Bleeding Borders Must Stop!

President-elect Donald Trump, like the car-chasing dog that finally caught the car, has to do something with his quarry. One of the most pressing problems Trump must handle is the bleeding borders. Last month about 1,500 illegal aliens crossed into the U.S. each day!

Each year about 500,000 illegal aliens cross into the U.S. with many carrying drugs, disease, and destructive plans for our nation. In recent months, Border Patrol agents have contracted various diseases, lice, and scabies. The Washington Post reported that Virginia State health authorities announced that “tuberculosis continues to rise” and that “immigration is fueling the spread.”

The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons reported, “Many illegal aliens harbor fatal diseases that American medicine fought and vanquished long ago, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria, leprosy, plague, polio, dengue, and Chagas disease.” A good example of accelerating disease is that whooping cough is up 1,300% in just two years!

Immigration officials are criminally reckless if they don’t inquire about a person’s health, and it is criminal to permit people to enter the U.S. if they are carriers of plague, tuberculosis, pneumonia, Ebola, Zika, AIDS, typhoid, and other contagious diseases. Of course, no one knows what uncaught, unvetted, and unknown immigrants are bringing in!

Many illegals want to pick tomatoes; however if tomato pickers can slip in, so can terrorists. Yet, we have major politicians who are so unconcerned they want to give amnesty to the illegal gate-crashers already here!

This is incredible, indefensible, and insane yet our politicians and fuzzy Christian leaders seem to think it is acceptable and admirable instead of abhorrent and abominable. Furthermore, some illegal aliens kill about 10,000 Americans each year–when they are not “picking tomatoes.”

Even in normal times, it is insane for a nation to have unrestricted immigration, and during wars, national pestilences, or terror it is doubly insane to have porous borders! That’s about where the U.S. is today.

Open border fanatics tell us, “The U.S. had open borders from its inception until 1882. It makes one wonder what the Founding Fathers would think of us today!” However, that is not the whole story because in America’s early days, the western frontier was Ohio! There was much of America unexplored, uninhabited, and undeveloped. We needed farmers, carpenters, preachers, teachers, smiths, merchants, salesmen, trappers, and cobblers who came and fell in love with their new nation, learned English, and melted into the pot. But the pot is not melting today. It is now a salad bowl where many different peoples do their own thing and have no interest in the general welfare.

American citizens will hold elected officials responsible for terrorism resulting from their inaction, ineptitude, or incompetence relating to border security. As the numbers grow, the crimes accelerate, and the costs escalate, there will be devastating results. America’s seething volcano is going to erupt!

Should U.S. taxpayers be expected to finance illegal immigrants? I can defend the position that we should not even finance legal immigrants. “Thanks” to Republicans and Democrats with amnesty their ignoble goal, immigrants will get on the welfare rolls, and most will stay there. Have the loonies taken over the asylum? There are non-thinkers, even “evangelical” Christians, who defend illegal aliens getting all kinds of welfare benefits! Such gullible people would qualify as Lenin’s “useful idiots.”

It is time for some hard decisions: Is it reasonable to know who is entering our nation? Is there not a limit as to the number who may come? Shouldn’t we have some requirements as to education and ability so they can contribute to America? Is it unreasonable to expect people to be in good health and be free of contagious diseases? Should we not expect arrivals to have some kind of retirement plan or funds to sustain them? Should arrivals be expected to learn our language and accept our culture? Is it unreasonable to demand that immigrants obey our laws? Is it reasonable to expect hospitals to treat people without cost even if it means bankruptcy for the hospitals?

The basic premise is that every nation has an obligation to have distinct borders and defend those borders. However, the globalists have always demanded open borders in every nation! The U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expressed the globalist position when he told graduates at Northeastern University in Boston on May 6, 2016 that they ought to realize a “borderless” world was something they couldn’t stop, and should instead accept. That would mean that nations would cease to exist and people could go wherever they wanted without any restrictions.

I ask those who want unlimited immigration if they will invite anyone and everyone to come to America? Are there not some limits? If so, then what are the limits? It is almost too late to implement policies to save America from being totally destroyed by immigrants with alien customs, alien skills, alien language, and an alien religion.

With the knowledge of the massive catastrophic results there are still major political, religious, academic, and other leaders demanding that all those who crashed our gates should be given legal status! Amnesty for all! That is insane.
The illegal alien invasion of America has resulted in a dangerous, dark, decaying, and dying nation; and I see a catastrophic future if there is not a return to common sense enforcement of immigration laws. And there is no hope for sure if we refuse to restrict immigration and we grant amnesty to lawbreakers already here.

The bleeding at the borders must be stopped while other immigration matters are decided. If we don’t stop the bleeding, more Americans will bleed.

The Donald is on the spot!

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