Christians to Business Owners: STOP–Stop The Oppressive Persecution!

Last week I wrote a column and blog headed, “I’m Offended and I’m Not Going to Take it Anymore!” Well, that was my declaration of war and today I reveal my Plan: No more forgiveness to those businesses that think Christians are stupid and gullible. Case in point: Cracker Barrel. As soon as I saw their immediate, unacceptable response to Duck Dynasty where restaurant officials chose to climb into bed with the Perversion Lobby, I wrote a column, “Cracker Barrel: I’m Offended at the Word ‘Cracker’”! Then I read that the famous restaurant chain had backed off their ill-advised decision and climbed back into bed with decent people. It seems their officials belatedly realized what side their burnt toast was buttered on. I’m pleased but not impressed. That on-again, off-again absurdity from business leaders has to STOP.

I am weary of being tagged as intolerant, ignorant, and insensitive by non-thinkers while the real haters at the LGBT and GLAAD even identify me as “bigot,” “hater,” and “Nazi.” I am also weary of the liberal left wing media (and that’s sure a redundancy) jumping into the battle and singing the same song from the same page as the vile, vicious, and vitriolic dandies at the Perversion Lobby. I plead guilty to being narrow minded, but then it is not illegal to be narrow. It’s even Christian! Christ mentioned that the path to Heaven is a narrow path that Christians travel while the road to Hell is a broad boulevard.

Let’s be clear: God has spoken. There is no argument. Homosexuality, known in the Bible and throughout society as sodomy, was wrong, is wrong, and will be wrong tomorrow no matter what any state, national, or international court decides or what any politician or legislature decides. No one on earth has the authority to make wrong, right. Juan Williams’ assertion that “It is not in the Christian tradition to make judgments about them [homosexuals] and to put them in a box” is wrong, wrong, wrong. But that is normal for him since he is seldom right, right, right. No, the judgment has already been made and recorded, and homosexuals for centuries have been prosecuted. Furthermore, it has nothing to do with hate as is always claimed by permissive leftists. You see, homosexuals hope that accusation will end the discussion but it only proves their capitulation. Permissive leftists are lazy thinkers and bigger stinkers.

A young homosexual at Liberty University correctly said, “Not tolerating someone for his narrow-mindedness is perhaps the epitome of intolerance.” That’s one homosexual I agree with. I can’t get any LGBT proponent to tell me why it is reasonable for them to demand that I be tolerant of their wild, weird, and wacky sexual activities but they can’t be tolerant of my scriptural and common sense pro-family positions. After all, history, as well as the Bible, supports my position, not theirs. However, the media never expects them to defend their positions which only in recent history have been accepted by the herd.

I have become alarmed, angry, and agitated in recent years as I’ve seen various business executives cater to and bow to the Perversion Lobby as their businesses take a public stand against common sense, Christian morals, and business acumen. That unfair, unreasonable, and un-American persecution of Christians and the kowtowing to the Perversion Lobby is usually followed by national outrage from all decent people who favor decency and fairness. After a few days of bad publicity, the business executives see their errors (because their stores are as empty as a mainline church on Sunday evening) and “see the light,” “get the message,” and “have an epiphany.” Then, trying to be real Christians, we forgive the jerks, forget their transgression, and finance their “rehabilitation.” That has to STOP! No more easy forgiveness. I don’t care if they go belly up!

I have asked more than six thousand pastors to take a couple hours when called upon to inform their members and call, email, or go to a business that has taken an anti-family position and to express their plans to no longer patronize them. Hopefully those Christians, as individuals, will not back off and continue to support a superficially repentant business owner. After all, easy forgiveness would nullify our attempts to let business owners know that while they have a right to support homosexual causes they will pay a price if they do. STOP is telling them as of now, we Christians are mad as we can be and will not take it anymore. If a businessman is so insensitive, inept, and incompetent to go on record as supporting the Perversion Lobby he will forever lose our support.

Contrary to most Americans who have been brainwashed by the public school system, television, movies, the social media, and the political system, I believe that a business has the right to sell to whomever they please, pay whatever salaries workers are willing to accept, provide whatever benefits a business can afford, work as many hours as the employer and employees agree to, and hire any young person for any legal task to which parents agree! All that with no contact with the state or feds except to pay appropriate fees and taxes. Few people remember such a free America before the bungling, bossy buffoons took control.

That being said, I believe Cracker Barrel and all other businesses have a legal right to throw themselves into the cultural war on the side of those outrageous sexually permissive dandies, and to enthusiastically jump into bed with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender group. However, those of us who believe that same-sex marriage is not marriage and is in fact a misnomer, mistake, and madness also have certain rights. Christians and pro-family people need to require business leaders to be at least as sensitive to our positions as they are to the Perversion Lobby. Or else. If they choose to support homosexuality, they will not be forgiven. Oh, yes, we will forgive them personally but we will no longer return to their “fold.” Their cash registers will gather dust and lose their jingle until they show they are thoroughly repentant.

I have contacted thousands of pastors and others who will agree to not patronize any business that continues to kick decency and kiss decadency. With the use of the Internet and social media maybe we can put a STOP to this duplicity and the taking of Christians for granted.

We demand a Stop To Oppressive Persecution. Eight minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota, “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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