Get Ready for a Major Terrorist Disaster!

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I don’t mean to alarm people, but I do want to alert, awaken, and activate everyone. Most readers will roll over and mutter, “Don’t bother me”; however, some will listen and change their direction.

If you awaken tomorrow morning and discover that a major U.S. city has been bombed and millions are dead with millions more exposed to radiation, you will understand that you have witnessed the demise of a once-great nation. Those with an understanding of history will also realize that we are surely in a Hundred Years’ War between koranic Muslims and the rest of the world. Muslims have known this was coming for decades.

If U.S. intelligence officials are wrong and there is no danger from terrorists and Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked by a few terrorists then breathe a sigh of relief, thank God for His mercy, and continue with your life. However, if U.S. spooks are right, you and your family will be cold, hungry, and dependent on others to provide for your basic needs. Is it wise to take such an unnecessary risk?

Some people do not want to recognize the problem because they are dreamers, others are delusional, and still others are deniers! The dreamer does not want his life to be totally upset (who does?), so he blithely walks through life without looking at reality. Dreamers are so much happier in their dream world. After all, in dreamland they don’t have any problems, don’t have to make difficult decisions, and always feel warm and fuzzy. There is no confrontation, conflict, or combat. So why wake up? I would like this column to be a fire bell in the night to awaken them from their slumber.

The delusional cannot be helped. They will not even consider the possibility that the world is going to undergo an incredible change very soon. They think by not wanting something to happen, it will not happen. They are wrong. Furthermore, handwringing won’t do any good either!

Then there are the deniers. These people have made up their minds that God would never permit America to go down. We are so special, so strong, and so supreme. So stupid.

So I have some practical suggestions for the approaching disaster. The power may be off for long periods of time so you may not have lights, heat, or refrigeration. Water may not be pumped into your home, and phones may not work, even cell phones since the towers may be destroyed. Elevators may not work; same with trains, subways, and traffic lights. Banks will fold as will insurance companies and major corporations. Don’t count on your job being there or your investments, even guaranteed investments. When governments teeter on the cusp of collapse, there are no guarantees. Well, you get the idea that you won’t have a nice day!

While no one on the face of the earth can say for sure how bad it is going to be, it will be bad, and Proverbs tells us that the prudent man looks ahead, sees the danger, and plans for it. The fool goes on and must suffer for his folly. So pray and hope for the best and prepare for the worst. After all, you don’t have to believe the worst is going to happen to prepare for it! Your fire insurance policy is an example of that. You don’t really expect a fire but you have insurance, don’t you?

I don’t want to be melodramatic but knowing that politicians have a tendency to over-react I see ominous days ahead. If our cities are in flames, jobs are gone, people are hungry, hospitals are full, funeral homes are open 24 hours, banks are closed, major corporations are bankrupt, government checks are no longer being mailed, citizens are angry, hungry, and scared then we can expect officials to continue to do stupid things, only quicker. Martial law may be the norm in disaster areas. We have never heard the chilling march of highly polished jackboots on deserted and darken streets; moreover, the Constitution may be put in a velvet box for the duration, and America may only be a goose-step away from goon squads.

You are not responsible for what government does but you are responsible for what you do. Moreover, you have control over your money. Make decisions today based upon what officials tell us will happen tomorrow. When cities are burning each person will try to cash in his chips, and you will have to stand in line, a very long line. When everyone wants out of the market at the same time, most people are crushed. That is what happens when a crowd of people runs for the exit at the same time. Only the first few usually make it without being crushed in the stampede, and that stampede will be worldwide. If the U.S. market plummets with the destruction of our major cities then the tsunami will swamp the markets of the world. That means worldwide depression.

Young stockbrokers who have never worked at any other job tell you that the market is not vulnerable as it was in the early 1930s. “We now have government controls in place. Don’t worry. Keep investing. The old rule has been repealed: what goes up does not have to come down. Just make out your check to the XYZ Investing Co. and we’ll take care of you.” The average investment counselor is like a small boy standing waist deep in gasoline flicking a cigarette lighter. Most people do not know how volatile the world markets are and how they respond to U.S. markets.

As for getting ready for bad times a good rule to follow is that it is better to be a year early than a day late. Pay off your house and car and purchase “things” that will be useful such as tools, guns, ammunition, food, etc. Think of what you might need if society closes down. You should purchase non-electric tools and make sure they are quality goods since they may have to last.

You should start putting aside small bills for the crash. While no one knows how long the money will be good, all societies must have a medium of exchange. U.S. money will probably be good but do not count on ATMs, banks, or credit cards.

Look for other ways to do things. Be innovative and inventive. Get rid of unimportant and nonessentials from your life. Have a massive yard sale and sell things you have not used in years. Keep in mind those things that could be used for barter, but non essentials will not have much demand. Now is the time to sell your baseball cards, beanie babies, cabbage patch dolls, and other collectibles.

The waters may be calm today but that does not mean there are no crocodiles in the water! Get out of the water now and prepare for a difficult tomorrow! The fuse is burning and the clock is ticking!

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