Fake News, False Prophets, and a Failing Church!

Americans face a media that is mostly controlled by the looneys, lunatics, losers, and leftists who have no sense of decency, dignity, or dedication to truth. Their commitment is not to honest reporting but to twisting facts like a pretzel until they have produced fake news to mislead and deceive. The tragedy is that those who are not influenced by the media are uninformed and those who engage the media are too often misinformed.

Fake news has been in the news lately for good reason–there is so much of it out there. The media moguls think they are the rightful gatekeepers of what the great unwashed populace need to know. Richard Salant, former President of CBS News stated the same working philosophy by stating, “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” That kind of arrogance would gag a maggot.

This warped view of the news was expressed by Richard M. Cohan, Senior Producer of CBS political news who said, “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” (Emphasis added.) Our agenda! I thought journalists were agenda-free.

Such arrogance is exceeded only by its asininity. However, the news fakers are winning the battle for the minds, if not the souls, of America. The false prophets of fake news are incredibly successful. George Bernard Shaw warned us to “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” Accordingly, President Reagan wisely said, “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

Truth is irrelevant to most people. While truth will set us free, it often stings at times; so the masses are more comfortable with fake news and false prophets.

It is easier to believe a lie you’ve heard a thousand times than to believe the truth you’ve heard only once. In this column, you will read some truths that will cause you to question my honesty, competence, or my motives. However, while most of the following is shocking, it is all true and all honest people love truth. Honest people hug truth to their bosoms–not error, even popular error. Of course, they first confirm that it is, in fact, the truth.

We all espouse unknown error and honest people will correct their thinking when evidence is provided them. John Maynard Keynes made a very prescient statement when he said, “When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do, sir?” Great question from a usually confused man. I ask that question of those who read this column regarding the following fake news.

Alfred Kinsey is thought to have been a great, dedicated scientist whose work at Indiana University dealing with human sexuality was classic. However, that is fake news. He was an expert in bugs, not bodies; wasps, not women; moths, not men. Time magazine concluded an article declaring, “Kinsey…has done for sex what Columbus did for geography.” Not hardly! Columbus knew where he wanted to go but didn’t know how to get there; however, he provided mankind with facts about the unknown world. Kinsey knew where he wanted to go and he got there: he wanted to convince sane people that any kind of sex is acceptable, at any age. He succeeded with deliberately flawed and fraudulent information intended to mislead.

Kinsey was weird as a child and it continued into adulthood. As a young man, he initially forced drinking straws, pipe cleaners, pencils, and finally toothbrushes into his urethra to punish himself for having homosexual feelings! He continued doing that with toothbrushes for the rest of his life. Then, he circumcised himself without anesthesia! That is the sex expert people rave about. America has been snookered with false news about sex!

Kinsey’s two books have been quoted by textbook authors as undisputed truth and generations have accepted his mistakes, myths, and madness as scholarship. But Kinsey’s work was not only flawed, and false, but a fraud. His two books on human sexuality are fraught with error, insufficient research, flawed research, even corrupt research. He was in fact, a prominent, pathetic, pedophilic professor who taught that children are sexual from their birth and are “unharmed by sex with adults.”

The above information is supported by The Lancet, vol. 337, 3/2/91, p. 547: “In Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, Dr. Judith A. Reisman and her colleagues demolish the foundations of the two reports … Kinsey et al … questioned an unrepresentative proportion of prison inmates and sex offenders in a survey of ‘normal’ sexual behavior. Presumably some at least of those offenders were also the sources of information on stimulation to orgasm in young children that can only have come from pedophiles–or so it must be hoped. Kinsey…. has left his former co-workers some explaining to do.” But his co-workers did not explain; they only stonewalled.

Please understand that the British medical journal Lancet is charging that Kinsey chose prisoners and sex offenders to study human sexuality and he presented his work as representing normal people! Kinsey proved a basic law: false data produces false results.

Lazy writers quote him without question and his work is still accepted by a generation that likes his fake conclusions: any kind of sex is acceptable, appropriate, and not abnormal. He showed his depravity when he said, “The only unnatural sexual act is that which you cannot perform.” His fake results laid a solid foundation for the Playboy Philosophy. What a shock: the messengers, the message, and the methodology were flawed resulting in twisted, tainted, and troubled generations.

Kinsey’s “scientific research” purported to prove that even infant children were sexual beings capable of having pleasurable sexual experiences with adults! And those adults would be able to lead them into fulfilling sexual activity! Kinsey is now known to have been a sexual pervert and child abuser. He and his staff orally and manually stimulated to orgasm hundreds of children from age two months to fifteen years! He called it research but honest people call it child abuse and false information.

