Liberals Make American Dream an American Nightmare!

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It seems everyone assumes that the “American Dream” is one of the precious guarantees enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, but that is pure poppycock. The American Dream is a great, grand, even glorious concept but to suggest that everyone has a right to a good job, comfortable home, automobile, college education, free health care, and a rocking chair on the front porch is disgraceful, dishonest, and demagogic! If the American dream is a government guarantee, it becomes an American Nightmare.

The American Dream as a right would also make Marx, Lenin, and Stalin stand up and cheer. The Declaration of Independence declares that every American is guaranteed “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Not happiness, but the pursuit of happiness. Most people are so lazy that they don’t want to pursue anything, but they will take it if it is dumped in their lap.

The crowd roared and applauded when Clinton spoke of the rightwing hatred of Obama, again like seals on a block of ice. He (and the crowd) should be ashamed to declare that disagreement equates with hatred. Of course, everyone knows that Clinton has no shame, none at all. Rather than disagree, disprove, and debate Romney’s positions, he slandered good people who have a different position on the issues. He was disgraceful, dishonest, and demagogic! Just typical slick Clinton Snake Oil.

Democrats demanded that Romney reveal many more tax returns asking what he is hiding, but an amateur politician can see that is disgraceful, dishonest, and demagogic! Desperate, deceitful, and soon-to-be defeated Democrats want more tax returns so they can discuss those rather than the economy, loss of jobs, high gas prices, the mess in the Middle East, bailouts, the high deficit, and on and on and on. Shameful.

If Romney has any political acumen, he will demand that Obama reveal: his college transcripts, who funded his education, his valid birth certificate, and how he (a poor college student) traveled around the world with his rich, homosexual, Pakistani roommate. Did he fund the trip and, if so, why? Yes, someone has much to hide and it isn’t Romney.

A Catholic nun opined that “our faith requires us to take care of others” and she is correct; however, our faith does not require the government to take care of others. This is a common disreputable, discredited, and disingenuous tactic used by unprincipled Liberals (including RINOs). They assume that what is required of individuals is required of government. Wrong, and it is disgraceful, dishonest, and demagogic! It’s also dumb.

Democrats with character should jump from the shifting, sinking, and stinking ship like rats that jump overboard as the ship goes down. All principled people are concerned with staying in a group that has abandoned its original principles. That would be true of apostate mainline churches, the American Bar Association, the NAACP, the ACLU, and conservative groups that have tired of fighting what seems to be a losing battle and capitulated to a “progressive” position. After all, why swim upstream when you can float like a dead fish downstream?

Principled people aren’t that concerned about political parties or even left and right but about right and wrong and it is dishonest, disgraceful, and demagogic to claim otherwise.

The hall is empty, confetti hangs from light fixtures, and the odor of stale tobacco hangs in the air like a miasmic fog. The “Party” is over folks and it’s time to leave.

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