Destruction of Southern Culture by Fanatics!

Politicians, academics, and media moguls who hate the courage, character, commitment, and culture of the South are trying to deny, denigrate, and destroy Southern values. However, they have jumped on a bandwagon with loose wheels and will not know total victory–not without another uncivil war.

Last week the respected Southern Baptist Convention joined the fanatics in chipping away at the perceived symbol of the South by voting overwhelmingly to repudiate the Confederate battle flag. It’s one thing to admit their denomination was founded in support of Southern slavery but to flagellate themselves and others with the Confederate flag is outrageous. SBC muckety muck, Russell Moore sobbed, “It’s not often that I find myself wiping away tears in a denominational meeting, but I just did.” All right, I respect his heartfelt, although unjustified emotion; however, I assume he also sobbed when he saw the White House lit up with the homosexual rainbow flag!

Thousands of Baptists declared at the St. Louis conclave, “Today Southern Baptists affirmed that we are more committed to the gospel than we are to a flag and more committed to the future than we are to the past.” That is a fantastic statement that no Christian would deny; however, it does not justify their unnecessary, unprovoked, and unjustified attack upon a major portion of this nation.

The South-haters like to control people–all people, North and South. Those people who won’t be controlled are dangerous to the control-freak tyrants. The tyrants believe such reluctant people must be educated in the public educational system that is controlled by the “controllees.” If people will not succumb to controlled education then they must be educated against their will, hence the use of television, movies, music, as well as schools to mold people the way the “controllees” want.

A major way to control people is to control the culture resulting in the “correct” view of events. We saw this following the craven shooting by a white thug in Charleston, S.C. of nine members of a black church. The cowardly thug was seen in a photo with a Confederate flag and the fanatics went ballistic! Cowardly politicians rushed to the television cameras to denounce the Southern culture and one of its symbols–the Confederate battle flag. The South Carolina governor and the legislature removed the flag from statehouse grounds. That is much easier and safer than making a cogent defense of their hasty actions.

However, when Muslim fanatics are seen with a Koran or the Muslim flag the same liberal control freaks are strangely silent. Could it be because they are cowards or collaborators or even crusaders for Islam? If not, then what is the explanation? At least, they are hypocrites.

The fanatics are on a roll. They want to remove all historical figures who do not meet the present pristine political picture of perfection; but no person or group is without blame. All people are flawed–even the fanatics who have appointed themselves Cultural Commissars. For many years, the fanatics have castigated Columbus and insist that he be anathema. Now, the zealots are running amuck sandblasting names of famous military and political leaders from schools; ripping up statues, and tearing down Confederate battle flags. Those same people usually have no problem with the infamous rainbow flag of the perverts that was even displayed at the White House following a seizure of insanity by the U.S. Supreme Court!

The Confederate battle flag waved over slavery for only four years yet the stars and stripes waved over slavery for almost a hundred years. Slavery is a shameful, sinful, and sullied part of our history but only a part. The battle flag also stands for courage, commitment, consistency, and culture.

The fanatics are determined that while they can’t change what happened in the past, they will sure change the narrative to fit their skewed view of the past. Narrow-minded leaders have done that for thousands of years.

An example of politicians manipulating history is seen in Caesar trying to obliterate the memory of Pilate because he had offended Caesar. Pilate therefore did not exist since Caesar said so and historians and politicians willingly obeyed by removing Pilate’s name from all records. For many years, Bible critics told anyone who would listen that the Bible is unreliable because Pilate could not be found in any historical record. Then archeologists, digging in the rubble of Caesarea by the Sea, found a five-inch-thick stone that referred to Pilate and had been used in the famous amphitheater where I have preached a few times. Of course, the stone had been used because it was exactly the size needed and was used with the forbidden information about Pilate underneath! It is on display in Caesarea today.

Mark Antony had a similar experience with his memory being formally expunged from Rome’s official records even though he was related to three of Rome’s first five emperors–Caligula, Claudius, and Nero! His mother was a cousin of Julius Caesar under whom he served in the army and became second-in-command. Antony, while his wife was in Rome, had a lengthy affair with Queen Cleopatra of Egypt fathering three children, and then he and his lover killed themselves.

Antony had resisted Octavian (later known as Augustus) and when Augustus gained total power, he decided to remove Antony from the history books: “His name was obliterated from the […] state registers of official events. His statues were removed. It was to be as if he had never existed. The Senate […] voted that no member of the Antonius clan should be named Marcus […]. His birthday was made […] an unlucky day, on which public business could not be conducted.” So, Marc Antony legally ceased to exist because Caesar said so.

This kind of glaring dissimulation, distortion, and dishonesty continued to the War Between the States. During the first two years of Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression, the South whipped the Yankees and Northern states grew weary of seeing their sons come home in boxes or buried in a Southern meadow on Chickamauga Creek or on a North Carolina mountainside. For the first two years, the reason for the war was taxes, not slavery; however, Lincoln changed the war rhetoric to a more emotional subject than finances. Slavery was the emotional button for the North that Lincoln pushed and it worked. Slavery was worth fighting and dying for, but not taxes.

Modern totalitarians, with the same bias, bigotry, and bullying as ancient Caesar, plan to dig up the body of Confederate General Nathan B. Forrest buried in a city park whose name used to identify the park. But it gets worse; the fanatics are cancelling the annual Jefferson–Jackson Day dinners because both men held slaves. But then, slaves were held by Washington (about 300), Jefferson (about 200), Madison (more than 100), and Monroe (about 75). In fact, of the first 14 presidents all owned slaves except John and Quincy Adams. Eight of them owned slaves while serving as president! Here’s a shocker: Abe Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, was served by slaves in the White House even though the slave trade was abolished in Washington in 1850–long before he was elected!

So, to be consistent (never a major concern for liberals), they must change the name of the cities that honor Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and all the others who were flawed men. Moreover, all the streets, schools, and airports that honor those slaveholders must be changed. Maybe we should take a massive wrecking ball to America to satisfy the fanatics.

Thoughtless or bigoted blacks who demand that the Confederate Flag be shredded are smearing many Blacks who fought under that flag. The first black military officers in the U.S. were blacks who commanded a regiment of 1500 enlistees for the Confederacy. Of those black soldiers, Professor Walter Williams declared, “Black civil rights activists, their white liberal supporters and historically ignorant Americans who attack the Confederate flag have committed a deep, despicable dishonor to our patriotic Southern black ancestors who marched, fought and died not to protect slavery but to protect their homeland from Northern aggression. They don’t deserve the dishonor.” Oh, I forgot to mention that Williams is black!

I should also remind you that I don’t own a Confederate flag and was not born or reared in the South.

Tyrants, totalitarians, and toadies never change; and modern politicians continue as in the past: they exaggerate their successes, excuse their shortcomings, and excise their sins and they do that by rewriting history–even wrecking history.

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