Columnist Defends Homosexuals and Dumps on Christians!

Rhonda Swan, a Cox Newspaper columnist wrote a column that appeared in the Chattanooga Times Free-Press in which she defended same-sex marriage and attacked the Bible and common sense. The column was riddled with assumptions, speculations, distortions, and mistakes dealing with the Bible and same-sex marriage. You know–the normal thing that passes for journalism today. She is an author and accomplished journalist and received the “reporter of the year” award from the National Association of Black Journalists’ New England chapter. So she is not a novice; however, she is mistaken, misinformed, and malicious.

It is a misnomer to characterize same-sex hookups as a marriage. The Bible, the history of civilization, and common sense militate against homosexual “marriages.” They are seldom long-lasting and almost never exclusive. Note that marriage is also known as “wedlock,” or a pledging or commitment. Not much commitment in the homosexual movement.

She started with “Dear Christians” and I would like to know her definition of Christian to see if it comports with the true definition. In her first four lines, she made three serious errors. She begins her tirade by saying, “It is not holy to hate.” She did what most proponents, preachers, and purveyors of permissiveness do. They make a proclamation, without producing proof: that it is hateful to disparage, and denigrate, and disagree with perversion–and make no mistake–for two people of the same sex to be sexually involved is perversion if words still mean what they have always meant.

If same-sex “marriages” should now be acceptable, then it would mean everyone for thousands of years who believed that marriage was only between a man and woman were haters, bigots, etc. That is incredibly arrogant–and wrong.

She stated that it is not holy to hate; however, believing what the Bible teaches and what society has believed for thousands of years is only reasonable and safer. It is incumbent upon the pro-perversion crowd to defend their dangerous, disgusting, and deadly assertions. Need I remind Rhonda that God destroyed Sodom for the disgusting sin that was named after them? Moreover, the Bible documents that God hates evil and we are to hate evil and love the good (Amos 5:15). Then in Proverbs 6:16 we are told that God hates six things. Then in Proverbs 8:13 God hates a froward mouth, but I doubt Rhonda knows the meaning of “froward.” Note that it is not sinners, but sin that is to be hated.

Rhonda’s next sentence (and mistake) was, “It is not divine to discriminate.” Of course, everyone discriminates every day and we would be fools not to. I choose to drive a Lincoln rather than a GM automobile. I always choose fish over beef and choose to vote for conservatives rather than Progressives (translate: Democrats, RINOs, Socialists, Marxists, pseudo-intellectuals, and any expander of government).

Of course, Rhonda was referring to those Neanderthals (all thinking people) who “discriminate” against homosexuals by refusing to admit it is acceptable–even desirous–for two men or two women to slip between the sheets. Question for Rhonda and all leftists: If same-sex marriage can be defended, why not marriage between two men, a goat, a horse, and a rocking chair?

Many Liberals often support perversion “because Christ never condemned it.” Neither did He condemn cannibalism, illegal drugs, and peeping Toms but they are all sinful and illegal. Christ spoke about marriage “in the beginning” between a man and a woman (Matt. 19:4-6). I’ll take His word before I will take Rhonda’s word. Furthermore, Bible critics and uneducated people don’t understand that the Bible is God’s Word, and using a correct hermeneutic, it doesn’t matter whether or not Christ condemned something. If it is taught as sin in any Bible passage, it is wrong.

To keep same-sex marriage from becoming acceptable is Scriptural and common sense, something most purveyors of permissiveness do not possess. God created Eve for Adam, not Oscar. If it had been Oscar, I’d not be here.

Rhonda Swan, the very broad-minded Cox columnist, accuses Christians of using the Bible to make homosexuals “second-class citizens.” But she doesn’t understand that when people choose a life of crime, or participate in a vile subculture, they make themselves second-class citizens.

Continuing in her plummet to the bottom, Rhonda writes, “The Bible legitimized the enslavement of black Americans and the subjugation of women.” No, the Bible does not legitimize slavery or the mistreatment of women. It reports on slavery and provides definite guidelines on how to treat any slaves the Jews might take in battle or those who sell themselves into slavery for a period of time. Evidently Rhonda is like many of the New Atheists who are so hostile to the Bible that they shoot off their mouths (or crank up their computers) without knowing what they are writing about.

Bible critics are too uninformed to know that God forbids the kidnapping of people for the purpose of slavery. God clearly told the Jews in Ex 21:16, “And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, he shall surely be put to death.” Throughout the Middle East, wars were almost constant, so of course slaves were taken. I suppose my critics would have preferred they be killed!

As to the subjugation of women, all historians know that the Jews were far more advanced and compassionate toward women than any other civilization. Spend a little time in the famous Babylonian Hammurabi Code (about 1780 B.C.) and that fact will be obvious.

Let me help the New Atheists, Bible critics, and general Bible haters not make public fools of themselves: the Bible records slavery, concubines, multiple wives, incest, adultery, and child sacrifice but never endorses such wickedness. Now, with that information, maybe Bible haters will not be so obviously uninformed, uneducated, and unsophisticated as they have appeared for centuries. Wonder if I will receive many thanks for the information?

It is sadly true that many people twist the Bible like a pretzel to justify their own sinful actions. What must be observed is that the same-sex crowd is doing that very same thing to justify their perversion!

And now a Cox columnist defends that perversion!

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.  Videos of Dr. Boys “Confronting the God Haters” at the University of North Dakota.


Fact, Fraud or Faith?

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