Legitimate Questions for Muslim Members of Congress!

I was always taught that honest, decent, civilized people could discuss any issue and remain calm, civil, and cordial; however, in recent years those on the left refuse to dialog or defend their outrageous beliefs but prefer to denounce opponents as bigots, fanatics, and racists (even when race is not a component). Leftists attack opponents because progressives cannot answer their valid questions.

Everyone seems to be supersensitive when any questions are asked of Muslims but why do they get a pass? Traditional Muslims have some very strange (even dangerous) beliefs and it is only reasonable to ask a Muslim candidate where he or she stands on beliefs that might be disruptive, dangerous, or even disastrous to our nation.

If a Christian Identity follower runs for office, we want to know how his belief will affect his or her political votes.

If a pacifist Mennonite runs for office, we have a right to know if he or she will retaliate if America is attacked and if foreign tanks will be permitted to roll down Pennsylvania Avenue and hoist a foreign flag over the White House.

If a KKK member becomes a candidate, we have a duty to ask his position on social issues and to repudiate his violent extremism. Well, we have made some exceptions such as Hugo Black, former senator and Supreme Court Justice and Senator Robert Byrd who served in congress for 60 years. No progressive leftist has suggested that Byrd’s photos and statue be removed from their place of honor in America.

In respect for equality, fairness, consistency, and the American Way, I wonder why they have not done so.

When Roman Catholic Jack Kennedy was running for President, he was often asked if his religion would conflict with his loyalty to America. There was fear that the Pope might have a dangerous access to the White House with Kennedy as President. Jack assured Americans that he did not speak for the Pope and the Pope did not speak for him. After he won (many say bought) the election, he humorously said that he telegraphed the Pope to pack his bags for his trip to America. There was no conflict; however, the concern was legitimate and the questions were rightly asked.

Thorough questioning of candidates is part and parcel of responsible journalism. It is incompetent, irresponsible, and immoral not to ask embarrassing questions of candidates. Piercing, probing, and persistent questions can keep Americans from electing thieves, thugs, and tyrants to political office.

The same would be true if Mitt Romney runs again (which I think he will). We have a right to know if the odd teachings of the Mormons are held by him and how they might impact his political decisions.

Americans would have every right to be assured that his religion would not negatively influence his performance as our leader.

If I as a Baptist, following a serious seizure of senility, decided to run for President, I would be expected to relate my views on immigration, homosexuality, abortion, capital punishment, welfare, gun control, etc. I would make my positions clear and admit that in event of a conflict with the U.S. Constitution and the Bible, I would support the Bible—and take my licks. The voters have a right to know what most Baptists believe.

Muslims are no exception.

Some Muslims may be as decent and patriotic as you and I and they are not a threat to anyone; however, it is Islamic doctrine that turns people into bombs. Americans have a right, even a responsibility to know of any Muslim (or otherwise) who may pose a threat to our nation.

Hence, I will try again to get some answers from Muslim members of congress—André Carson, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. While they have a right (and the record will prove that I would support their right) to believe whatever they choose, they are not protected from justifying the possibility of the negative consequences from their beliefs. Since the three legislators are Muslims, I want to know if they believe what traditional Muslims believe since their beliefs will be reflected in how they vote. The following questions (all based on fact) can all be answered with yes or no.

Honest people will not permit the elected officials to equivocate on this matter. Calling me a bigot (which really is irrelevant to the issue) does not deal with the problem. We have a right to know the answers.

Will you repudiate the Koranic teaching that those who convert from Islam should be killed?

Will you repudiate the Koranic teaching that Jews are “descendants of apes and pigs”?

Will you repudiate all “honor” killings?

Will you repudiate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)?

Will you repudiate child brides?

Will you repudiate the attacks upon Israel by Hamas and Hezbollah?

Do you believe Israel has a legal and moral right to exist behind safe and definite borders?

Will you repudiate Mohammed’s marriage to six-year-old Aisha?

Will you repudiate the 51 percent of Muslim-Americans who say that Muslims should have the choice of being judged by sharia courts rather than courts of the United States?

Do you consider obeying the Koran more important than following the U.S. Constitution?

Do you believe that followers of other religions are going to Heaven?

Will you repudiate a man having multiple wives?

Do you believe that imams who advocate violence or finance terrorism should be imprisoned or deported?

Do you believe homosexuality is sinful and should be illegal?

Do you believe that the nearly one-third of Muslim-Americans who agree that violence against those who insult Muhammad or the Koran is acceptable, should be deported?

Do you believe that the 38 percent of Muslim-Americans who say that ISIS beliefs are Islamic or correct, should be deported?

Do you believe that non-Muslims are “dogs,” “donkeys,” and “cattle” as recorded in the Koran?

Do you believe that all mentally competent Muslims are required to practice jihad which according to the Koran is “holy fighting in the cause of Islam.” My official Koran published in Saudi Arabia reveals this truth, as do the New Encyclopedia Britannica and the Dictionary of Islam.

A problem arises when Muslim apologists declare that wicked people have twisted passages in the Koran to justify dangerous ideas. That is not true. Footnotes in official Koran translations make it clear that jihad, sharia, right to lie, and fighting Christians and Jews are the reality. Moreover, their top scholars support those facts.

Terror is a fact of life for almost everyone on earth. The fuse is burning and America and the world are holding their breath. We are in a lifetime conflict with Koranic Muslims. The fuse is burning and the clock is ticking!

And I want some honest answers to legitimate questions. If Americans don’t face the truth and ask and receive answers they will end up like a man wading waist-deep through the snake and alligator infested Everglades Swamp. And I don’t mean they will get wet.

They are going to get bit.

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