Blacks Should Choose Their Heroes More Carefully!

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In recent years, many Blacks have made heroes out of thugs, thieves, and thespians simply because black leaders wanted to use the notoriety of famous Blacks in the drive for improvement of black civil rights. It is a fact that such folly is dishonest, disgraceful, and dishonorable to legitimate civil rights. In recent years, non-thinking Blacks have made heroes out of thugs like George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and others who were killed while resisting arrest.

It is normal for each entity—Indians, Whites, Blacks, preachers, teachers, philosophers, etc., to idolize people they look upon as their own kind. Of course, heroes are often chosen who are not heroes at all—more like zeros. I thought of this recently during the protests across America. I realized that we usually jump too quickly to identify with people who echo our own beliefs, and those people are often too flawed to hold up to children without qualifying our recommendation.

Many well-known Blacks and Whites are held up as people to be emulated even though they lived very wicked lives and destroyed themselves by making the wrong decisions as to drugs, education, religion, and associates. Frankly, there is no excuse for that since there are so many Blacks who made an impressive contribution that would be ideal heroes.

Many Blacks have set records and had major accomplishments in athletics yet were tarnished persons whose lives no one should emulate. I can understand why Muhammad Ali is considered a hero. Ali may have been the greatest boxer of all time; however, it is not much of a sport to try to knock out the brains of a man.

Ali was a draft dodger, Black Muslim, serial fornicator, and outspoken, rabid segregationist.

He told the media, “We don’t want to live with the white man; that’s all.” And concerning interracial marriage: “No intelligent black man or black woman in his or her right black mind want white boys or white girls comin’ to their homes, schools, and churches to marry their black sons and daughter to produce little, pale half-white, green-eyed, blond-headed Negroes.”

Are the hypocrites in and out of BLM demanding the cities change the streets named for Ali?

On a British television show, I heard Ali say that bluebirds fly together; red birds fly together, buzzards fly together. And “Blacks are more comfortable with other blacks.” The British interviewer was almost speechless. Indeed, Ali’s religious beliefs at the time included the notion that the white man was “the devil.”

The London Daily Mail quoted Ali’s son, who opined of his famous father, “when it came to his private life, his morals were those of an alley cat. The way he treated his first three wives and neglected some of his nine (known) children was frankly disgraceful.”

Ali had nine children by four different wives and two other relationships, and his large family has split the loot that was left—more than $80 million.

Muhammad was an incredible athlete; however, he was a very flawed individual with occasional indications of courage and commitment, but not much character. Why is he honored by Whites and Blacks, yet Strom Thurman, George Wallace, and David Duke are hated for their segregationist views?

Liberals are the biggest hypocrites in the world.

Louis Farrakhan is a black racist who has clearly stated his hatred for Jews and all Whites, yet the race-baiters pretend he is a gentleman with whom one can have dinner and a polite conversation. And hypocrites in the media refuse to hold white and black liberals to account for their close association with Screwy Louie. He’s called Screwy Louie because of his insistence that he is constantly protected by a vast flying object and scores of smaller flying saucers.

Why would any thinking black or white person consider that nut case a hero?

Abolitionist John Brown, in the mid-1800s, was a white wacko, killer, and thief, made into a hero by Unitarians in New England. After he and his five sons dragged five slavery sympathizers out of their cabins in “Bleeding Kansas,” they hacked them to death. John then moved back east to form a “provisional government” of the United States, and he was chosen commander-in-chief. He also planned to create an area in the Maryland and Virginia mountains to be a stronghold for escaped slaves. His plan was to convince well-to-do, self-hating Whites to finance a war between Whites and Blacks.

Surely, no sane white people would come near such a nut case, but they already had. Some famous New England white leaders had supported his “work” in Kansas. The group, in addition to Brown and his boys, was called the “Secret Six.” They were some of New England’s brightest! Men like physician Samuel Gridley Howe, industrialist George Stearns, journalist Franklin B. Sanborn, ministers Thomas Wentworth Higginson and Theodore Parker—all highly placed and respected men—known as “useful idiots.”

These men financed Brown’s plan to attack the Federal Armory at Harpers Ferry, Virginia (now, West Virginia). With 16 white men and 5 Blacks, they took the armory and held 60 leading citizens hostage. The first person killed in this attempt at freeing the Negro was a free black railroad worker who was shot in the back at the railroad station.

The armory was stocked with weapons and ammunition that Brown planned to give to escaped slaves as they joined his rebellion. They didn’t rebel. Brown’s group held out all the next day and night against the local militia but surrendered the following day when Colonel Robert E. Lee and a few marines attacked. Brown was wounded, and two of his sons were killed along with eight others in the “army of liberation.”

Brown was tried for murder and treason and died on the gallows in what is now Charles Town, West Virginia. One of the town militiamen who observed the execution was John Wilkes Booth, who later had his time on the world stage.

It is shocking and scandalous that anyone, white or black, would consider Brown anything but a nut case, yet he was financed by New England’s elite. He does not qualify as a hero simply because he supported the anti-slavery movement. This speaks to how people are supporting racist, radical, revolutionary Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Nation of Islam, etc.

People who support unsavory, unlawful, and unhinged extremists are facilitators of their evil deeds. Every responsible leader should clearly denounce BLM, Antifa, and the Nation of Islam.

Nat Turner was a black slave in Virginia who claimed to be a Baptist preacher and felt destined for greatness. His parents considered him a prophet and encouraged him in his “ministry.” They were convinced of that because of unusual marks on his head and breast! Turner reported seeing spirits fighting in the sky, and he allegedly heard voices. Being a “prophet,” he communicated “revelations” to fellow slaves. I don’t need to emphasize that these are signs of a nut case, not a prophet.

Then, when Mount St. Helens erupted on August 21, 1831, nearly 3,000 miles away, the atmospheric conditions convinced Turner that God wanted him to kill his white enemies! About seven months earlier on February 12, a solar eclipse convinced him it was time to do what he was ordained to do. The eruption in August was his sign so he and other slaves attacked and killed 55 white people, including men, women, and children–some as they slept. One victim was a baby in its cradle. Some of the victims were beheaded, including children. The killers used axes, clubs, swords, and guns.

It is believed that none of the deadly weapons were registered.

Armed citizens confronted the attackers, and Turner was captured, tried, and executed by hanging after hiding for two months. He was flayed, beheaded, and quartered. It seems the slaveholders wanted to send a message to other slaves.

It is understandable that witless, guilt-ridden Whites and gullible Blacks seek to make every Black a hero, but surely, no sane people think Turner was anything but a monster.

It seems many Blacks are careless in choosing their heroes. However, black leaders, especially those who insist on telling the whole truth about Confederate heroes and founding fathers, should be cautious about holding up killers and Communists to be emulated by young Blacks! Any Black who supports BLM, Antifa, Nation of Islam, and similar hate groups should repent in sackcloth and ashes.

Why don’t some Blacks choose more principled heroes, rather than bottom feeders? But then, many Whites do the same going right to the bottom.

No, it’s not in our genes; it’s in our choices.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent being Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! The eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D.; and visit his blog. Send a request to for a free subscription to his articles, and click here to support his work with a donation.)

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