Guns: Are Loonies Running this Nation?

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Every day I am amazed, angered, and agitated when I see people in various positions of authority doing silly, senseless, and stupid things–especially if those people work for me! It is an embarrassment to the human race to see dumb, even super dumb decisions by politicians, police, and educators. I seriously believe this is proof of the wreckage of public education and the result of generations of druggies. It’s also proof of the castration of police officers. Maybe the chickens are coming home to roost. The loonies have taken over the asylum.

Recently a 10-year-old Alexandria, Virginia boy was arrested after police said he brought a toy handgun to school. The boy was charged as a juvenile with brandishing a weapon, police said. The boy was also suspended from school and the brilliant school superintendent assured everyone that further action was being considered, including expulsion. Should one of those educators or policemen have said, “Maybe we are a little hasty here. The boy did not have a weapon. He had a toy, an obvious toy. Why don’t we all breathe deeply and count to ten?” They did not because they are a bunch of idiots with badges (and worse, they have guns!) and educators with accredited degrees who are dumb as a box of rocks. Could they even count to ten?

That boy with a toy plastic gun was arrested and suspended while a Texas teacher received a short suspension for pouring real shavings of a real pencil sharpener down a real boy’s throat. Boy, those educators are serious people, aren’t they? I mean, they know what’s really important. They only suspend a stupid and dangerous teacher and arrest and suspend a kid with a toy! Yep, the loonies are in control.

A police spokeswoman said that the boy showed the toy gun to another student but did not point it at anyone or threaten to shoot it. However, the boy did not tell his friends that the plastic gun with an obvious orange barrel tip was not real! Maybe he did not because he would have felt like a fool to do so. The police got to the school ahead of the boy early Tuesday morning since this was such a serious and dangerous case.

When the boy arrived at school, authorities found the toy in his backpack. He was taken into custody, transported to a juvenile detention center for booking, and then released to his parents.

A school official said, “The safety of our students is always our first concern. We appreciate the quick response and action by our police.” Yeah, and I’ll bet local citizens would appreciate such haste when they have a burglary, assault, or a prowler in the neighborhood. I wonder if parents get a “quick response” from school officials when they ask why their sixth grade kids can’t read. And what about the safety and well-being of this 10-year-old boy?

A silly police spokeswoman said, “In light of current events involving schools and guns, police do have a heightened sensitivity to any rumor or concern” about a student possibly having a firearm. But the student didn’t have a firearm. He had a plastic toy that had an orange tip in the barrel. Are these people trying to showcase stupidity? Is it now “cool” to be brainless? Or is this simply a way to make a radical, leftist statement: “Guns are evil, even play guns and pictures of guns. We stand for righteousness, decency, safety, and the American way.” Not the America where I grew up. Maybe they are pumping for a White House visit or at least a mention by the President. But then it may be to make the point that only “government officials” should have guns! Fools!

A seven-year-old Maryland student was suspended for shaping his breakfast Pop-Tart into a “gun” by mistake. He said he was trying to “make a mountain” but it broke. The kid was making a mountain out of a Pot-Tart and the adults were making a mountain out of a molehill. He was playing! That’s what kids do if only stupid adults would come back to the real world, do their own jobs, and leave the kids alone. He didn’t plan on shooting anyone with his broken Pop-Tart!

Recently two kindergarten boys were suspended for “shooting” with their fingers and saying, “pow.” Wow, we have a crime spree on our hands led by kindergarten students! They are probably part of a crime syndicate! Probably out of Chicago. A second grader in Colorado was suspended for pretending to throw a hand grenade at “evil forces” to “save the world.” He “threw” the pretend grenade at a pretend box of pretend evil doers. Serious business! He said, “I was trying to save people and I just can’t believe I got dispended.” I can’t either. The authorities should have been “dispended” and let the kid run the school.

Maybe it is confession time so here goes: I confess to “shooting” a little boy in front of the Ringgold, Georgia Post Office. I walked out the front door and saw a small boy sitting in a truck directly in front of me. Our eyes met and I knew he was up to no good. My juices started to flow, the left corner of my mouth dropped as I sneered and I immediately drew my finger, stretched back my thumb and shot him point blank, beating him to the draw. He grabbed his chest as he fell over into the front seat of the truck. Not sure how many times I hit him. Since that happened on Federal property, I’m sure I broke one of the stupid gun laws, so come and get me.

Yes, loonies are running our schools, police departments, media, and most political offices. Where were these fanatics when I was in a West Virginia elementary school? I would have been thrilled to be suspended for a few days. I “shot” students every day and no one objected, not even those being “shot.” Of course, the teachers and administrators were too busy educating students to make fools of themselves as their modern counterparts do.

If such jerks were in our school system in those days and acted like modern jerks, we would have literally run them out of town! Or maybe horsewhipped them at the courthouse square.

But “you can’t fix stupid” as a famous philosopher said.

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