Dr. Judith A. Reisman is the heroin who courageously exploded the facts about the two Kinsey Reports (1948 and 1953) that uninformed people tout as ground-breaking when they were fake news of the worst sort.

Nelson Mandela was a former president of South Africa, member of the Communist African National Congress, and hero to most people but he was arrested and spent 27 years in a South African prison not as a civil rights fighter but for sabotage (and other crimes). When arrested he had on his person an article in his own handwriting, “Why I am a Good Communist.”

The white government offered him his freedom many times if he would renounce terror and violence but he refused and continued his prison sentence and enhanced his reputation as a weird kind of martyr. But white liberals are fearful of the truth and continue to produce fake news perpetuating the false information that Mandela was a highly principled man for all people to emulate. That is fake information intended to mislead.

Martin Luther King, Jr. had courage but little character. He made a contribution to the civil rights cause but few newsmakers are willing to tell the truth about his philandering, his plagiarism, and his prevarication. The young college students, some who died, were the real heroes of the civil rights movement while many of the leaders were more interested in a “buck and a broad” than in anyone’s civil rights. As the veteran activist Michael Harrington delicately phrased it, the movement was “not at all a sour-faced, pietistic” endeavor. “Everybody was out getting laid. Or trying to.”

The London Daily Mail (Aug. 30, 2013) reported, “Leading one of the most astonishing double lives in history, King was not just the Bible-thumping champion of the rights of man, but also an inveterate womaniser who cheated on his wife throughout their marriage.” So, slowly the media are willing to tell the truth about King even as they promote his contributions to the civil rights movement. In fact, the Daily Mail article paralleled much of my eBook, Martin Luther King, Jr.: Judged by His Character, Not His Color! available at amazon.com.

King slept with some of his church members as reported by the Daily Mail: “Sleeping with female members was the norm rather than the exception and King himself admitted that he didn’t know a single black preacher who was chaste.” That was a slander to the black preachers I know who are godly, committed preachers or maybe it says something about the preachers with whom King was associated.

One more bit of fake news that will test the character of readers who are committed to truth. In dealing with this subject, I take the chance of losing friends while I hand my critics a chain saw and climb out on a limb: It is fake news that six millions Jews were slaughtered in Hitler’s concentration camps! Now, the skinheads and Jew haters will probably run with this to the extreme and all Holocaust Deniers will be encouraged in their extremist views. Hitler was a rabid hater and be wary of those who try to explain, excuse, and exonerate him from his bloodbath of Europe. But, those interested in truth need not fear to admit that the original six million deaths was an overstatement by the Soviet Union. No principled person should be fearful of truth. Whatever the number killed, Hitler was still a monster.

The Polish government’s Auschwitz State Museum along with Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Center have conceded that the 4 million figure inscribed on a memorial plaque at Auschwitz was a gross exaggeration. It was removed and the authorities changed the total to 1.1 million deaths “of all causes.” Israeli Holocaust historian Yehuda Bauer said in 1989 that it is time to finally acknowledge the familiar four million figure [at Auschwitz] is a deliberate myth.

The Daily Telegraph for July 17, 1990 reported, “Auschwitz Deaths Reduced to a Million”; and the Washington Times of July 17, 1990 declared, “Poland Reduces Auschwitz Death Toll Estimate to 1 Million” No informed, honest person speaks or writes of six million Jews killed in Nazi camps.

One reason false prophets have been so successful with their fake news is because of a failing church. Pastors have simply failed to teach people to think for themselves, do their own research, commit to truth whatever the cost, and be willing to take a stand if they stand alone. In other words, modern church members are usually non-readers, non-thinkers, and non-doers. Moreover, many pastors feel less threatened when members don’t think.
Some of the information in this column has been offensive to some readers but it is better to disturbed by the truth than deceived by error.

What will you do with the truth? When my information changes, I alter my conclusions. What do you do?

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Fact, Fraud or Faith?

by Don Boys, Ph.D.


Only an uninformed fanatic says that evolution or creation can be proved scientifically. Christians believe in creationism because we believe in the veracity of the Bible but we also have scientific evidence to support our position. In every debate I’ve had with evolutionary scientists, the arrogant, asinine accusation is made, “Well, evolution is scientific while creationism is religion.” Evolution is about as scientific as a voodoo rooster plucking ceremony in Haiti. Almost.

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