Did You Know?

…that the Indian prime minister, Morarji Desai drank a glass of his own urine daily and lived to be 99 years old?
…that his daily intake of fluids had nothing to do with his long life?
…that Gibbon tells us that the church in Antioch consisted of 100,000 people in a city that had 500,000 population?
…that he also tells us that 3,000 of the church members were supported by church offerings?
…that Aristotle taught in his History of Animals that the brain cools the blood; food is cooked in a person’s intestinal tube; flat footed people are treacherous?
…that he also taught that some eels, worms and insects pop into existence in grime by spontaneous generation?
…that he also taught mice die if they drink in the summer; goats breathe through their ears; and vultures can be made pregnant by the wind?
…that this is just another example of a “great” philosopher who didn’t know what he was writing about?
…that the above proves that Christians must support what we believe with facts?
…that many leading evangelical and fundamentalist leaders favorite color is grey?
…that if Roman Catholic leaders really want to “reach out to separated brethren” they would repeal the curses of the Council of Trent?
…that three-quarters of hospital bills have an average overcharge of $1,000?
…that a box of tissues can be called a “mucus control kit” and cost $12.00?
…that all thieves don’t wear masks or hoods?
…that Christ is still the hope of this world?

The God Haters

Angry Atheists, Shallow Scholars, Silly Scientists, Pagan Preachers & Embattled Evolutionists Declare War Against Christians

by Don Boys, Ph.D.

The God Haters

Angry Atheists, Shallow Scholars, Silly Scientists, Pagan Preachers, and Embattled Evolutionists are, of necessity, attacking the Bible for if they can denounce, deny, distort, and denigrate it, they will win more converts to atheism. They have been waging this war for a few years and most of us have ignored their books, television interviews, and university debates because they have just been more of the typical dog and pony shows that the most fanatical God haters have created for centuries. They want a fight, and while I consider atheists to be unimpressive fools, I’m willing to take them on. No quarter asked or given.

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