Cruz: Political Parties Demand Control!

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The Republican and Democrat Parties are each having a massive party and conservatives, especially Christians, are not invited to attend. The two parties (mainly Republicans since there are only seven conservatives in the Democrat Party!) will permit conservatives to purchase the noise makers, decorations, the food, and booze and permit us to decorate the hall, but we have to leave through the back door before the elites arrive. People of principle are persona non grata.

While there are some policy differences in the two parties, there is little difference in their modus operandi. Former Louisiana Governor and U.S. Senator Huey P. Long rightly said: “The only difference in Republicans and Democrats is one is skinning you from ankles up while the other skins you from the neck down.” It seems many Americans are tired of being skinned.

I discovered this elitist tendency when, as a political novice, I decided to take on the Republican machine in Indiana. As administrator of a large Christian school at the time, I was asked to run for the Indiana House of Representatives. I agreed to run and signed my name on the proper form at the Secretary of State’s Office. My district was the southern suburbs of Indianapolis.

I did what was expected and paid a courtesy call on the Republican County Chairman telling him of my intentions to be a candidate. He figuratively tapped me on the head and told me that I had every right to run for that office. He basically said, “Go to it son, we republicans live under a big tent so there’s even room for an active Christian.” Well, there was room under the tent for active Christians to arrange the chairs, clean up after meetings, and serve the Kool Aid, especially serve the Kool Aid. But there was no excitement about an active Christian being in leadership.

Then he did everything he could to frustrate my efforts. I tried to circumvent his efforts by personally calling on all the precinct chairmen and asking for their support and asked them to give me their official list of Republicans. Some did, some did not. About half of them at least agreed to stay neutral during the primary battle. Some did, some did not.

I ended up winning by 76 votes in the primary and by many thousands in the general election. I won because I had a large team of people, all Christians, who knocked on doors, looked up phone numbers, made phone calls, stuffed envelopes, gave money, and worked the polls on election day.

After my win, I did not fight the GOP but I did my own thing. Party officials asked me to submit one bill and since it would help farmers without expanding government or cost the taxpayers any money I introduced it and got it passed with the Governor’s signature. Other than that, they left me alone to do my own thing: a bill to expunge the ERA that made national news as we had thousands at our committee hearing that usually would attract 30 or 40 interested parties; also a bill to reinstate sodomy as a felony (without cameras in every bedroom); a bill to require creation and evolution be taught on an even basis in public schools; a bill to require life for rape without possibility of parole specifically taking authority from the governor; an amendment to reinstate the death penalty; and many motions to quash bills that encroached on Christian schools, churches, bus ministries, home schooling, etc.

I was a loose cannon and always shot from the right and was hated by many Republicans almost as much as by the Democrats. That could not continue and it didn’t.

After winning, the party “put up with me” and promptly fought my reelection preferring anyone but me. Even though I was far ahead in the polls, I lost reelection by about 700 votes. Only days before the primary, my opponent’s brother, a commercial pilot, crashed his plane south of the city while transporting five major 500 Mile Race Officials from Atlanta to Indianapolis. Even my enemies opined that I lost because of the accident. Whatever, the fact remains that the party wanted me out because they could not control me–plus I did have an agenda that was reflected in my reputation as being the “most conservative member of the General Assembly.” I had been elected as a “Reagan Republican” in 1976 but I was more conservative than Reagan! So, I had to go.

A coalition of public school teachers, liberal preachers, and the trial lawyers’ group came after me with a whip and with help from the plane accident, they managed to whip me out of the House. Poor me! However, it was a very good thing for me since it opened wide the doors for me to write/direct/edit a total Christian school curriculum and write columns for USA Today which produced invitations to appear on hundreds of radio and television talk shows all over the world. The GOP plan for my defeat became a catalyst for an enhanced ministry.

Ted Cruz, take note. The powers that be will do their best to keep you out or chase you out of the Oval Office for the same reason: they demand control. They are now doing their best to derail Trump and will accept you if they must; however, if you become President, be sure to hire a food taster and never walk alone in dark alleys.

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Fact, Fraud or Faith?

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