Elliot Rodger: a Virgin in Hell?

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Yes, I know I’m not supposed to mention it but Elliot Rodger is no doubt in Hell and the final responsibility was his own; however, many people helped him become what he became: a brutal killer of six people and self-killer. This son of privilege should have been grateful for a life of ease and opportunity but he assumed it was a normal consequence of his status.

Because of his father’s involvement in Hollywood, Elliot attended premieres of “Star Wars,” “Hunger Games,” “Indiana Jones,” and others. He even experienced the coveted red carpet treatment with accompanying photos! Because of Hollywood connections he was invited to a private Katy Perry concert! Whoever that is!

Elliot confessed that his father “was rarely there.” He blamed his parents for not buying him stylish clothes and getting him a “good-looking haircut”! This spoiled dude had anything he wanted, traveled the world, often first class, and he thought he was not liked because of his clothes and hair cut! He never considered that he wasn’t liked because he wasn’t likeable! Or because he was a self-absorbed snob.

When he mentioned his dislike of his haircut to momma, she took him to an expensive hair salon and had his hair bleached blonde and he became angry because the hair just above his ears was still dark. I think maybe I would get mad at that. Maybe momma should have ordered him a butch cut. Or, as in my day, a flat top!

In the ninth grade he cried every day at school! At a dinner party at the Bubenheims who were influential friends, some young friends were there and as they spoke of their active lives, parties, and dates Elliot confessed that he broke down and “cried in front of everyone.” He then told everyone that he wanted to commit suicide!

At his 14th birthday party in Morocco his stepmother’s father showed him some very gross, vivid, European porn that repulsed and excited him. That old dude should have gone to prison!

After this, Elliot was obsessed with sex and mentions it 193 times in his 137-page manifesto. He constantly writes of being rejected and humiliated by girls but he NEVER gives an example. If a girl made a sour face from across the room he assumed she was revealing her distaste, dislike, and disdain for him. His resentment toward young couples, who seemed to be having a good time, especially if they were involved sexually, was appalling, astounding, and abnormal. And ended up killing him. And others.

Where were his therapists and psychologists he had been seeing since age eight? Obviously, the kid had major problems when he whined and cried almost daily. He didn’t have female friends; he shook when he met someone, yet he thought he was “a perfect gentleman” with a “superior memory,” and thought he was “destined for greatness.”

He said that he would love to see rich, active, famous people burn alive. Sick, twisted dude. He declared, “I am Elliot Rodger . . . Magnificent, glorious, supreme, eminent. . . Divine! I am the closest thing there is to a living god.’’ Someone should have told him that he was a pathetic jerk and should enter the real world of commitment, work, and living for others. But he had not been exposed to the real world. He lived in another world where pills, passion, and privilege took control and warped his view of self and life.

As he finished high school and enrolled in college, he was obsessed with still being a virgin and never having kissed a girl. He blamed that on the thoughtless, unkind, evil women who were dedicated to making him suffer. He assumed every beautiful woman thought him repulsive and ridiculed and rejected him. The fact is: they didn’t think about him or know he was alive.

Did his father ever try to correct his son’s warped, wanton and wicked attitude about women? Did he ever take him by the hand and take him to a Bible-preaching church? Did he ever read the Bible to him and pray with him? Did he try to teach him to develop character whereby he would do right because it was right, not only for success? Did he tell him that money, prestige, and sex would not produce satisfaction? Did he ever challenge him to live for others rather than himself?

Did his parents, nannies, therapists, and psychologists, try to correct his incredible opinion of women? Elliot wrote, “There is no creature more evil and depraved than the human female….Women are vicious, evil, barbaric animals, and they need to be treated as such.” In his confused, wicked mind, the only answer was to kill all women, especially blonde women and their male lovers. Then he would be satisfied.

However, Elliot Rodger is not satisfied today. He is a virgin, no doubt in Hell. That’s the place for killers, rapists, adulterers, thieves, the proud, the haters and other lost souls of the world.

And were it not for the grace of God and parents who had character, that could be me.

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