I Was Wrong About DACA!

Well, I was wrong about DACA but no one knew it because I never went on record about young Hispanics from Mexico and Latin America and more than a hundred other nations who were brought to the U.S. by parents. And yes, many have lived here most of their lives. I had a problem with my heart and head in conflict. My liberal heart identified with the radical leftists who demand full citizenship for the “dreamers” who were brought here as young children. Then my head told me, “Hold it. Better check this out.” So, I listened to my very conservative head and checked it out. I was wrong. DACA is a major mistake in every way and President Trump has snookered us.

Birthed by Obama, DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. We are told that it is only right to give citizenship status to the innocent children since it wasn’t their decision to break our immigration laws. But what if a family breaks into Dollywood, Disney World, or Clyde’s Gator Farm without paying. When discovered can they plead that it is only right for them to spend all day without paying or being expelled? Maybe even a free lunch in the name of compassion. After all, they were already there.

I note that DACA zealots all use the same language in their pitch for amnesty and for sure, that’s what it is. Everyone speaks of “kids” and not simply “kids” but “incredible kids” and the strong implication is that they are all brilliant students, normal Americans, dedicated workers, future Ph.Ds; and budding Nobel Prize laureates. Others (less brilliant) are “proud members of the military.” It would almost be un-American to send them home. However, to give them citizenship is saying to the world: sneak into the U.S. as a minor and you will have citizenship. Under chain migration rules, a citizen can bring in his relatives so dreamers’ relatives also become citizens!

I see a major train wreck ahead. Or, to change metaphors, every ship ever constructed has a limit as to the number it can handle–so with a nation. The boat is full. Pull up the ladder.

We are told, “this is the only home they have known,” and they would find it impossible to adjust to the nation of their origin. However, that is not true. Mickey Kaus’ excellent Sept. 12, 2017 column in the Washington Post–yes, that Washington Post–reveals that most came here at 8-12 years of age (and older). Therefore, they were not brought here cradled in a parent’s arms; consequently, they would have little problem with their national language.

Moreover, dreamers would not be totally ignorant of the culture since most of them lived a few years in their homeland. Additionally, unknown to many Americans, a huge number of them came alone. A dreamer is not a dreamer because he or she was brought here by parents. Anyone who came here illegally under age 16 qualifies as a dreamer. Remember all those kids who rode the tops of trains and others who slogged alone across the border? Under Obama’s DACA’s rules to qualify, they were required to enroll in high school but they were not required to continue!

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) reveals that much of the propaganda from the promoters of amnesty is totally false. USCIS lists 149 nations from which DACA applicants came and 26 of those have English as the national language! Still others are from nations where English is often used by a large English speaking part of the nation. Furthermore, according to Matt O’Brien in his Issue Brief “at least 36 of the nations of origin listed by USCIS are European.” Most of those nations have very generous welfare programs far superior to the U.S. so a dreamer sent back would not be in financial difficulty.

Nor are they all innocent, academically superior, proud Americans since over 2,000 individuals were convicted of alien smuggling, sexual assault, and other crimes. Their status as dreamers was rightly terminated. Many others are about to be terminated. However, there should be a few exceptions for those who obviously would be a major contribution to America. In other words, select those and put them on the track to eventual citizenship.

The plea about them serving faithfully in the military is also bogus because fewer than 900 DACA recipients joined the military! That means a little more than one tenth of one percent of the total DACA population served in the military. That’s not the message my heart and head were getting.

Moreover, amnesty will only perpetuate more illegal crossings to gain citizenship. They won’t have to “stand in line” to come to America as our daughter-in-law did. She spent years getting her final papers. Now, she would be a fool to spend so much time and money when she could fly into a Mexican border town from Manila and wade one of the shallow spots at the Rio Grande. Voilà, she would become an American under Trump’s plan without waiting or spending money.

Trump is strangely demanding that illegal aliens receive amnesty and eventual citizenship whereas if they were returned to their country of origin, many of them would get much higher benefits than in America. Furthermore, Trump will have to tell true U.S. citizen youth how he can justify illegal aliens taking jobs and educational positions from true citizens.

Matt O’Brian suggested that many of the DACA applicants came from nations that are hostile to the U.S. Moreover, their nations of origin are not known for thorough vetting such as Pakistan, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Syria, and Yemen. Only a naïve fool suggests that we can be sure no terrorists are embedded in the DACA crowd.

Many politicians and media personalities are saying, “Is it fair to send the DACA kids back to their homeland” but they are asking the wrong question. They should ask, “What is the best decision for America?”

Finally, the number of DACA kids was 800,000 yet President Trump recommended 1.8 million would be covered and on the road to citizenship! Wait a minute! What happened? What did he get for more than doubling the number? Surely, a novice horse trader would expect something in return. In trading, you never give without getting.

President Trump, it is not in America’s best interest to add 1.8 million to a path for citizenship. That will not “make America great again.” The dreamers will turn America into a nightmare.

I was wrong and you were right about DACA Mr. Trump, but now I am right and you are wrong. I was willing to admit my mistake, are you?


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