Leftist Haters of the South are Daft, Dumb, Devious, and Dishonest!

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Cicero wrote, “There is no opinion so absurd but that some philosopher will express it.” Well, we are seeing that in America as fanatics, not philosophers, run to and fro tearing down Confederate flags, removing military statues, digging up Confederate Generals, and sandblasting names of southern heroes from school buildings. Such people have the misfortune to be unhampered by either character, convictions, or class; consequently, such contemptible nonsense is easy and normal for them.

All haters are pathetic people but those of the left are especially odious because of their self-righteousness. They are daft, dumb, devious, and dishonest people who only see out of their left eye. It they looked with both eyes, they would see the obvious racism on the part of black leaders who often use racism as a way to get their fifteen minutes of fame–and to raise a few bucks. Confederate monument removal is simply the con of the week.

I call such senseless activity the Pelosi Syndrome which is a syndrome named for the vocal California Congresswoman and refers to her ability to speak almost acceptable English despite not having a functioning brain and a coordinating tongue.

I understand that sensitive Blacks might be offended at confederate monuments; however, many of us are often offended by many things including their apparent desire to be offended, but we always get over it. They will too. However, they are being encouraged in their insanity by local and federal officials.

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings called for the formation of a task force to determine the fate of Confederate statues sitting in Dallas public parks. He opined, “This is simple. We could remove them, the question is, how do we heal on this issue? To do that we have to talk and listen to one another.” Well, there is another option: they can leave the monuments where they stand and all citizens can learn from them and become better people because of them and what they represent.

On one day, August 16, the headlines told the story of insanity: “Confederate monuments taken down in Baltimore overnight”; “NC SHERIFF ARRESTS MORE FOR MONUMENT TOPPLING”; “Pressure builds to remove Confederate faces off Stone Mountain”; “Brooklyn Army Base Urged to Rename Streets Honoring Generals”; “Black lawmakers say statues should come out of Capitol”; “Lincoln Memorial Vandalized”; “Dallas Mayor Calls Confederate Statues ‘Propaganda’”; and “Threats Force Hollywood Cemetery to Remove Memorial.”

Anyone see a trend here?

Americans on the left and the right sure know what’s important as is evidenced with this massive measure to move monuments while North Korea and Iran rattle their rockets. Some Americans are so concerned about stone or metal monuments and the “oppressive” message they convey that they spend their time and money to march, push, fight, yell, curse and get a face full of tear gas or risk a jail term or at least huge attorney fees. Those people need to get a life and job. (But then, many of them don’t need a job since they are funded by wealthy radical leftists.)

No one ever said all of our soldiers were valiant, virtuous, and venerable but if they were willing to die for a cause, they have a right to be honored for their sacrifice. I remind the know-nothings that soldiers on both sides were required to fight for their state and they followed orders that often meant death. Only jerks, mental midgets, or totalitarians would want to dishonor their memory.

And once again, I will remind everyone that Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression against the genteel southland was not to free the slaves as Lincoln admitted, but he used it later as a “sales job” to prosecute the war. Taxes, tariffs, and states’ rights to nullification were the original reasons brother fought brother with over 600,000 dead. However, uninformed or dishonest people keep saying otherwise.

The thing that offends me is that the hypocrites on the left are the most inconsistent, illogical, and immature people in the world. They get offended at a stone statue that simply stands there as a representative of U.S. History that does no harm and doesn’t change a thing about their daily lives. But they don’t get offended when race-baiter Louis Farrakhan spits out anti-Semitic, anti-white, and anti-American rhetoric and challenges non-thinking Blacks to kill white cops! I get offended that he is not sitting in a federal prison for such divisive, dangerous, and deadly activity. I get more offended that self-righteous racists don’t get offended by him.

The very sensitive Blacks and non-thinking Whites cannot get angry and disturbed when black racists chant “Black Lives Matter” and chant to police officers: “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon.” Would some leftist please try to justify that for me? Could those black protestors be racists? Moreover, those black protestors went further chanting, “What do we want? Dead cops. When do we want it? Now.” Wonder why these leftists are not demanding such people be indicted for incitement to riot, disturbance of the peace, and assault? Why are none of them in prison at this time; and why are black leaders who are so concerned about inanimate statues, not horrified at the live, angry racists with black faces demanding death to courageous police officers–of all races?

Will the faces of Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln be chipped away from Mount Rushmore? That is not a rhetorical question. After all Washington and Jefferson did own slaves and Lincoln met all the definitions of a white supremacist as I revealed in my previous column. I wonder if all mention of the religious nuts John Brown and Nat Turner will be removed from text books. Probably not and young minds will continue to be corrupted with such nut cases who are made out to be heroes!

Yet, the left clings to the myth that the war was fought over slavery! It is the height of insanity to think that poor southern men would leave their homeland to fight for $11 per month (raised to $18 per month in 1864) for the right of fewer than 5% of southerners to hold slaves! The average Confederate soldier fought for the south because they were forced to and to keep northern soldiers from invading their homeland. Why make this complicated–and dishonest?

It seems many politicians, academics, and media moguls who hate the courage, character, culture, and commitment of the South are doing their best to deny, denigrate, and destroy Southern values. However, they have jumped on a bandwagon with loose wheels and will not know total victory–not without another uncivil war.

If I may quote myself: “Tyrants, totalitarians, and toadies never change; and modern politicians contin¬ue as in the past: they exaggerate their successes, excuse their shortcomings, and excise their sins, and they do that by rewriting history–even wrecking history.” The Communists are famous for that kind of work.

Karl Marx made a very astute comment that works here: “If you can cut the people off from their history, then they can be easily persuaded.” That’s what is happening across America and historical truth will suffer; but leftists are doing what they do best: tearing down, never building.

It seems truth doesn’t matter to most people anymore.

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