Ferguson Riots: Principled People Repudiate Rioters!

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America’s melting pot is seething and about to explode. Two generations have been taught that Blacks are special because they were slaves more than a hundred years ago. Because of that they are to be considered a special group and not held to the same standard of others. That is classic racism.

We are watching lowlifes in Ferguson, Missouri turn a serious local incident into a witch hunt and a national campaign of racial bigotry that would make the most rabid Kleagle (organizer) of the KKK blush with shame–with abundant help from the Moguls of the Media.

While consisting of 14% of our population, we know that about 60% of black births are illegitimate but we must not discuss it. We know that prisons are full of black criminals but that is embarrassing. We know that many black areas are so dangerous even police officers are fearful to enter.

But Blacks were slaves. No, they were not. Not one person now in America was a slave. It is time to realize that the disgraceful time of slavery in the U.S. (a product of Whites and Blacks) is not an excuse for affirmative action, parasitic welfare, violence, immorality, looting, vandalism, school absenteeism, etc. Many of us would find slaves in our ancestry if we traced it because slavery had no racial boundaries.

I am so weary of racial bigots making race an issue when it is not an issue. Let’s ask the honest question: Did the suspect (whatever his race) do the dastardly deed or not? People with character will stand with truth not with emotion–even when a friend or family member is the culprit.

How can America be racist when we have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 20% of the federal workforce is black while only 14% of the population is black? Furthermore, more than 40% of all federal entitlements go to black Americans and that’s more than three times the rate that go to Whites. Moreover, the top entertainment “stars” are black as well as being among the wealthiest of Americans.

Every American has a constitutional right to discuss, disagree, and debate anything in America. I have always defended that right. However, no one has a right to shoot at police, throw bottles and Molotov cocktails, burn, loot, and destroy to express their views. Only thugs do such things and since I don’t like thugs, I suppose I’m a thugaphobe.

It is always tragic when someone is killed and more so when it is a young person; however, even young people must be held accountable for their actions. In the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Michael Brown, known as the “gentle giant,” was killed by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9 and the streets have been full of protesters and looters. Armed rival gangs are involved and at least two people have been shot. Many protesters were seen with guns. The protest area has been called, a “battle zone.” The governor has called out the National Guard and a midnight curfew was imposed. The pot keeps simmering.

Even though the “teenager” was unarmed, he was 6’ 4” and weighed 292 pounds, had just robbed a store, and was walking in the middle of the street with a friend. According to reports, a police officer told them to move to the side of the street. The officer did not know about the robbery. There was an altercation and Michael fractured one of the office’s eye sockets and tried to take his gun. He failed and was shot six times; however, more than a dozen witnesses confirm that he was charging the officer. The officer shot six times (not knowing whether he hit him or not) and Mike finally fell dead in the street. A county autopsy revealed that marijuana was in his system. The “gentle giant” had problems with decision-making.

The protesters say they want “justice” but they really want the blood of the officer who was defending himself and following police protocol. They are demanding the death penalty for the officer! A police official was intimidated into releasing the name of the police officer although everyone knew it was putting a target on his back. So much for profiles in courage! A television station even showed where the officer lived, putting his life in additional danger.

A thousand people marched and Black Panthers chanted: What do we want?– Darren Wilson! How do we want him? – Dead! Such people are scum. Others chanted, “Time to kill a cop!” The New Black Panthers led a large crowd of “useful idiots” in chanting, “Black Power, Black Power.” Why aren’t those lowlifes in jail?

Missouri State Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson was placed as head of the police response team and seems to be a qualified black officer; however, he made matters worse by hugging and commiserating with the protesters! A rookie cop knows better than that.

During confrontations with police the protesters refused to disperse and police fired tear gas thereby breaking up the crowd of hundreds of people. Principled people know that many of the protesters are simply thieving looters who would have been shot 80 years ago. Looters have historically been shot!

Decent, law-abiding citizens will always defend the right to protest in America but no person with character will defend the looting, burning, robbing, and shooting of people. When the explosion happens, such people–the protesters and their supporters–will have bloody hands. That goes for Obama, Jackson, Sharpton, NAACP, and cowardly politicians who made racist decisions for personal benefit.

Principled people will repudiate the violent protesters in Ferguson and honor a courageous police officer who did what he was trained to do.

(Next column: “Ferguson Riots: The Death Rattle of a Great Nation Marching into the Dark Night of Racial Wars?”

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