LGBTQ Crowd Responds to Pete Buttigieg Article in Vicious, Vile, and Vulgar Hit Pieces!

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LGBTQ people are a distinct group who only faintly disguise their hatred of normal people and their hatred was recently revealed in their responses to my article dealing with Pete Buttigieg.

My earlier article, “Pete, Since You Brought it Up, How “Gay” Are You?” loosed a plethora of vile comments and repeated vicious phone calls. Almost every critic identified me as a hater. I expected that but the articles from the LGBTQ websites were shocking in their detestation, distortion, and dishonesty. Not one of my critics identified any errors in my assertions dealing with perversion.

It is not hate to tell the truth about anything. It is love, not hate, to help break the chains of a dangerous, deranged, diseased, and deadly lifestyle. It is not hate to help one find a life of forgiveness, joy, satisfaction, normalcy, and purpose.

It seems my critics and proponents of perversion can’t read, or comprehend, or they have mental problems. Maybe all three. They all sing the same lyrics and same melody—off key. All, without exception, were dissonant, divisive, dark, and dirty.

I had scores of attacks and they were all vicious, vulgar, even vile. No one gave me credit for being honest and sincere. No one sought to correct me. No one was kind or thoughtful. Almost all their mothers failed to wash out their mouths with Ivory Soap for dirty talk. Of course, dirty talk comes from a dirty mind.

One site attempted to reply but was so incompetent, even I was embarrassed for the writer: “In news both stupid and stupefying, a former Indiana politician has called on Pete Buttigieg to denounce fisting and rimming as part of his political platform….calling on the presidential candidate to disclose more about his sexual practices.” No, I don’t know if Pete and his “husband” practice the disgusting practice of rimming and fisting. I only mentioned that 22% of homosexuals do so and it would help voters decide if they knew his opinion about such disgusting practices.

My critic wrote that I insisted that Buttigieg should make clear that “he is not into golden showers. Apparently, Boys doesn’t mind that Donald Trump actually is into the practice according to an MI6 dossier.” However, every honest, sane person in the free world knows the referenced Steel “dossier” was a fabrication commissioned and funded by the Democrat Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign committee.

The Jerry Springer Show had more credibility than Steel.

Nor did I say Buttigieg should admit to golden showers, only that 23% of homosexuals practice such dangerous behavior.

Since he was on a roll (of course, one always rolls downhill) he added to his gaffs by saying of me, “In lectures, he has also claimed that if a woman doesn’t scream during rape, a man has done nothing wrong.” He was misquoting another article where I cautioned people to prove all things, not to take anyone’s word that another person has committed a crime; however, non-thinking Progressives maintain that any male or Conservative is guilty until proven innocent. All women are innocent, fair, and honest.

I mentioned that the Bible requires a woman to scream if she is being raped. No scream, no rape charges against a man. I did not say or suggest that the man was guiltless, but he could not be prosecuted if she did not resist and scream. My critic got “a man has done nothing wrong” out of thin air.

Of course, a man is guilty if he kisses and hugs making sexual advances to a woman; but in this dangerous day, it must be understood that just because a man may be guilty does not mean that a complaining woman may be innocent. That seems to be too nuanced for homosexuals to comprehend.

The only thing that was almost right in his article was the headline: “Totally straight Indiana politician Don Boys is obsessed with Pete Buttigieg’s kinks.” For sure, I am “totally straight”; however, I am no longer a politician, am no longer living in Indiana, but I’m not “obsessed” with Pete’s alleged kinky lifestyle. I simply responded to a politician who wants normal people to vote for him, and since he boasted about his “gayness,” voters should know just how “gay” he is. That is not being obsessed but maybe the writer doesn’t know the meaning of “obsessed.”

One thing for sure: his writing would never drive a reader to a dictionary.

An article in the LGBTQ Nation yelled “Indiana Republican asks Buttigieg ‘how gay are you?’” in shockingly vulgar diatribe about sex.” It went on: “He also managed to accuse Buttigieg of supporting pedophilia, eating feces, and putting animals in his rectum.” Again, another example of delusion, dishonesty, or simply dumbness.

I wrote nothing about Pete supporting pedophilia, eating feces, and putting animals in his rectum. What I did was document that half of homosexuals were seduced by perverts before age 14, 17% of homosexuals admit to rubbing or ingesting feces, and 41% put flashlights, carrots, and at times gerbils in the rectum of a “lover.”

Maybe PETA should get involved since this is animal cruelty unless—unless the gerbils gave consent.

The writer also charged me with writing, “Buttigieg will therefore die while in office. Obviously, the claim is untrue.” I did not suggest Buttigieg will die in office; I only said that stats prove that homosexuals live 20 fewer years than normal people because of drug use, violent behavior with partners, carrying numerous infectious diseases, alcoholism, and other deadly practices.

Right Wing Watch (a far left project of People For the American Way) chastised me suggesting I am on an anti-Buttigieg campaign but provided a link to my blog and article, “Why Will No Reporter Ask Mayor Pete these Questions?” and that triggered “Christian Bigot: Why Aren’t Reporters Probing Pete Buttigieg’s Sex Life?” by Hemant Mehta.

But then, I never called for Pete to answer questions about his sex life but I did ask him to repudiate perverted practices. The writer sarcastically asked, “Where the hell does this guy get his information?” Of course, he is aware of scores of academic and medical studies that support what I have written about homosexuality. Some of them done by homosexuals! I’m smart enough not to make untrue, unproven, or even unfair statements in print or on talk shows knowing my opponents would treat me like fresh meat in a shark tank.

He made a statement that is laughable, but isn’t funny, when he said “Christian fundamentalists think about gay sex far more than gay men.” Normal people don’t ever think about such perversion unless one of them gets in their face with his perverted demands. Why is it that homosexuals think anyone wants to know about their sex life?

Since Pete has publically talked of how “gay” he is, I simply asked him how “gay” is that. Seems reasonable to me since he mentioned it. I was quoted saying, “Since homosexuals are seven times more likely to use illegal drugs, will Pete repudiate their illegal drug use (to heighten sexual pleasure), and will he demand prosecution for those who use illegal drugs?” Good question but no answer.

My critic quoted me again, “Since many homosexuals have a urine and feces fetish bringing them into contact with numerous lethal bugs, will Pete repudiate that unhealthy practice to save lives? And possibly save the health care system from bankruptcy?” Another good question but no answer. Note that I did not ask Pete if he did some of the dangerous, dirty, and dumb things homosexuals do but I asked him to repudiate those deadly practices.

The LGBTQ crowd’s defense of perversion is almost as respectable, reasonable, and right as a witch doctor with his bag of chicken bones and hippopotami dung.

I have cast enough pearls today.

(Dr. Don Boys is a former member of the Indiana House of Representatives who ran a large Christian school in Indianapolis and wrote columns for USA Today for 8 years. Boys authored 18 books, the most recent Muslim Invasion: The Fuse is Burning! eBook is available here with the printed edition (and other titles) at Follow him on Facebook at Don Boys, Ph.D; and visit his blog. Send request to for a free subscription to his articles, and click here to support his work with a donation.)

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