How to Raise a Serial Killer!

Yesterday, Tampa authorities announced the arrest of a serial killer that had almost kept the Seminole Heights neighborhood hostage for 51 days and had killed four innocent Tampa residents. Officials have the gun that was used in all four killings and the killer admitted to owning the weapon. The Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan declared, “I assure you this is the man who did this.” However, the killer did not admit the killings nor is there a motive at this time.

What many authorities overlook is that evil people don’t need a motive. They do evil because they are evil. Often, they think they are doing the world a favor by eliminating prostitutes, politicians, or perceived threats to the killer or to society.

While it is always shocking to learn of serial killings, they are going on all the time–usually done by men with women as their victims. Serial killers have an average I.Q. of 94.5; however, they come from all segments of society, even medical doctors.

A new report released this week in The New Yorker reveals “there are probably around 2,000 serial killers at large in the U.S.,” not the 500 as reported by the FBI! Researcher Thomas Hargrove has catalogued 751,785 murders since 1976. The FBI has 27,000 fewer in their records because some states do not report the cases to the FBI as required by law.

While the authorities want to apprehend serial killers since there are 1400 unsolved murders linked through DNA at present, I am interested in where those killers came from. The fact is, they come from our homes, and usually the future serial killers are nourished and developed unknowingly toward their future activities.

So, how does a family rear a serial killer–if one wanted to do such a monstrous thing?

It’s really not too complicated nor does it take much work to rear a serial killer. The secret is in what you don’t do. You don’t try to mold him; you don’t read the Bible to him; you don’t pray with him; you don’t show love and consideration in the home; you don’t discipline him; you don’t permit him to grow up with any structure; you don’t make him go to school and learn; you don’t make him work. In other words, let him grow up like a wild animal!

To raise a serial killer you will permit your child to do what he wants to do. Seldom let him hear the word no. Such a word can be frustrating to a young person. Permit him to do what he wants; after all, he is a person with as many rights as you. Who are you to tell him what to do? You are only a parent.

Furthermore, don’t ever discipline him. Let him grow up naturally, maybe like a weed. He will develop at his own speed naturally. Don’t try to guide, grade, and goad him. After all, natural is always best.

Don’t ever, under any circumstances, lay a hand on him, after all that is usually called child abuse. He should know that there are no rules, no regulations, and no requirements in his life. He can do what he wants when he wants to do it with no repercussions.

When he learns vulgar talk from older boys don’t show alarm, anger, or agitation. After all, it is only words and words can’t harm anyone, can they?

When he shows a mean streak, don’t try to force your sense of morality upon him. He can form his own standards of right and wrong. But really, who is to say what is right and what is wrong? Since there are no absolutes, there are no standards, so anything is right depending on the circumstances.

If he shows any interest in Sunday School and church, do not encourage him. In fact, forbid him to attend. It is coercion for you to get him dressed and take him by the hand to Sunday School and church. He may have Bible teaching forced down his throat, and you sure don’t want that, do you? Haven’t you heard about kids who were forced to go to church and it drove them insane?

If he goes to Sunday School and youth meetings he will learn to sing, “Jesus loves me this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Little ones to Him belong, they are weak but He is strong.” He may even learn to sing the catchy ditty, “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black, and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” He will learn from that song that God loves everyone; that people of all races are equal in God’s sight and are to be respected and loved.

Such songs suggest that Jesus is God and that may offend Muslim friends in the neighborhood or school. After all, Allah should have equal billing with Jesus and permit kids to decide whether they want to be Christians or Islamists. Your serial-killer-in-the-making is forming his life’s standards so don’t try to influence him in the “right” way because who are you to say what is right?

Moreover, at church he will no doubt be taught the Ten Commandments are to be obeyed by everyone at all times followed by consequences if they are not kept. That is too much stress for a kid to live with. If he hears much about the Ten Commandments, he may think he is expected to obey them. What kind of a life would he have if he thinks it is always wrong to lie? Everyone lies now and then. People are deceptive, disingenuous, and even dishonest every day. It’s a fact of life. What kind of life will he have if he believes he has to tell the truth all the time?

Another commandment that will surely frustrate and anger him is the one that forbids adultery. Now, no kid, especially a boy, should have to worry about that. After all, boys will be boys. A little fornication now and then is expected.

The one commandment you absolutely do not want to force upon him is the one that forbids murder, not if you want to raise a serial killer. So, he must not believe that life is sacred. He must not respect anyone. He must not be taught that murderers will be judged here and hereafter. His immediate desires are all that is important. If he shows rage and hatred, then those are precursors of violence later in life.

Keep him away from the Bible that teaches self-restraint, kindness, love, generosity, gentleness, and thoughtfulness. For sure, you do not want him to obey Christ’s command in Matt. 22:37-39, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” Obeying such a commandment will not help you produce a serial killer.

So, you have been successful in keeping your child away from Christian influence; you have never disciplined him; he has never exercised self-control; he does what he wants, goes where he wants, wears what he wants, and says what he wants. He is selfish, mean-spirited, angry at the world, and determined to have his own way at all times, so you have prepared him to become a serial killer. But he has much further to go before he makes the big time, goes to prison, or is executed.

Since he has been reared in a home without perimeters, without love, and without discipline, he probably is insecure and has major personality disorders. He may be wetting the bed often even as he grows older and if he likes to start fires, you may have a very violent boy in your home.

Soon, you will notice that his rage and lack of control is taken out on his toys then small animals. Even as young as four he may show a lack of concern for a cat or dog. He will get pleasure in pulling tails and ears and throwing pets around. When he plunges a cat into kerosene or gasoline and sets them on fire, you have made a potential killer.

You are almost there.

When he is a teen, you will notice that he is angry, out of control, hates school, is a loner, and is a bully–depending on his size. By this time, you are getting concerned over the problems in the school and neighborhood so you are forced into getting him help. He will probably end up on a highly potent medicine that may accelerate his personality disorders that have developed over his short life.

With the addition of mind-altering drugs, you have a disturbed, dangerous, even deadly teen who can explode any moment. That moment could be when he puts on a trench coat, gets access to weapons, and explodes during the beginning of his math class making headlines as a teen mass killer.

Or, he will more likely seethe in abnormal, antagonistic anger and sexual frustration killing a fellow college student, more often than not, a woman. Seventy percent of serial killers’ victims are women. And, it will usually be a sexual killing. If he gets away with that killing, he may go on to more.

Bingo, you have produced a serial killer.

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