CDC Ebola Battle is Nonsense on Stilts!

Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the CDC declared: “In my 30 years in public health, the only thing that has been like this is AIDS,” and “We have to work now so that this is not the world’s next AIDS.” That was nonsense on stilts from a health official fearful of a health tsunami that might be ready to smack the U.S. It was nonsense because the CDC fight on AIDS was a fatal fiasco from the first. And the CDC Ebola response seems to be a rerun of their AIDS effort.

AIDS and Ebola (EVD) are alike in that they are both killers but unlike in many other ways. Almost all the AIDS cases were caused by the way men lived, behaved, acted, etc. Sixty percent of HIV infections were caused by perverted sex between males. Those sexual acts are some of the most deranged, dangerous, and deadly imaginable. Another 22 percent of HIV cases were caused by illegal drug use, followed by a very small percent from blood transfusions, mother’s milk, and unknown factors. Ebola is contracted by contact with the sick, washing dead bodies, etc. It has little to do with choice of lifestyle although the virus can be passed from sperm to a woman.

If the CDC is as incompetent, insensitive, and inconsistent in dealing with EVD as with HIV then we are in big trouble. I wrote AIDS: Silent Killer in 1987 and did more than 200 talk shows trying to pressure health officials to act wisely but they did not. Thirty-six million people have died worldwide since that time.

Dr. Everett Koop was President Reagan’s Surgeon General and he was an active Christian and outspoken opponent of abortion; however, he and Reagan were totally deficient in the AIDS fight. Koop did an outstanding job in fighting tobacco and obesity and often advised, “Stop your smoking” and “Stop gaining weight,” but he refused to even whisper, “Stop your sodomy.” Remember, sodomy was the major cause of the disease! Koop and the CDC were complicit in a tragic, massive medical cover-up.

The CDC is supposed to function in the best interests of the public health but it is often an office of propaganda as they seek to protect their turf and Big Pharma. And never, never antagonize the Homosexual Lobby.

I interviewed a high Washington official (who was very close to the Oval office) for my book, AIDS: Silent Killer, who told me, “We can’t get anything from the CDC. They want to give the impression that AIDS is a general disease, but it’s basically a homosexual disease.” We discussed the need to close all homosexual bathhouses and he agreed replying that the “greatest battle is waged by members of Congress and others in various departments of government to firmly establish in American life the warped philosophy that homosexuality is just as good and normal as heterosexuality.” Obviously, the homosexual message has been successful since now the good guys are out and the bad guys are in. You are condemned if you are pro family and courageous if you are a homosexual!

While the scientists at the CDC are all highly credentialed with medical degrees and Ph.Ds. they acted like a bunch of elementary students. A UPS article revealed “…infighting so severe among CDC researchers that some were sabotaging the experiments of their rivals. There were reportedly squabbles over who would get credit for writing certain papers. Some researchers charged high-level CDC officials with suppressing research. For example one paper showing that commercially available spermicides will kill the AIDS virus within 60 seconds was blocked from publications.”

Can you imagine grown people, scientists yet, fussing over credit for a paper? Simply give credit to the person who wrote it! If there was more than one author then credit each one! No big deal. But suppressing research and blocking information the public needs is scandalous.

Dr. Gus Sermos, former Public Health Advisor and AIDS Researcher at the Centers for Disease Control, explains in his book Doctors of Deceit, that the “negligence, incompetence, arrogance and complete lack of leadership” in the AIDS epidemic by the Public Health authorities and the Centers for Disease Control have caused the American citizens to become nothing more than “unconsenting guinea pigs” in an epidemic that will kill millions more people.

Sermos was known as a “top U.S. expert in AIDS” and was an epidemiologist at the CDC having researched 850 cases of AIDS. He told me, “I worked eight years with the CDC on infectious diseases. We had guidelines we were always required to follow, but when AIDS came along, they disregarded their own guidelines! I was disillusioned.” In one of my four interviews with CDC spokesmen, Dr. Scott Holmberg, he denied the charge. I wasn’t surprised.

In my book, on scores of talk shows, and in my column in USA Today, I implored health officials to treat the AIDS plague like a health issue not as a homosexual issue. I asked that the same procedures that had permitted U.S. Health Officials to detect, diagnose, and defeat the syphilis epidemic be used in the AIDS battle. I asked for testing of all prisoners, all immigrants, all hospital patients, and all future patients so we could have an idea who was infected. That seemed basic to me.

I then demanded that all who tested positive be interviewed as to all their sexual contacts then have those contacts interviewed and follow each contact. I then suggested that any AIDS carrier who had sex with anyone be prosecuted. After all, dead is dead whether by gun or germ.

My suggestions, demands, and requests were not heeded; then after the horse was out of the barn, the kitty was out of the sack and the toothpaste out of the tube even some homosexual groups began to suggest the same protocol that I laid out in my book and on talk shows. But too late.

Dr. Sermos declared that CDC ordered AIDS researchers not to notify the contacts of AIDS patients about their exposure to HIV. That is not only insensitive and incredible but insane to not inform people that they were probably HIV infected and would die of AIDS! That’s a public health organization!

Sermos also charged that CDC officials obstructed the investigation of possible mosquito transmission in Belle Glade, Florida. I was also involved in investigating that possibility by interviewing some of the medical personnel who believed mosquito transmission possible!

I’ve been convinced with the corrupt record of the CDC that the officials don’t know whether they are pitching or catching as they refuse to prohibit flights to and from Africa. And the head of WHO reminds us that Ebola is not an African disease! Well, let’s see: all the contamination has come from African nations so that would seem to any rational person to make it an African disease. But the racists insist on making everything racist!

Jesse Jackson and a Texas legislator charged that the death of the Liberian in Dallas was caused by racism! There is a little hope for an Ebola victim but not for professional racists whose income and popularity come from making everything a racial issue.

While the band plays on, race baiters and people in power at the CDC waltz around with the professional racists and the cover-up goes on and on.

The CDC initial approach to EVD seems to be following the AIDS path that indicates ominous signs of an impending disaster. Yes, it is nonsense on stilts. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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