Give Trump Time: After all, it Takes Nine Months to Produce a Baby!

President Trump is getting flak from all groups for not producing what he promised; however, his critics are being unreasonable. It must be remembered that he was not chosen as dictator or benevolent monarch but as President–meaning that he has limited powers. Does anyone suggest that he should be able to give a command and it be obeyed? He has been given power but not absolute power. After all, he’s only the President of the United States.

It takes time to drain a swamp since the alligators, pythons, poisonous cottonmouths, and other less than desirable swamp creatures will fight to the last for the right to rule the territory. Moguls of the main stream media; bank, insurance, and other financial lobbyists; loopy lowlifes in the entertainment industry; radical politicians of both parties; leftist academics from the nut factories; and entrenched longtime bureaucrats who have lived for decades deep, deep in the swamp will not give up easily. His enemies are formidable.

Stop being so pushy. He has been President for less than 60 days and he can’t snap his fingers and do miracles. After all, it does take nine months to produce a baby and it can’t be rushed!

In addition to the above, he has former President Obama (my, but that does sound melodious to the ears so I will repeat it: former President Obama) and the shadow government working day and night to frustrate his ambitious plans.

Furthermore, Trump made some incredible promises, not like some presidents who only promised to “go to Korea” or to put a “chicken in every pot.” He promised to dismantle the dream of utopians: Obamacare! It must be remembered that that became law without any member of congress reading it! Then, we discovered we had been sold a pig in a poke–a dead, decayed, and diseased pig in a poke.

We must hold Republicans responsible for doing health care right since it affects every one of us. They must be as accountable as the Roman bridge-builders who stood under their arches as the scaffolding was removed. If they made a mistake, the whole thing would come down on their heads. They had to do it right, or else! No more excuses. We should remove every Republican (since all of them promised to repeal and replace Obamacare) who botches that issue. And if Trump punishes conservatives who insist on doing as they promised, then he should feel our wrath.

I, like all sane people, want to see a simplified and reduced tax code, but this tax monster has been growing and mutating for decades. It seems to have a life of its own and will not go softly into the dark night but will only go kicking and screaming. However it goes, I will be thrilled at its going. Trump could endear himself to all sane Americans by buckling on his sword and slaying the monster by decapitation: totally dismantle the IRS! But alas, even Trump may not be that committed, that courageous, and that conservative.

But what if Trump caves and “gives away the store” to Democrats and the Grand Old Progressives? What if he has a loss of memory and forgets all his promises? If so, he will prove what some of us thought: he is a brash, boisterous, belligerent politician–without character and should be without supporters and friends. I’d rather have an honest enemy than a dishonest friend such as Republicans who break promises. Then we can Dump Trump and all Republicans in 2020. I also believe if that happens, no one will trust another politician again.

Meanwhile, all Americans should give Trump time to keep his commitments to all of us as we understand there are some things you can’t hurry, like producing a baby. Babies take about nine months and you can’t speed up the process by putting nine women on the job and expect it to be done in one month!

Babies take nine months to produce. Give Trump time to produce.

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