I am Weary of Evangelical Leaders Pimping for Dreamers!

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Modern man is capable of making a major mess of things especially when his thinking is shallow, his theology is faulty, and his income is threatened. The immigration mess is a ticking time bomb and there are numerous politicians of both parties who must accept responsibility for that mess. However, it is not wise to compound the mess by further irresponsible meddling.

The meddlers are Evangelical leaders (not their followers) who presume to speak for those Christians foolish enough to follow them. Such leaders, as mentioned above, are guilty of shallow thinking, theology that is faulty, and are threatened with loss of income for those participating in resettling the “refugees.” I don’t doubt that many are sincere but they misuse Scripture to justify wrong, and it is always wrong to twist Scripture to accomplish even a noble result.

They twist the Scripture like a pretzel to make it fit their unreasonable, unconstitutional, and unbiblical demands about amnesty for dreamers. Such scriptural malfeasance is dumb, dangerous, and deadly! Religious leaders should not be talking about amnesty but accountability.

Dreamer-defender Evangelicals are misinterpreting, mishandling, and misusing the Bible to prove their case–unsuccessfully. All people who interpret ancient literature know that the first questions to ask are, “To whom was this written?”; “Who wrote it?”; “Under what circumstances was it written?”; and “When was it written?” Evangelicals are not asking those questions because to do so would defeat their dubious purpose–amnesty and open borders.

Recently, more than fifty Evangelicals signed the “Evangelical Leader Statement of Principles on Dreamers” which was the brainchild of Russell Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commissions of the Southern Baptist Conventions (SBC). Moore is an SBC leader that many in the membership wish would just go away; however, wishing doesn’t work.

Those religious domestic dreamers, commenting on the illegal dreamers asserted that to send illegal aliens (who were brought here by parents) back home is a “moral issue.” They are right since it is immoral to be in a nation illegally. They tell us that a Christian nation would gladly accept the dreamers; however, those people know that only persons can be Christian, not a nation. A nation can show some Christian principles in their laws but only a person can repent and receive Christ.

A few months ago, other Evangelical leaders waltzed down the same primrose path demanding citizenship for dreamers. However, they were trying to drive a square peg into a round hole with a sledge hammer, but it simply won’t fit. The President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference Samuel Rodriquez opined, “It’s about our Christian faith. It’s about Matthew 25 and Leviticus 19. It’s about finding a way where we can reconcile Romans 13, ‘respecting the rule of law.’” No, like many Evangelicals, he has to misuse, mangle, and misinterpret the Scripture to make it mean what it was never meant to mean.

The Bible twisters almost always use Exodus 23:9 to support their cause of immigration, amnesty, and sanctuary cities; however they use a flawed hermeneutic to build their tenuous case. That verse commands, “Also thou shalt not oppress a stranger: for ye know the heart of a stranger, seeing ye were strangers in the land of Egypt.” However, that chapter is dealing with an individual’s obligation to be gracious–not national guidelines for treatment of immigrants. Even novice theologians know that. Of course, those religious leaders who use that verse know what they are doing, but they are desperately trying to give credibility to a very shaky principle.

Verse 3 proves my contention about this being a personal obligation not a national policy. That verse warns the ancient Jews (and us today) that “Neither shalt thou countenance (give approval) a poor man in his cause.” Moses was warning us about showing favor to a person because of his condition, whether rich or poor. We are not to be influenced by our emotions but by justice. The ancient maxim is, “Let justice be done, though the heavens should be dissolved.” I heard one of the great evangelists of the last generation say, “Do right though the stars fall from Heaven.”

Leviticus 19:33 is also used incorrectly: “And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not vex him.” Again, the preceding verses prove that God was giving instructions for personal conduct by warning them not to consume blood; not to get tattoos or pierce their flesh; not to prostitute their daughters; not to break the Sabbath days; not to be involved with sorcery and fortune telling, etc. Then He warned them not to vex a stranger living among them. In fact, Moses went on to say, “thou shalt love him as thyself.”

These verses do not apply to the immigration issue even slightly. Illegal aliens purposefully chose to break our laws, even arrogantly demanding entrance into our nation expecting to be cared for upon their arrival. They are not sojourners or strangers but scoundrels (with a few innocent women and children) and are being encouraged to break our laws by many left wing religious groups, even some Evangelicals.

The senior pastor of Mosaic Church in Memphis said, “We were once the same kind of refugees. Our families come from similar situations.” No, many of these modern “refugees” chose to break the law and many come unvetted, uninvited, and unwanted to America.

Left wing Christians tell us that Jesus was a refugee; however, they don’t seek to prove it since it can’t be done. As a baby, Christ was taken to Egypt for a few weeks until the death of Herod but He was a visitor not a refugee. It seems many religious leaders have no shame when they try to be politically correct even as they are theologically corrupt.

Jews were to be kind to strangers because it was the right thing to do and it would be good for the strangers and good for the nation. Many foreigners visiting Israel were impressed by their faith, freedom, and fairness, and converted to Judaism. New Testament Christians are commanded by Christ to treat others the way they want to be treated.

Left wingers, including many Evangelicals, are belching out anger, angst, and animus as they twist Scripture to support citizenship for dreamers.

My critics declare that I am unkind, unreasonable, and even unchristian for opposing amnesty for dreamers, open borders, and sanctuary cities; however, their charge is not based on solid reasoning or the Scripture. They skew the Scripture to make it fit their unreasonable, unconstitutional, and unbiblical demands.

The dreamer issue is proof that many religious leaders wear pantyhose, silk shorts, shirts with lace around the edge and sniff perfume from frilly handkerchiefs–and are wrongly called men of God! They need to develop strength, stamina, spine, and a scriptural orientation if they are to advise others about the immigration mess.


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