Deal Harshly With Brutal Cops!

I have no problem obeying a police officer whether he is white or black although I will admit that I resent being told what to do by a female officer. I think females should not be in such a dangerous position as police work, military, etc. No doubt that may be a holdover from past generations who thought that a nation or city is not worth defending if the men are so cowardly that women must do the defending. However, when anyone is given authority then everyone should obey that authority with only a few exceptions.

However, my main reason for obedience is my respect for authority–authority that basically comes from God. But no authority except God deserves unqualified obedience.

Many of my critics will consider me a chauvinist because of my position on female officers but they fail to deal with the issue. It’s happened scores of times in public debates, television and radio talk shows, and in the political area: I am accused of being a chauvinist or racist. When that happens, I relax, smile, and know that I am winning the argument. My accusers are usually not too bright but they have learned that it is easier to make accusations than to provide answers.

Since I know myself better than anyone else does, I can declare that I don’t hate anyone, envy anyone, or fear anyone. However, I do have strong opinions about women, Muslims, homosexuals, corrupt politicians (Republican and Democrat), free loaders (Black and White), and cops (good and bad).

Full disclosure: my number one son-in-law is a retired Florida deputy sheriff and his son is now serving with that department. I give the benefit of the doubt to the cops who serve with much courage for little cash. Their lives are at risk every day as they deal with thieves, killers, and maniacs putting the officers in a place where they must make split-second decisions. In those circumstances there should be some patience and understanding even when an officer makes a bad decision; however, he or she must be held accountable.

With that said, I find some police officers to be despicable people! Too many are poorly trained and emotionally unqualified to have a badge and gun. Too many homicidal cops get their jollies when they abuse their authority and terrorize innocent people. They are almost always child and wife abusers. They are in another category from the officer who makes a mistake, even a bad mistake.

I go for decades without losing my temper. In fact, I don’t think my four children ever saw me angry. I almost lost control maybe 20 years ago with a cop in Lake City, Florida. We were there to do a Christian Couples’ Conference at a local Baptist Church and I pulled in front of the post office to permit Ellen to exit and mail a card to a grandchild. There was a “No Parking” sign but I wasn’t parking. I was “standing.” And it would only take a few minutes.

While sitting there with my engine running a burly white police officer told me to move as he pointed to the “No Parking” sign. I kindly replied that I was not parking but standing and it would be safer for me to wait a few minutes than to drive around the parking lot until my wife was finished. Evidently he did not agree with my interpretation of “parking” and “standing” and he lost control as his face flushed red and was contorted. He cursed and menacingly moved toward me as I began to feel anger welling up from the tip of my toes to the top of my head. I jerked my car into gear and pulled away giving him a “not-too-Christian” look.

That officer was not only a jerk but he was a dangerous jerk. Since he was a public servant and there was no emergency, he could have patiently told me that there was no difference in parking and standing and for me to move my car. I assumed he took my slowness to obey as a challenge to his authority. Of course, my unchristian reaction was not his fault but mine.

A few weeks ago a Texas cop stopped a 76-year-old man for not displaying an emission sticker on his vehicle; however, the cop was wrong and obviously did not know that his dealers’ plates were exempt from such stickers. The officer told the man to get out of his car and tasered him twice knocking him to the ground. It was bad until some knowledgeable officers arrived on the scene and regained control. Both men were white.

Such irresponsible, dangerous officers should be fired, not fined or suspended. They do not deserve a second chance; however, the police union is almost as strong as the teachers’ union. It is good to have a group with money and power to defend honest and sincere teachers and law enforcement personnel but when either one proves by their behavior that they are irresponsible, they should be fired. In fact, the union should insist they be fired but that won’t happen until pigs learn to fly.

We must respect those in authority and obey them unless some official orders us to disobey some Bible principle. Obviously, there was no such principle in my experience.

Fire all brutal cops or at least keep them off the streets; but I, for sure, don’t want to live in a city without police protection.

Fire the bad guys and give the good guys a huge raise accompanied with an abundance of admiration, appreciation, and allegiance. I give that to all police officers until their actions prove they deserve disdain, disrespect, and dismissal!

Meanwhile, I haven’t gone back to Lake City since I had my confrontation with a big, bad, bully with a badge–and gun!  Watch these 8 minute videos of my lecture at the University of North Dakota: “A Christian Challenges New Atheists to Put Up or Shut Up!”

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