Grandmother Has Slept With Over 900 Men–Husband Approves!

Well, my day has not been wasted since I learned something: there are people out there who sleep with the opposite sex as therapy–and get paid for doing so! A 68-year-old grandmother claims to have been happily married for 33 years, and during those years she has slept with more than 900 men and has “transformed many of their lives.” Almost sounds as if she spends her life working with the poor in the slums of Mexico City. Hand me a barf bag!

News accounts reported that she is a “sex surrogate” who treats men who have difficulty with sex, mainly virgin men or those having trouble with premature ejaculation. She is paid $300.00 for each two-hour session. Not sure about tips or if credit cards are accepted, or if she gives green stamps. Her husband has no complaints with her “work.” I’m not sure if it is because he likes the extra income or is missing a backbone.

This committed sex worker works out of her home even though her husband is present. Not sure whether he handles the paperwork or controls the timer or what. He met her when he was a client needing help with erectile dysfunction. I don’t know much about this issue, but I should think that there are little pills that will take care of that rather inexpensively although the side effects could include dandruff, sweaty hands, bad breath, loss of hair, splitting nails, wrinkled skin, weight gain, and a heart attack or two. But then using the pills would mean a big savings plus not facing the judgment of God for sexual immorality. It would be interesting to know if she or her “patients” have ever taken “something” home they didn’t plan on!

I also learned that there is a “professional” group that certifies sex surrogates. It is called the International Professional Surrogates Association. Their president said that about “half of the organization’s clients are middle-aged virgins.” She declared that these “people are socially handicapped,” and they “need encouragement in a safe, gentle environment.” Sure. She should have said that they simply wanted sex but saying that might be too crass, crude, condemning, and even cruel, although correct.

I suppose using a “certified” sex surrogate makes the activity appear moral and acceptable instead of abhorrent and abominable. Without proper certification some people might think that it is a form of prostitution. Certification of sex surrogates, like certification in other fields such as education, medicine, religion, law, etc., will guarantee safety, quality, and sincerity, at a reasonable price. We’ve all noticed class, competency and cost efficiency in those fields, haven’t we?

The organization got started with the help of sex experts Masters and Johnson in the 1970 (how does one become a “sex expert”?) and had about 300 certified members. However, it was rather controversial (really!) and when the AIDS plague slapped the world in the face, the membership dropped to about 40 today. The AIDS epidemic of the ’80s “reduced the career’s appeal.” I can’t imagine why!

In recent years, men have become very interested in being certified as sex surrogates. Now that really surprises me: men want sex and are willing to be paid for it! Shouldn’t have any complaints about overtime. About 40% of sex surrogates are men who are willing to give a woman two hours of their time, talk, touch, tenderness–and sex for $300. We are told that women really benefit from on-hands sex treatment! Wow, if that really became popular, it could close down the Street Walkers of America.

Elisabeth Lloys is a professor at Indiana University, the home of Alfred Kinsey who was a certified but depraved child sex molester who masqueraded as a sex expert. She reviewed 32 different studies and discovered that a third of women “never have an orgasm” during intercourse. Her answer: male sexual surrogates to the rescue! My, my, such dedication and commitment to American womanhood! Aren’t men so thoughtful and giving!

Now, the modern “proper” response to all this is a yawn, a smile, and a sickly, “Well, you know, whatever works,” or “different strokes for different folks,” and even religious leaders (who can’t even lead in silent prayer) acquiesce with a strange silence. After all, we must not be judgmental or discriminatory against sexually deficient people. If we are critical, we might even be self-righteous and be using criticism as a cover for personal sins that are just as reprehensible.

The Old Testament prophet Jeremiah wrote about people like this who could not blush over their abominable sins. In Jer. 6:15 he wrote, “Were they ashamed when they had committed abomination? nay, they were not at all ashamed, neither could they blush.” Sure, we have always had people who did vile things but they never boasted about it–until recent years. Now, villainous people cannot blush and try to make their critics feel uncomfortable, unfair, and unreasonable. Not this dude!

This sexually active grandmother lives in California which, of course, is no surprise since that is the land of fruits, flakes, and nuts–lots of them.

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