Ferguson Fiasco: Rebellion, Riot, Revolution!

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The Ferguson Fiasco was not simply a rebellion of decent citizens who wanted to protest what they saw as injustice (there were those people) nor was it rioting of overwrought people, but is an attempted revolution committed by angry anarchists who utilized Mike Brown’s unfortunate death as cover. Of course their attempted subterfuge deceives only the uneducated, the unsophisticated, and the unthinking. The perpetrators should spend 20 years at hard labor after a swift trial. That was hard labor.

Michael Brown, who developed thugery to perfection, was killed by Officer Darren Wilson. One was a knight, the other was a knave. One was a hero, the other a zero. For honest people, there is no question that the right person died that day although no one had to die. It was not a “death-by-cop” but death-by-choice, Mike’s choice.

Does anyone believe that radical leftists would be so involved, so incensed, or so irrational if both men had been black? Obviously, they would not because they don’t care about the many Blacks that kill other Blacks every day in Chicago and other cities. On that issue, the race baiters are silent. It doesn’t fit their agenda.

Mike would be alive if he had not been high on marijuana and robbed a store only 15 minutes before he was lawfully accosted by the officer. Maybe the drug was the cause of his refusal to obey the reasonable and lawful order to stop walking in the middle of the street; the reason that he tried to take the officer’s gun; and the reason he continued to charge the officer who was armed and had already shot at him.

Radical leftists, especially in the media, are not interested in justice for Brown and, for sure, not interested in Wilson who simply did his duty and fought for his life. They are interested in their agenda regardless of the facts. They are the biggest hypocrites in America–people without principle. They found Wilson guilty from the start long before anyone knew the facts! Then after hearing the truth, they continue to regurgitate the same dishonest propaganda.

Mike Brown’s mother characterized her dead son as one who would “never do anything to anyone.” Her lawyer told ABC News, “I don’t worry about the due process for Officer Wilson.” Benjamin Crump went on: “I worry about the due process for the little black boy dead on the ground.” So, the Brown attorney is not interested in justice; it seems he wants to lynch a white police officer. Then he characterizes big, burly, boisterous Brown as a “little boy”! What a jerk!

A black celebrity called Brown “merely a child.” The true story is that he was a 292 pound bully who flashed gang signs in photos and took drugs, at least marijuana.

Informed people have always known that liberals have problems with thinking but it seems they also cannot read because I have never seen such distortion, deception, and dishonesty as in the media coverage of the Brown shooting.

Officer Wilson’s life is destroyed because of Big Bully Brown and he will always have a target on his back. Moreover, all police officers will hesitate before defending their own life or an innocent person’s life because of the Ferguson Fiasco. Other potential police officers will refuse to subject themselves to such treatment and will choose a less stressful profession.

To those people who still have praise for Brown and seek persecution and prosecution for Officer Wilson, I want to ask whether they honestly think the world would be better if Brown had successfully taken the gun and killed Wilson? Surely, no honest, clear-thinking person takes that position.

The rampage in Ferguson must not be used by frustrated patriots as a reason for revolt to begin “America’s Second Revolution” because that would play into the hands of America-haters who take advantage of every crisis to “totally remake America” in the image of other totalitarians.

There is no doubt that Brown chose to die as a thug who resisted authority. His parents obviously raised a rebel and must take some, not all, maybe not much, but some blame for rearing a young man who did not respect authority and that lack of respect caused his death.

I would believe the same thing if Brown had been white and Wilson had been black. Race only matters to the racists.

For those trying to decide on the right and wrong of this issue, I ask: would you want to live in a city without any Officer Wilsons? For sure, considering all the facts, the right person died in Ferguson.

Maybe this is evidence of a Black Klan led by Obama, Holder, and Nixon (white man) with Rev. Al as their Kludd (chaplain). Welcome to the new thugocracy where thugs rule and fools follow faithfully.

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