Leftist Loonies Love Lions Better than Babies!

There is no question that hunting is legal and scriptural. If the Bible taught that killing animals was wrong I would teach that; however the Bible clearly supports hunting and the killing of animals. In Gen. 10:9, Moses wrote, “He was a mighty hunter before the LORD.” It should be noted that God killed the first animal and Adam’s son Abel made a sacrifice from his flock followed by thousands of animal sacrifices as commanded by God. Esau was also a hunter. In I Sam. 26:20 the passage reveals a partridge hunt in the mountains. So that settles that: hunting is legal and scriptural. In Judges 14, Samson killed a lion but did not take the food or a trophy.

I am not a trophy hunter, mainly because it is a waste of money and time; however, it is legal so I don’t condemn those who hunt big game. The Bible indicates that one should hunt for food since Pro. 12:27 says, “The slothful man roasteth not that which he took in hunting: but the substance of a diligent man is precious.” So if one does not eat the meat (or give it to others) then he is slothful: deceitful, and fraudulent.

What most Americans don’t know is that food from trophy hunts is given to poor villagers who are thrilled to have the food and delighted that another predator is dead. Then the great white hunter takes his very expensive “bragging piece” home for his office or den wall. The hunter is happy; the guide and aides have made a nice sum of money; the African government has made a bundle of money; and the area is elated to be rid of a dangerous beast. “Cecil” was an exception because he had a name!

I would break the “kill only for food” rule for dangerous beasts such as sharks, bears, lions, alligators, wolves, poisonous snakes, etc. For those creatures I say thin them out with more generous hunting rules; after all, we have plenty of wild animals in preserves and zoos. Kill a wolf and save a hundred deer and elk. Kill a grizzly and save thousands of fish. All the grizzlies in Alaska and all the sharks in the ocean are not worth one person’s life. In fact, put a bounty on such dangerous creatures! That won’t kill them all, but it will sure thin them out.

Dr. Walter Palmer of Minnesota killed a lion, known as “Cecil,” on July 1 after which the global chest-beating, caterwauling, and macabre mourning started. Put into perspective it should be known that hunting is legal in Zimbabwe. It is alleged that the good dentist shot the lion in a protected area; however, he was led there by a licensed guide. Most African nations make huge profits from foreign hunters and it provides jobs for thousands of people and hunting funds conservation efforts that protect, promote, and provide for wild animals.

The African guide procured the required licenses to bag a lion and they purposefully chose an old lion beyond breeding age although the guide declares that they did not know anything about “Cecil.” The African guide said that Palmer “is a totally innocent party to this whole thing,” however, CBS News called it an “illegal hunting party.” No, as usual the mainstream media got it wrong–their specialty. And Palmer has received numerous death threats from the lion-lovers!

In the security of civilization, Americans and others weep, whine, and whimper about the killing of a lion with a name! Since when do wild animals have a name? Critics berate trophy hunters as “sick,” “disgusting” or “pathetic.” Maybe some are. Big game hunters are said to be “murderers,” but you can’t murder a wild animal. The animals are here for man’s good. Some hunters simply like the challenge of stalking and killing big animals. It’s also interesting that no one whines about an ugly anteater or similar animal but the “majestic” lion (with a name, even) rips the heart out of many.

I have seen big game in the rugged mountains of Alaska; kangaroos, wallaby’s, and koalas in Australia; and many wild beasts in Africa on and off the preserves. We watched many wild elephants, giraffes, water buffalo, hippopotami, etc., along the Zambezi River in Zambia. While driving along the river basin we saw herds of wild animals dying because of lack of food. Animal control is essential and hunting is a way to control animal population. In America more than 200 people are killed each year because of auto accidents involving deer. Obviously, there are too many deer in the woods. (Until you try to kill one with a bow and arrow!)

Moreover, Africans are the ones who must live with “Cecil” and other predators in villages still consisting of straw huts. We have walked through those villages where people face death every day from vicious animals, slithering deadly snakes as well as dangerous viruses in the water and food. Many villagers can’t go to the next hut at night for fear of being dragged off by “Cecil” or one of his pride.

African villagers don’t care who kills the lions, when they are killed, or how they are killed as long as they are killed. There is rejoicing when a lion or similar predator is killed. Stupid, sheep-like, non-thinking Americans whine on cue as radical animal worshippers play their tune. African natives who live in constant fear of deadly animals, especially lions, do not care if a lion was lured off a reserve, or baited, or if the shooter had a license. They just want lions dead so they can live a normal life in their village. In a choice between wild animals and people, I choose people every time.

This in no way suggests that one can mistreat an animal as Pro. 12:10 clearly teaches: “A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.” A child should be disciplined if he or she seeks to torture animals because that indicates a later threat toward humans.

In Ex. 20 God told man to rest one day per week (after six–not five–days of work) but He also added that the animals must also rest one day! Man must show concern and kindness toward his animals that help in his subsistence; however, wolves, coyotes, etc. should be killed on sight.
Much of the anger over the death of “Cecil” is the left’s hatred of guns and any kind of hunting although they have no compunction to grilling a steak or chop. Such people believe their steaks, chicken and chops grow on trees or have their origination at a drive-thru.

Lions kill more blacks than White policemen do in America yet the non-thinkers, sob sisters, and general leftists of the world are mourning the death of a lion. It is interesting that most of those people never weep a tear for the millions of innocent unborn babies that are poisoned, crushed, and ripped from the safety of the womb each year while other body parts are sold to the highest bidder!

I’m an animal lover. Animal flesh tastes great next to French cut green beans and baked potato covered with sour cream. I’ve eaten many wild animals in North America and Africa: opossum, squirrel, rabbit, deer, moose, bear, crocodile, etc. I’ve also hunted wild game with gun and bow and arrow–without much success. Dr. Palmer should be praised not pilloried and for America to extradite him would be outrageous.

Zimbabwe is a black, dictatorial, Communist country run by a totalitarian, torturer, and thief, Robert Mugabe (“Uncle Bob”) who is a psychopathic killer. His one-party state is controlled by a North Korea-trained security force that has killed numerous opponents of Mugabe. For the U.S. Government to extradite Dr. Palmer would be the height of irresponsibility, immorality, and borders on insanity. Mugabe banned big game hunting following the “Cecil” killing; however, this week he lifted the ban after only ten days! Money talks!

A Zimbabwean graduate student in the U.S. said, “In my village in Zimbabwe, surrounded by wildlife conservation areas, no lion has ever been beloved, or granted an affectionate nickname. They are objects of terror.” He is right and as the Apostle Peter wrote in II Pet. 2:12: “But these, as natural brute beasts, made to be taken and destroyed….” It was not wrong to kill “Cecil.”

One can only have so much rage so I’ll not waste my rage on the treatment of wild animals but on the mistreatment of  helpless children and innocent babies.

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