Is White Pride Always Wrong?

Each Wednesday I post one of my old columns that I hope will be interesting, informative and maybe inspiring. Today’s column is one of the most controversal that I have written:

We have observed environmental fanatics, in collusion with the Federal government, going to outrageous efforts to preserve the snail darter, spotted owl, and the yellow belly sap sucker; so is it unreasonable to preserve America as the land of the free and the home of the brave? Why is it commendable for Blacks, Hispanics, and others to loudly proclaim their ethnicity, but when a white person does so, everyone treats him like a bigot? Last night I saw video of a young Martin Luther King Jr. declare, “I am proud to be black. Black is beautiful. Someone needs to say it.” Why is it right for him to say it about being black but wrong for me to say the same thing about being white? I will expect an answer from my critics.

Non-thinkers/racists/liberals are now defending their racism by calling me a racist! That’s like a skunk accusing a rabbit of having bad breath! Not too swift but no one says racists/liberals are very sharp or honest people. They are fanatics and totally committed to their radical agenda.

This is an issue that no one wants to deal with–the proverbial elephant sitting in a formal living room and everyone pretends it isn’t there! While I don’t want to be identified with the white supremacist crowd or the clowns of the KKK, I do think it is not only right but also desirable to be proud of our heritage–whatever our heritage is.

Of course, there are times when we are embarrassed with what white people have done and are doing, but that would be true of every group. Does affirming that fact make me a racist? Overall, white people have contributed enormously to make the world a better place–yes, even Christianized white people–that is people who aren’t Christians but who have been influenced by the Bible.

The desire to keep America the way it is with our language, customs, religion, mores, etc., is admirable and nothing to be ashamed of. Why should we want a major shift in the racial ratio, language, customs, religion, etc.? The desire for keeping America in its present state is a reason to be skeptical of mass immigration. Of course, there is no question regarding illegal immigration although liberals and Democrats (but then I repeat myself) usually try to justify such criminal activity.

My being proud of being a white Christian does not reflect badly on those who don’t fit that description, and my love for my wife and family and my considering them the best does no harm and is no criticism of others who don’t agree. Just because you think your wife is more beautiful than mine and your children and grandchildren are the brightest and most loveable does not make you a bigot. You are simply wrong, since mine are! (I have their test scores and photos to prove it!) Most sane people would agree that that attitude is desirable and completely normal. It would be abnormal if that were not true.

Massive immigration should be halted for a few years although I think exceptions should be made for those Americans who marry foreigners. In addition to temporarily halting or limiting immigration we should raise our standards requiring new citizens to sing in English all the verses of “America, the Beautiful” and whistle the National Anthem at the same time–with a mouthful of saltine crackers! Well, maybe not quite that extreme, but almost!

Hey, if unlimited immigration is good, then let other nations take in the immigrants who are “yearning to breathe free….” If it is noble, kind, and compassionate to take in an unlimited number of foreigners, then let the other advanced nations get the blessings of immigration. Furthermore, if immigrants are offended when I sing patriotic songs, fly the American flag, and pray to Christ, then tough luck. This is a big world so they can find somewhere else to live. There is plenty of empty space on the Arabian Desert!

If America continues as it is: permitting massive legal and illegal immigration we will eventually become a banana republic—without bananas and without a republic!

It is not racism to suggest that the racial ratio of America is being changed, and while some think the change is good, I don’t. Why must white people apologize for being white? Is there an advantage for losing national “whiteness”? Because we think being white is just as good as being black, brown, etc., is that prima fascia evidence that we hate other people? What is the advantage of changing the national hue?

Blacks, Indians, Latin Americans, etc., should be proud of their race, after all God made them that way. So would you mind if I believe that Whites should feel the same about being white? Would the racists out there forgive me for pointing out that white Christians (along with some scoundrels) came to this continent and discovered a land of forests, swamps, and tribes of warring Indians? There were no roads, no businesses, no churches, no hospitals, and no factories. Our ancestors drained the swamps, built log cabins and churches, planted crops, dug copper, coal, gold, and silver from the ground, built railroads, attempted to civilize the warring Indians (and made friends of the friendly Indians) and established a land of freedom and incredible opportunity like nowhere on earth. My critics will point out the mistakes and excesses which I am willing to admit; but I will add the many failures of the Indians and others, proving mankind’s fallen nature.
Moreover, I will point out that for thousands of years nothing had been done to develop the land, forests, rivers, and mining opportunities. Indians lived as they had for more than a thousand years, sitting around their campfires while their children and elderly died unnecessary and often early deaths.

Additionally, why make America into another Hispanic country? Aren’t there enough Hispanic countries as it is? There are far more nations populated by people of color than white nations. Why not have a mainly white nation here and there around the globe? Why do we need another Spanish-speaking or Islamic nation? Moreover, those who emigrate here should learn to speak English! That is the least they can do. Teddy Roosevelt suggested that any immigrant who did not learn English within five years of his arrival should be shipped back home! I agree.

Justin J. Moritz, a white, retired police officer, with no criminal record was refused a patent for “White Pride” by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because it “is considered offensive and therefore scandalous.” There is no justification for the USPTO to reject a patent for “White Pride” after approving Black Pride, African Pride, Asian Pride, Chippewa Pride, Gay Pride, Indian Pride, and many other “prides.” Can anyone defend such offensive policies and obvious discrimination? Only a racist would defend such a practice and only a fool would try.

I have defended minority people and groups all my life. I have demanded that people be treated like people. If all people are treated with respect, kindness, thoughtfulness, and graciousness, then everyone benefits. I do not endorse or support the NAACP because they are racist in seeking the benefit of “colored” people. Why not seek the advancement of people? Need civil rights leaders be reminded that the “Jim Crow” days are long gone? If we seek the advancement of everyone, that will cover Blacks, Hispanics, Whites, Indians, etc.

All my adult life I have detested unfairness, discrimination, narrow mindedness, political correctness, and cowardice. I am ashamed to say that national and state politicians, plus those in academia and the media, plus many evangelical Christians are guilty of all the above.

I await the slings and arrows from my critics and will appreciate some answers!



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