Hate Mail From One of My Muslim Fans!

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The natives are getting restless! Hate mail from the peaceful followers of Mohammed has accelerated in recent weeks as they respond to my book, ISLAM: America’s Trojan Horse!, my website, Muslimfact.com, and my weekly columns. Two common denominators: vicious, vile, and venomous hate and classic examples of non-thinking.

Following is a response to my column, “Why Are U.S. Moderate Muslims Not Protesting Sharia and Jihad?”

I was accused of “malicious lies” because of my charge that koranic Muslims cannot be moderate. He asked, “How cam (sic) you justify making such dishonest, idiotic generalizations about me?” He asked if I could read his mind. No, I can’t and it’s a good thing since I would be exposed to kaleidoscope of pornography based on his correspondence. Here’s my premise: if a person accepts, and follows the Koran, then he is obligated to practice jihad and world domination by Muslims. By definition, such a person cannot be “moderate.”

He asked, “How do you know what I believe in?” I know because I know what the Koran teaches. He suggested that I needed to be “committed to a psychiatric ward.” I will skip another vulgar reference and jump to his charge that I believe all Muslims are a “cloned species that share a single identical thought!” If he is a devoted follower according to the Koran, he does share a single identical thought: Islam is the only valid religion and it must rule the world. Anyone who asserts that that statement is not accurate is either truth-deficient (see how politically correct I can be?) or is dumb as a box of rocks. Opps, I just backslid again.

He asked if I had supernatural powers and of course, I do not; however, I am closely connected to One who does. And we’re friends and I spoke to Him today!
He yelled, “I am an individual and you have NO CLUE AS TO WHAT I BELIEVE OR SUPPORT!” Oh, but I do since he claims to be a dedicated Muslim who swallows all the mistakes, madness, and mishmash in the Koran.

Evidently my critic professes to be a dedicated Muslim who does not believe in jihad and sharia but that’s impossible! He did not try to answer my following statement that all Muslims must not only believe but practice jihad: “My Koran was published in Medina so it is as authoritative as you can get and it clearly teaches ‘holy war’ or Jihad in sura 2:190 and many other places. To be sure that the dullest of Muslims understand the meaning of that verse, Muslim theologians added a footnote on page 39 that hammers home the truth: ‘Al-Jihad (holy fighting) in Allah’s Cause (with full force of numbers and weaponry) is given the utmost importance in Islam and is one of its pillars (on which it stands). By Jihad Islam is established….Jihad is an obligatory duty in Islam on every Muslim….’ All Muslims must be active in jihad and sharia. End of discussion!”

I believe that Islam has a problem similar to Christianity: most followers are dumb as a sack of hair from the sweepings at the local barbershop. They don’t know what they believe.

He declared, “I am not protesting sharia and jihad because those corrupt creatures from your species have made their choice to behave as hateful, violent, bigoted, intolerant, prejudice and corrupt AS YOU!! They share the exact same hateful views as you do, YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IN COMMON WITH THEM.” It seems he didn’t read my paragraph above and claims that I believe in jihad and sharia!

He charged, “I uphold a much higher set of decent values and morals. I am not an evil, corrupt, lying, deceitful creature like you and your sharia buddies. And it is not my job as a Muslim to be the worlds (sic) baby sitter (sic) to every evil scum that’s (sic) spawns (sic) on planet earth sharing your corrupt values.” I discovered in that statement that I am a friend to sharia and that I expect him and other Muslims to be a babysitter!

Continuing his diatribe, he wrote, “If Muslims were obligated to play the superhero and clean up all corruption from earth then there would be no need for Hell in the after life (sic).” I did not charge in my column or anywhere else that Muslims are obligated to “clean up all corruption” on the earth. However, they should clean up their own house before they try to convert me.

He was wrong about stating that Hell is supposed to clean up the corruption that was on earth. Hell was made for the Devil and his angels and for those who have never accepted Christ as Savior. Furthermore, he was wrong in declaring that the purpose of this world was for God to split the world in two parts. He did not get that from the Bible.

My critic opines that God has split the world into people like him and “Immoral, corrupt, evil, hate mongering, narcissistic, prejudice, deceptive, violent, intolerant creatures like YOU and your religious extremist, fanatic, sharia friends who use lies to create division, hatred, discrimination who maliciously accuse innocent people like me.” There again I am connected to “sharia friends.” And “Islamic extremist friends.” Seems as if he has been sitting under the desert sun and has fried his brain. He is not thinking normally.

But then, maybe he is smoking those funny cigarettes.

Copyright 2013, Don Boys, Ph.D.

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