Knock-Out Questions Romney Should Have Asked Obama!

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I don’t question Romney’s sincerity, ability, and determination but I question his tactics in debate. Of course, the fact that John McCain is coaching him was his first mistake. McCain seems to be committed to the proposition that no one will ever accuse him of being a real conservative.

While I would not run if nominated and would not serve if elected, I wish I had been Obama’s opponent Monday night. Following are some questions I wish Romney would have asked:

“Mr. Obama, no patriotic American would make politics out of the Libyan disaster, but our citizens have a right to know why there was no protection at the consulate especially in light of the previous attacks. If you did not know about the previous serious attacks, it is incredible and inconceivable, and you should be impeached. If you did know about the previous attacks, it is incredible and inconceivable and you should be impeached since you did nothing to protect our people and property. If we could have Marines in consulates at places like the peaceful and placid Caribbean then why was there no protection in hot spots such as Benghazi? Do you think, in light of the attacks, that you should have attended your intelligence briefings rather than playing on the golf course?”

“Mr. Obama, if you knew immediately that the 9/11 attack was in fact a Muslim terrorist attack, why did you permit Ambassador Rice to appear on five television shows on Sunday and state categorically that it was a protest that got out of hand? Moreover, why did you, during your UN speech, use the silly video as the cause of the attack when you knew it was not so? (By the way, no one has claimed the video was inaccurate, only insensitive and inane.)”

“Mr. Obama, in light of the tragedy in Libya, why have no heads rolled in your administration? In such a situation, it has been traditional that the culpable persons should lose their positions. Saying, ‘I am responsible’ is not sufficient. Were those underlings following your orders? Many Americans want to hear a metaphoric guillotine blade fall a few times. It would send a powerful message to Americans and others. Yes, many in your administration have lost their minds but some should lose their ‘heads’ as well. You might start with a certain female!”

“Mr. Obama, are you finally willing to say the words, ‘Muslim terrorists’? No doubt you can mouth the words but you refuse to do so. Will you admit that Muslim terrorists are at war with the free world? Everyone else, except you, seems to be aware of that fact.”

“Mr. Obama, will you admit that every Koranic Muslim has an obligation to make the nation in which he lives, a Muslim nation? All educated people know that is a fact, but you seem to be reluctant to admit that fact. Why?”

“Mr. Obama, will you take the position tonight in front of the watching world that Sharia law must never be enforced in America and in fact, should be repudiated all over the Muslim world? If not, why not?”

“Mr. Obama, would you also state that Muslim women throughout the Muslim world should have equal rights and privileges in every area as men? If not, why not?”

“Mr. Obama, will you please tell Americans why there have been scores and scores of known radical, terrorist-supporting Muslims who have visited the White House, meeting with top administration officials? Those people are well known to the FBI and other agencies yet they have been honored to have multiple visits to the peoples’ House. I would also like to know if even one Fundamentalist or Evangelical has been so honored? Any Mormons?”

“Mr. Obama, as you know, many Americans believe you to be a not-so-secret Muslim because you were born into a Muslim family, educated as a Muslim, repeatedly said, ‘Allah is God and Mohammed is his prophet.’ That statement, said sincerely, is what makes one a Muslim if done before witnesses. Moreover, you have worn a Muslim ring all your adult life and even said on national television, ‘My Muslim faith,’ and you were ‘corrected’ by the interviewer! Sir, how can any sane person not believe you to be a Muslim? Does asking the question make me a bigot?”

“Mr. Obama, will you look us all in the eyes and declare firmly, ‘I am not a Muslim, have never been a Muslim, and will never be a Muslim. I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior, placing faith in His death on Calvary and faith in His bodily resurrection. I followed him in public baptism indicating my desire to be identified with Him and to live a committed Christian life as revealed in the Holy Bible. I am only a sinner saved by grace.’”

“Mr. Obama, Dr. Don Boys of North Georgia has been trying to get Muslim approval to start the Trinity Baptist church in Mecca and has received no help from any Muslim. Would you be willing to use your influence to help him start a Baptist Church in Mecca? After all, as a Christian you surely believe in missions, don’t you? Moreover, the Saudis have built 2,000 mosques in the U.S., so surely it is only reasonable that Mecca should have one Baptist Church. Boys would be willing to rent a store-front in Mecca or maybe he could rent the Kabaa since it is not used on Sundays. Maybe you and I could give an initial gift of $10,000 to get the church started! Let’s both agree to kick-start this worthy project. I have my checkbook with me, so let us show an ecumenical spirit and help the Baptists in this project.”

“Mr. Obama, you are aware of the many rumors circulating, especially in the Chicago area, that you have a very shady past. No doubt those scurrilous rumors are untrue and I am sure you can lay them to rest tonight. Please tell us what relationship you had with Larry Sinclair and with the murdered, openly homosexual choir director at Wright’s Trinity Church. Did you know those men and what was your relationship with them?”

Too bad those questions were not asked, but then most politicians, in all parties, are afraid of the truth. They will flirt with it, but never follow truth all the way. They will spin the truth, play with it, distort it, but never follow it to its conclusion whatever the results.

Now you know why I am no longer in politics!

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