Debate Revelation: Ben Carson is a Black!

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What a revelation; watching the GOP debate Wednesday night I realized that Dr. Ben Carson is a black man! I had seen and heard him many times but since I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, I never said, “Well, Ben Carson is a black man.” He is a surgeon and a man of character and a professing Christian and he is actually a black man. Not half black, but black. He’s the real thing, not the Great Pretender. Wow, where have I been? But then, I don’t care if a person is black, white, or polka dot. Racists make a big deal out of it.

Telling the truth about Blacks (or Whites) is not a good career move since most people want to be comfortable and don’t want confrontation and conflict from anyone at any time. It seems black fanatics demand that they not be held to the same standard as Whites. That kind of thinking used to be known as racism. It still is.

It seems I am not “sensitive” to the feelings of others when I deal with famous black leaders. Political correctness requires us to not repeat facts, easily substantiated facts, if those facts might offend others, especially minorities. I refuse to play such childish games.

I have always been critical of civil rights leaders who seemed to be more interested in “a buck and a broad” (their term) than in equal rights while young idealistic acolytes lost their lives in the civil rights struggle. Many of those “reverends” (who seldom preached the Gospel and did not believe the Bible) used the ministry to con gullible Blacks to their cause. And at times managed to accomplish something positive. While it was past time for Blacks to have the same rights as Whites, it was not good that Blacks began receiving special treatment at the expense of white people. After all, if discrimination was and is wrong against Blacks (and it was and is) then discrimination against Whites was and is also wrong. But I’m not supposed to say that.

About this time the government forced its way into every business to enforce civil rights laws and began to regulate salary, benefits, working hours, hiring and firing standards, etc. Many think that was good for America; I think it was a major tragedy. The government has no constitutional authority to set any standards for business unless tax money was used to start the business. Yes, it did provide jobs for minorities but business owners lost the freedom to run their own business.

Preachers King and Abernathy did not believe the Bible they quoted, as their public statements and writings easily prove. Hypocrites such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would have been tarred and feathered in earlier days. However, it seems to be prima facie evidence that my making the statements–that all informed people know to be true–proves racism!

When I took the position that forced busing of school children was insensitive, intrusive, and insane I was called a racist by Indiana Democrats and leftist Republicans. I said that it was an insult to Blacks to suggest that they would do better in school if they sat in the same classroom with white students.

When I said that abortion was killing a huge proportion of black babies and it would be devastating to black families I was right then, as I am now.

When I said that black students must stay in school, get a job, any job, work hard, get married and have babies, I was right. In 1965, 25% of black births were out of wedlock. Today, 72% of all black births in the US are out of wedlock! That is compounded by the Huffington Post reporting, “There is nothing ‘immoral’ or ‘pathological’ about deciding not to marry.” Even if one agrees (and I don’t) that making bastard babies is not immoral, then surely all sane people believes it is pathological.

When I suggested that black men should stop fathering illegitimate babies and stay faithful to their wives rather than selling dope, looting stores, and mugging others I was right. And black men have filled our prisons as a consequence.

Ben Carson is a fantastic example of one coming out of Detroit’s inner-city because of a concerned mother (a third-grade dropout who worked three jobs at the same time) who instilled character in him. If he can make it, then anyone can make it. Did I mention that Ben is black?

Non-thinking fanatics tell us that any criticism of Barack Obama is positive proof of racism but it might be that his policies are so leftist, they would make Marx, Lenin, and Stalin stand up and cheer.

I said that Attorney General Eric Holder was/is a wild-eyed racist dedicated to defend anything blacks do no matter how guilty they are. His replacement seems to be a female clone.

Even if decent people disagree with some political decisions mentioned above, no honest person, black or white, can defend the vicious racist tirade of Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam–known as black Muslims. If a clown in the KKK had said the same thing about killing blacks that Louie said about killing whites, the KKK member would not put on his sheet for many years because they don’t have sheets in the pokey. Where are the media on this?

Our nation has experienced many unnecessary conflicts between police officers and young black men with too many blacks being killed. In every incident a death would not have occurred had the young man obeyed police orders. That problem is not a police problem but a home problem. Obviously parents are not teaching their children to obey them, school officials, or the police resulting in chaos in the home, in our schools, and in our streets.

It is also interesting that in every case, the dead youth is touted by family and friends as a “good” boy, “kind,” and “gentle.” But then the police record reveals that he was more of a thug than an eagle scout who has committed himself to lifetime celibacy, poverty, and working with lepers in the world’s last leper colony in Romania.

America’s homes–black, white, Hispanic, etc.—are all in trouble. However, single parent homes statistically are in worse condition because of the lack of disciple. Of course, a dash of Bible training in home, church, and school would be a major improvement. Sure couldn’t hurt.

Folks, it is time for honesty, to treat all people with kindness, respect, and equality. It’s time to hold ourselves to a standard of personal honor, excellence, duty, kindness, tolerance, and not question the motives of those who disagree with us.

It’s still shocking to know that Ben Carson is a black man!

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