to kill you …” While there are no doubt a few racist nuts who want to kill Blacks, very, very few actually carry out the threats. If black parents had taught their sons to obey authority, especially when the authority has a gun, there would not be any or many killings by the police.

In the 70s, my wife’s Black friends taught her that Black neighborhoods were dangerous and to stay away because they wanted to do her harm; however, many Blacks have to live in those dangerous areas. Respect for law and for authority are essential for everyone but especially in dangerous neighborhoods.

Higgins said, “God is challenging humanity to ‘tell the truth, the whole truth’ about the stories of human history.” I suggest that Higgins and her crowd tell the whole truth rather than using selected vignettes of police shootings to validate their untrue and unfair declaration that all Blacks are in danger of being gunned down by rogue cops on the city streets in broad daylight.

Irresponsible Blacks speak of being arrested by thugs in blue for driving while black or walking while black. Every sane person knows there are bad, even wicked people in every category: military, academia, sales, education, ministry, media, and yes, law enforcement. I have gone on record as detesting overbearing, unreasonable, psychotic cops and they should be dealt with appropriately. However, police are there to enforce our laws, laws made for the benefit of the general public—red, yellow, black, or white—all should be equal in their sight.

We are told that it isn’t working because so many black youth are being killed and imprisoned. I just had a thought: do you think that it might be because they commit more criminal offenses? The police officer must first protect his or her own life; then try to keep harm from bystanders or hostages; then enforce the law or keep the crime from being committed; then try to apprehend the alleged perpetrator. If the perpetrator resists, he is a fool and will likely become a dead fool.

Following his death, black civil rights “leaders” and main stream media will proceed to twist the facts to present the cop as a deranged racist killer and the young black as a candidate for sainthood or at least the Nobel Prize. But now, everyone can know the truth: the facts are clear and were discovered and delivered by the leftist Washington Post! The Post revealed that on the whole the police tend to use force appropriately to protect their own lives and the lives of others! Of course, what would you expect? That was the Washington Post!

But the Post added more grist to the mill!

After a year-long study of case-by-case shootings it was found that the police use force primarily to defend lives; the use of force against unarmed suspects is rare, and the use of force against Blacks is largely proportional to their share of the violent crime rate! Of course, every police chief in every city should be fired if that is not true in his city.

As of December 24, 2015, the Post reported that American police officers had fatally shot 965 people in 2015; 564 of those killed were armed with a gun while 281 were armed with another weapon, and 90 were unarmed. In three-quarters of shootings, “police were under attack or defending someone who was.” Well, that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

The Post revealed that blacks “commit homicide about eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. Even worse, “among males between the ages of 14 and 17, the interracial homicide commission gap is nearly tenfold.” According to National Review in 2014, “while black Americans constituted only about 13 percent of the population, they represented a majority of the homicide and robbery arrests. 82 percent of all gun deaths in the black community are from homicide.”

But wait a minute. What about the white police officers who kill so many unarmed black men? While even one is too many, white cops killing unarmed blacks is “less than 4 percent of fatal police shootings.” So Black Lives Matter; Hands up, don’t shoot; and Stop! I can’t breathe! are used by unprincipled or uninformed or unthinking people to justify racist and irresponsible attacks upon police officers.

And it is shameful that a professing Christian would purposefully distort the truth for use as propaganda in a dubious cause.

Higgins declared, “Justice means my baby boy, my baby girl will not be tried, condemned, sentenced and executed on the street. That is justice.” Well, the most disgusting white (or black) supremacist would agree with that statement. Of course, she is referring to the black youth who have been killed by white (and sometimes, black) police officers. However, in all those cases, the victims were young black thugs who resisted arrest or disobeyed the officers. It is astounding to me how any person with any since of right and wrong could defend the thugs (black and white) and blame the police.

Of course, racists come in all colors. Some even carry Bibles.

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