Christians Should Support the Neutrals in the Cultural Wars!

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In the cultural wars relating to sex, there are three possible approaches: One is a pro-family position and the second is a pro-homosexual position, and the third is a neutral position. I am almost always critical of a neutral position; however, while I prefer for people to support family-friendly firms, I will patronize those firms that appear to remain neutral.

If I know that by purchasing an automobile from John, he will then take the profit and pay for his girlfriend’s abortion or fund his same sex “marriage,” I would be complicit in his sin by knowingly providing the funds. I will also tell others what John plans to do with funds received from a sale. We are told that it may be acceptable for a person to not purchase from an offending firm but for others to join him in a boycott makes it wrong. That would mean that something done by one person is legitimate, but when done with others, it becomes sinful!

Is it permissible to use our Christian influence in an attempt to make abortion illegal and to prosecute those who break that law? Is that not coercion? If God expects us to impress lawmakers to make abortion illegal so that fewer babies will be killed then surely it is all right to simply join together to acknowledge God’s law regarding perversion. That is legitimate coercion.

It doesn’t seem smart or scriptural to support those who would destroy our nation and damn future generations. Love for future generations, if not love for the truth, should compel us to make a difference. I ask the question that Jehu asked erring King Jehoshaphat, “Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD?” Will you help the evil and hinder the good?

The Apostle Paul was involved in a boycott at Ephesus as recorded in Acts 19 because he preached that the pagan gods were false and people should not worship them. The silversmiths were fearful that they would suffer poor earnings if Paul continued his ministry because they knew that was the result in other cities. Does anyone suggest that Paul should have gone to another city or changed his message because the local Chamber of Commerce complained of poorer pagan god sales? I think not.

Every American has the right to make business decisions based on many criteria: price, availability, quality, service, and other more controversial criteria such as race, sexual preferences, etc. We know this has been happening for many years as many Blacks choose to patronize black firms and I don’t fault them for that; after all, I frequent Christian firms when I have the necessary information–white and black. I noticed recently that Blacks have their own television networks that feature black films and shows. Hey, that’s America; however, I wonder if it would be acceptable to suggest that there be an Asian network, Eskimo network, etc.

Of course, we know that homosexuals zealously support homosexual firms. That is perfectly acceptable. Literally, I would fight for their right to do that because I believe in free enterprise and genuine freedom–the freedom for people to make even stupid decisions.

The above being true, I will sometimes patronize people with whom I disagree. I prefer to purchase goods and services from people who are born again Christians, who attend a Bible-preaching church, who give generously to Christian and conservative causes, who live decent lives, who vote very conservatively, and who are patriotic. I don’t find many who fit all my criteria but I patronize those that more closely match what I’m looking for.

With high technology it is unlikely that we would need to apply pressure by marching on a business when it can be done much easier and quicker. We organized STOP (Stop The Oppressive Persecution of Christians) on Dec. 24, 2013 and had an immediate response from almost every state and two foreign countries. When I send out an alert suggesting that we do a little nudging of a particular business, we can produce a hundred thousand nudges on the offending business in a few hours. Hopefully that firm will appreciate the nudges; and feeling the heat, will see the light and at least become neutral in the culture war. If they don’t back off from their anti-family activity, we will not patronize them and ask our friends to do the same.

A pro-family group produced 470,000 signatures to Home Depot’s CEO asking the firm to be neutral rather than pro-homosexual; however, the spokesman was rebuffed and the CEO reaffirmed the company’s position to be very supportive of the homosexual agenda. That CEO and the board members must be dumb as a box of rocks because the homosexual crowd is less than 3%; however their support is growing daily. To be safe, why not simply keep their personal and corporate mouths shut about the culture war? From their perverse perspective, are they saying that they are putting their convictions above cash? I am arguing for the same thing with Christians!

Yes, committed, concerned, and cognizant Christians will patronize pro-family firms and those that remain neutral and boycott all others who have publically announced support for homosexuality. Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

Copyright 2014, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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