Black Racists Exude Black Privilege!

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I am weary of hearing leftists’ spokesmen for Blacks pontificate on every issue as if they possess infallibility. It would also help if they occasionally espoused the “right” position but alas, they belch the same indigestible rancid verbal pabulum we have heard for decades. Only arrogance has been added to make it more digestible–without success.

Professor of Sociology at Georgetown University Dr. Michael Eric Dyson recently appeared on CNN and berated a Conservative for not admitting that President Trump is an obvious racist. I would like to remind Dyson and other radical left “spokesmen” that no one elected them to be the font of all wisdom nor infallible truth-teller.

Moreover, they need to be reminded that their making an accusation that does not make it an accurate charge. Nor is one a federally-certified racist simply because he is strong on crime; identifies absent fathers as a major problem in homes; is against all forms of quotas known as affirmative action; believes in secure borders, even a high, strong wall; and believes illegal aliens should be returned home and imprisoned if they are criminals.

Additionally, those who are black need to understand that their use of Black Privilege as a club is only impressive to the stupid, the supine, and the senile.

Dyson charged on CNN that Trump called “all Mexicans rapists,” yet every honest person knows he did not issue such a blanket statement. That is demagoguery, not dialogue. It is also dishonest!

Dyson charged, “Until white folk like you can stand up and find your spine, you will continue to be complicit in the racist animus of this country.” No, it is time for Blacks, especially black leaders, to grow a spine and face reality–not a myth of their own delusional minds. The problems in the black community are because of a massive failure in black families and blaming whitey is an alibi not an answer.

Dyson pompously declared, “The reality is this well, Donald Trump talks like a racist, thinks like a racist, makes statements like a racist, conjures emotions that give support to white nationalists. Yeah, he’s a racist. Racism is as racism does. So here’s the problem, Martin Luther King Jr. said it’s not the white supremacists who are the problem it’s white moderates and conservatives who are complicit by trying to dismiss it.”

Note, the reverend even knows what Trump thinks! He then declares authoritatively, “Yeah, he’s a racist.” I will remind him of the only Bible verse that leftists seem to know—“Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Dyson leaves no doubt, no possibility of error. In addition to being arrogant, abrasive, and asinine, Dyson is also a hypocrite.

Dyson castigated his conservative opponent by demanding he repudiate some of Trump’s remarks. He opined that “a man making inflammatory remarks is not something to just be disagreed with. You should repudiate them.” Well, I agree and am demonstrating that by writing this column, as I have done when I disagreed with some things Trump has said. However, I have looked in vain for Dyson’s repudiation of any black extremists such as Louis Farrakhan, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and others of that ilk.

In a radio interview with Louis Farrakhan during the heady days of Obama’s reign, Dyson called Screwy Louie “one of the foremost leaders in the world today” and a “spiritual leader.” He asked him about his reputation for being anti-Semitic but did not ask him to repudiate his many vile statements about Jews and white people. Nor did he challenge Farrakhan when he declared that Blacks were “the Real Children of Israel! We are the ones that are to receive the Promise of God!” Nor did he challenge Farrakhan’s paganism or his many racist comments. The two black tub-thumping racists spoke of the terrible conditions of blacks but neither addressed the black high illegitimate birthrate, the absence of fathers in the home, the omnipresent gangs and drugs, the astronomical rate of criminal activity among Blacks, etc.

Neither did he ask Louie to describe the flying saucer he says that follows and protects him wherever he goes!

Dyson is not Al Sharpton in a new suit but he is Al Sharpton with a Ph.D. He is an ordained Baptist minister! Wow, that is impressive but it gets better because Mike also supports same-sex marriage! Surprise, surprise, surprise. After all, he is a professor and a Baptist. Most professors and many Baptists don’t believe anything that is traditional, reasonable, and biblical.

Dyson has said, “Marriage is a complicated affair.” No, it is rather simple. It is a public commitment between a man and woman to love, honor, and obey (on the part of the woman) and to cherish, love, promote, provide, and protect (on part of the man) until they are separated by death. In ancient times, marriage was as simple as a man taking his bride by the hand and leading her into his home in the presence of their family and friends. Often there were days of celebration with the new family.

Much later, the church and state got involved and marriage has been going downhill ever since. And today, marriage is plummeting free fall to the bottom, courtesy of progressive politicians, permissive preachers, and prejudicial pundits all originally corrupted in their formative years by public pedagogy.

Dyson descended deep into the dark, damp, dismal, dreary, and dangerous swamp of heresy when he said the Bible “is filled with contradictions.” No, the contradictions are in the lives of people like Dyson. In my opinion, people like Dyson who don’t believe in the validity of the Bible should run (not walk) to surrender their ordination credentials. People with character would not use an untrue, unreliable, and unnecessary Bible to make a living or to give them some credibility that they don’t deserve. The professor was wrong.

For those who think the Bible is filled with contradictions and mistakes, they can find the answers to the alleged contradictions in my book, The God Haters at or

It is the norm for black race baiters to take control of an interview by bluster, bluff, and bravado and make meaningless, misleading, and mistaken comments as if any sane, honest person will believe them. However, most of those black leaders take advantage of their Black Privilege and spill it all over everyone who is dumb enough to watch and listen to them.

Black Privilege is toxic.

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