Governor Deal Caves to Perverts, Hollywood, and Big Business!

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Governor Nathan Deal permitted himself to be bullied, badgered, and blackmailed into doing a shameful, sordid, and senseless act. He vetoed legislation (House Bill 757) that would have protected churches, Christian schools, mission boards, etc., from militant, mad, and malicious homosexuals. Contrary to published reports the bill would not have protected Christian-owned businesses in their refusal to advance a perverted lifestyle.

Neal looked pathetic in his office with a disreputable gaggle of leftwing activists figuratively standing beside him twisting his left arm behind his back as he vetoed the bill. The twisting was done by Georgia’s homosexual community, pathetic transgenders, the Hollywood crowd, the ACLU, Disney, Coca-Cola, the NFL, Democrats, and other far leftists.

Deal, now known as “the pathetic puppet of the perverts,” made an obviously untrue statement when he declared: “I do not respond very well to insults or to threats. The people of Georgia deserve a leader who will make sound judgments based on solid reasons that are not inflamed by emotion.” Nathan caved to some of the most despicable people on earth proving his statement to be a lie. Georgia does not have such a leader in him. His veto was not one of “sound judgments” or based on “solid reasons.” This action smells of the foul odor of capitulation, cowardice, and corruption.

The Governor said that one reason he vetoed the bill was because people of faith don’t have to worry about discrimination because of the “broad protections of the First Amendment of the United State Constitution.” Nathan must have been living in a cave for the last few years. The first amendment has been skewed and twisted like a pretzel to where Christians have lost what protection they used to have. That’s exactly why this bill was so important! Without this bill, preachers and Christian school administrators will be made criminals because of their biblical principles. That is pre-Bill of Rights days.

A news report declared, “Republican majorities passed the bill to broadly protect people acting on their religious beliefs. It would have protected clergy who won’t perform gay marriages and people who won’t attend a wedding for religious reasons. Churches and affiliated religious groups also could have declined to serve or hire someone based on their faith.”

However, the bill’s adversaries said it would permit discrimination and could trample local ordinances protecting LGBT people. In this up-side-down world where right is wrong and wrong is right, it has become acceptable, even desirable, to take rights away from Christians and favor the discriminators who try to force us to change our deeply held beliefs.

Furthermore, the bill had been “watered down” where it offered no protection to a business person with biblical convictions being permitted to refuse to celebrate or endorse any kind of perverted behavior. It would have only protected churches, Christian schools, mission boards, etc., so Deal’s veto was even more disgraceful, despicable, and deplorable than at first glance.

Money speaks and politicians listen. The Metro Atlanta Chamber, a business powerhouse, was a major player in this sell-out. So were Atlanta’s three professional sports teams. It was simply a cold, cruel, and cynical decision made disregarding the decent people of Georgia. The proponents of perversity used undisguised threats of boycotts to control the Governor. Now, maybe it’s time to boycott Coca-Cola, Disney, all three Atlanta sports franchises, the NFL, Time Warner, and all Hollywood movies. We should hit them where it hurts: their cash registers.

The powers-that-be made it clear that Atlanta would have no chance of hosting the Super Bowl if Bill 757 became law so Deal made a deal and sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge. How ironic it would be if Atlanta did not get the Bowl. At least Deal got his.

Deal said, “Our people work side by side without regard to the color of our skin, or the religion we adhere to. We are working to make life better for our families and our communities. That is the character of Georgia. I intend to do my part to keep it that way. For that reason, I will veto HB 757.” That is the reason! What is “that”? What does the color of one’s skin have to do with the freedom of Christians (or other religions) to simply practice their faith as they have done for centuries? Deal is trying to project himself as doing a brave and salutary act when he is more like the piano player in a whore house pretending he is totally innocent of what’s going on upstairs.

Deal failed to “keep it that way.” What he did was continue the status quo for a homosexual to require a Christian to cater to his perverse lifestyle such as bakers being forced to bake a cake celebrating homosexuality; photographers forced to photograph “gay” weddings; etc. He further failed to protect pastors who refuse to “marry” homosexuals. He failed to protect school girls who want to shower without a horny boy watching them.

I doubt Deal will sleep well tonight knowing he betrayed decency, decorum, honor, morality, the Scripture, and thousands of years of civilization. Deal chose to stand with the likes of the ACLU, LGBTQ, every Democrat in the General Assembly, the transgenders, the National “gay” rights groups, the Big Business Boys, and other totalitarians.

But his sleep will also be disturbed by courageous Republicans who plan to override his veto, and his pastor should make immediate plans to bring him under church discipline. He told Republicans to “recognize that the world is changing around us.” But I will remind him that God doesn’t change.

The Governor showed himself to be a weak, wishy washy, wimp trying to ingratiate himself to the most radical groups that are a scab on the face of civilization.

I think the Governor needs to make an appointment for a spinal transplant but he will need to get in line behind Governor Pence of Indiana.

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