Ebola: Can the CDC be Trusted?

A recent CNN poll reveals that only about 12% of Americans think the government can be trusted most of the time and about 75% trust the government some of the time. Evidently our government is the most untrustworthy, unresponsive, and unreliable in history. And most government is sure unnecessary!

Every federal agency is not corrupt, incompetent, or scandal ridden–only most of them. Everyone knows about the IRS, the State Department, the Veterans Administration, the FBI, the White House, ad infinidem. The CDC has a better reputation but it is not without warts, scars, blemishes, etc., and needs scrutiny and overhaul.

My experience with the CDC goes back to research for my book, AIDS: Silent Killer! when I had four interviews with CDC spokesmen. That period was not their most stellar performance especially for a conservative administration that I supported. In fact, the handling of the HIV-AIDS plague was a major failure of the CDC and the Reagan Administration in the person of Dr. Koop, the Surgeon General.

Koop and other health officials were prolific in denouncing the tobacco industry and obesity but they sadly failed with the AIDS plague. Koop and others were quick to yell, “Stop smoking” and “Stop gaining weight” but they refused to even whisper, “Stop your sodomy.” Koop was a committed Christian who had taken principled positions but failed miserably in the war on AIDS.

Another major CDC failure was their refusal to demand testing and tracing of HIV carriers, a time-honored and proven procedure in dealing with and beating the syphilis epidemic–until its resurgence with HIV. After it was too late, many of my opponents on talk shows agreed that I was correct in demanding that AIDS carriers be treated the same as syphilis carriers. But the horse was out of the barn; the kitty was out of the sack; and the toothpaste was out of the tube. It was too late.

Wonder why HIV infected homosexuals were not treated the same as people with syphilis? Everyone admitted that AIDS came to America through the homosexual community and 87% of HIV infected people were homosexuals and IV drug users. However, government officials tiptoed through the tulips so they would not offend homosexuals. Even today 78% of new HIV infections are homosexuals.

The reason for the different treatment is simple: syphilis carriers were not organized and the tobacco industry was easy to hate since no one could defend putting fire to your mouth and sucking it into your lungs. Cancer, you know. Also the obesity crowd didn’t have a lobby to attack those who criticized fatties. But to attack sodomy, that’s so, so, well, so biblical! And scary. Think of Sodom and Gomorrah!

That was a failure of Reagan, Koop, and others when they chose to do wrong because it was practical, popular, and political: give an open hand (full of cash) to the homosexual movement and a fist in the gut to Christians and decent people.

The CDC has also shown itself many times to be incompetent. In highly publicized incidents the CDC made major mistakes with the deadly anthrax and flu viruses. In an internal CDC review, the people commissioned to protect us admitted they shipped infectious agents to other labs–five times!

In yet another incident, the smallpox pathogen was supposed to have been sent to a CDC lab back in the 1950s yet remained unsecured at a facility for decades! Another incredible fiasco happened when CDC scientists stored the deadly anthrax virus in plastic bags! Say what? Highly qualified scientists placed a deadly pathogen in plastic bags! I should think they could have used mayonnaise jars.

Now enters the Ebola virus from West Africa although the head of WHO told us not to call it an “African virus.” Is that political correctness because the 2500 deaths have all been in Africa? Just for the record, the HIV virus also originated in Africa.

Wonder why such deadly viruses came from Africa and in the last 50 years! It may be because of two very simple and easy to solve problems: their water they drink and outdoor defecation!

Next column: “Can the CDC Handle the Worst Possibilities of Ebola?”

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