Conservatives Must Hold Trump’s Feet to the Fire!

All right, we did it, especially Evangelical Christians, along with many conservatives. We put a man in the White House who is obligated to us (as well as all Americans.) Now, all Americans count–although they didn’t in the polls!

We must make a hardnosed, no-wiggle-room commitment to ourselves demanding that Trump and the Republican Congress do as they promised to do. No more excuses. Trump will be limited somewhat by Congress, as he should be, but we must not accept halfhearted efforts to justify unfulfilled promises. No flip-flops.

Politicians, traditionally, have been notorious to forget, forsake, and falsify their past promises. Not this time. I’ve seen that movie before, many times. Even Ronald Reagan, whom I respected greatly and even identified myself as a “Reagan Republican” in my race for the Indiana House, did not keep major promises. He promised to dismiss, dismantle, and disband the Department of Education and the Department of Energy but failed to do. In fact, he didn’t even pretend to. And we let him skate because he was “our” man. Yet, he did many commendable things.

Reagan’s firing of 13,000 striking air-traffic controllers was one of the most courageous and portentous decisions made by any president. After he showed his courage, even liberal economists admitted that strikes “plummeted and never recovered.” The unions are no longer a major force but a farce–a disappearing dinosaur. Of course, he talked and wrote about abortion but really didn’t do anything about it. His administration saw a great influx of immigrates and then delivered amnesty to illegal aliens in 1986. When he left office, the government was much bigger and more costly than when he began his term.

George W. Bush qualified as a “better” president only when compared with Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, etc. In a Jan. 7 New York Times interview, National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said Bush was “committed to spreading democracy throughout the world.” You know how that is working out in the Islamic world at this time. Muslims’ sharia law is the opposite of freedom and democracy. No American president has a right to seek the overthrow of another stable government simply because we don’t like it.

So, the fulfilment of presidential promises is a mixed bag–good and bad. If Trump and the GOP do not make a full-court press to accomplish his goals, it will destroy the Republican Party. If that happens, I won’t wear a black armband, put crape on my door, and whine, whimper, and weep, because I left the GOP many years ago. Of course, it left me first.

There is no excuse for failure and Trump and the GOP had better get the message: keep your promises this time! No more chances. To President-elect Trump I say:

You promised to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, so get it done. If you fail here, you will be known as a miserable failure from now on.

You promised to save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cutting benefits, so do it or expect a big bunch of old dudes wearing overalls and carrying pitchforks in front of the White House.

You promised to pick Supreme Court Justices who are “really great legal scholars” and conser-vatives, so do it. Don’t deviate from your published list of conservative candidates. Fight for the approval of original intent Constitutionalists–none of this living (changing) document idea.

You promised to strengthen the military, so do so without unnecessary, outrageous costs and duplications among the branches. Then, use your power wisely not like a kid with a new toy. Listen to the generals who have battle scars as well as battle stars. You don’t know more about wars than they do. Any general without battlefield experience, put him (or her) in a desk job keeping your scrapbook up to date.

You promised to get rid of the Iran treaty and “totally” renegotiate the whole thing. Do it.

You promised to bring jobs back from China, Mexico, Japan, etc., so do it, but do it right! Of course, if a company wants to stay outside the U.S. that is their business.

You promised to reduce the $20 trillion national debt, so do it. And you can start by disbanding the Department of Education, Department of Energy, and the Environmental Protection Agency. Then go on to other unnecessary departments and agencies followed by eliminating fraud, laziness, and incompetence throughout the federal bureaucracy.

You promised to get rid of gun-free zones in schools and military bases. Do it. I want my grandkids and great grandkids to have a teacher or administrator with a gun and the knowledge and willingness to use it when someone threatens to kill them.

You promised to defund Planned Parenthood, so do it and stop the baby killing. Keeping this promise alone would endear you to all caring, civilized people everywhere.

You promised to build the wall, so build it. If Congress balks, then beg, bully, and badger them, and we will bombard them into complying. You promised that it would be an “artistically beautiful” wall but I don’t care how it looks as long as it accomplishes its purpose. If you fail after a major tussle with Congress, then we will hold Congress to an accounting.

You promised to deport illegal aliens, so get it done, giving priority to those who are deviate, dangerous, and deadly to Americans. Then, jump into the snake pit of those remaining illegals.

You promised to temporarily ban most foreign Muslims, so do it without capitulating to the caterwauling multiculturalists out there. They will scream like a stuck pig but keep the ban until we are in control of our borders and have the terrorist problem under control, if not solved.

You promised to do surveillance of mosques and close any that are connected to terrorism, so do so. After all, milquetoast France has closed about 30 mosques for preaching “hatred and violence,” so be the man and do what has to be done. Our pastors are even castigated for talking about elections and political issues!

You promised to simplify the tax code, so get it done. If you really got the message from Middle America, you will eliminate the IRS. But then, maybe I’m dreaming.

You promised to get rid of Common Core but why not get the federal government out of education entirely? Disband the Department of Education. Give that power back to the states where it belongs.

I hope Trump does not keep some of his promises. He promised to kill the relatives of terrorists. Sorry, but that is not a biblical or common sense policy. Family members must be held to account for their own, not a son’s actions.

While Trump adjusts to the White House, Air Force One, the salutes, etc., maybe Melanie, the sons, and sons-in-law can take a night to wash out his mouth with soap. I don’t want him to undermine the work done on my grandkids to make them civil, kind, honest, gracious, and well-spoken. Quality people don’t curse and kids should be able to listen to their President without a filter. A bar of soap works better.

I suggest Trump remembers that he now works for the American people and he can’t fire us; but we can fire him.

One thing Trump does not want to hear is, “You’re fired.”

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