Egypt: The International Welfare Window is Closed!

Muslim fanatics throughout the Middle East have taken time from beating their wives to riot, burn, kill, and destroy American property. Their leaders in Egypt, Pakistan, and Indonesia have tethered their camels and come in from the desert to lecture Americans on free speech, dignity, and film making. Those Muslim leaders want the UN to “criminalize” blasphemy against the Koran, Islam, and Mohammed using the amateur, anti-Muslim film by a Coptic “Christian” (who immigrated to America) as a justification for their demands. At the same time they make their demands about insulting the Koran, they insult our Constitution!

I am not defending blasphemy, real or imagined, but everyone has a right to believe what he chooses–in America. However, it is a defense of freedom to say and write what one chooses to say or write except for slander and libel. I honestly will defend a Muslim’s right to blaspheme Christ and the Bible and to worship the pagan moon god Allah if he chooses. In the U.S., Muslims have freedom of religion, something they could not enjoy in Islamic nations which they seem to have forgotten. Short retention span.

Muslims must drag themselves into the 21st century and understand that to be offended is simply a fact of life. I have often been offended by their blasphemy of Christ but I don’t retaliate by flying a plane into a mosque or burning down a public building as a reasonable reaction.

Egypt is a Muslim nation now ruled by an extremist named Mohamed Morsi who was educated in the U.S. but has been in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood for many years. He says he got out of his bed and now only sits at the feet of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is as unstable, unreliable, and undesirable as a basket of rattlesnakes. (However, a rattlesnake warns you before striking.) They have been implicated in riots, arson, and murder of political opponents. Former Egyptian leader, Anwar Sadat, even released some political prisoners and they showed their gratitude by killing him at a public ceremony in 1981!

President Morsi said “the United States needed to fundamentally change its approach to the Arab world, showing greater respect for its values….” No, the Arab world needs to show respect to this nation since we have funded them for 50 years. (Billions of dollars!) Much of that money has gone into secret bank accounts of corrupt leaders. Since Egypt has chosen sides with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, they should never receive another dollar from us. No ammunition, arms, or any assistance. Not a paper clip. No more money, honey. The international welfare window is closed.

He said the United States must respect the Arab world’s history and culture, even when that conflicts with Western values. But how can any sane, sober, sensible person respect a nation that does not respect its own people? An Egyptian Muslim cannot change to another religion. Baby girls are mutilated by cutting away their clitoris. Young Egyptian girls are forced into marriages with Muslim men–old dudes. I have no respect but plenty of repulsion, revulsion, and repugnance. Alas, I suppose that makes me a hater.

Morsi repeatedly vowed to uphold “equal citizenship rights of all Egyptians, regardless of religion, sex or class.” However, he did not go into specifics such as the right of Coptic Christians to build their own churches. For many years, Copts have had to get a permit to make repairs or add a bathroom to their church buildings! A permit that was almost never granted. Baptists are wasting their time trying to build a church; however, Muslim mosques are not restricted. I know of one Baptist Church in Egypt!

Egypt is the fifth worst country in the world for religious freedom, so I suggest before he lectures the U.S. anymore, Morsi should ring the Liberty Bell for everyone in his nation.

Muslim Invasion

The Fuse is Burning!

by Don Boys, Ph.D.

Muslim Invasion

Muslin Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! is an interesting, informative, and for the politically correct and infuriating read. Islam, Muslims, immigration, Jihad, Sharia, and the war against our civilization, culture, and creed is a present reality. Gutless public officials are selling us short either by complicity with the enemy or due to a doctrinaire commitment to idiotic tolerance ideology. Whatever the case, citizens must stand up against the invasion now before it is to late. The author suggests that the fuse is burning and the results will end in a complete upheaval of America and every free nation, unless we act now. Forget the lame stream media. Forget Obama. Common sense mandates, our very survival demands that we act NOW to keep America from going off the cliff; This book promises to be a life changing read.

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